Saturday, July 23, 2016

4 Common Rude Behaviors All Retail Outlet Promoters Must Avoid (especially the ones at Suria KLCC and Avenue K - UPDATED)

If I have the money for shopping, I rather go to Pavillion or Lot 10. I find the promoters there are better at serving the customers enquiries as compared to the ones at KLCC. I hate to compare but the difference is so stark! KLCC seems to hire the most incompetent and self-entitled sort of promoters in their retail outlets. KLCC is a first-world infrastructure occupied by third-world mentality workers. Shocking and unfortunate really, because I used to be proud to share the same initials with KLCC, but now?

Suria KLCC salespersons and staff seem to have that very entitled, blur and rude way of talking AT customers. Is it because of the close proximity with the Petronas Twin Towers? These sales persons or promoters are in their early or mid 20s, mind you, and sometimes you may want to forgive their attitude? Unfortunately you need to ask yourself whether they really are worth forgiving after I tell you what their rude behaviors were. Since now I'm older, I began to view their rude behaviors as either something fascinating or really downright stupid.

1) Respond a Question with a Question
I was in my fashionable wardrobe and was walking around the Sony flagship store at KLCC. I thought of getting a Sony DVD player there since I have the members card where I can collect points. Upon entering, I asked this tall, skinny Indian boy at the audio visual section about their DVD players. He showed me this RM600 model which I said was too expensive and asked for the cheapest model instead. I was wrong in thinking this Indian boy as kind and helpful, for he gave me this look and walked away from me to ask his Malay supervisor about their other range of DVD players. Then both of them looked at me from their counters, since I was at a distance away from them. I could sense they were judging me from the way I dressed in my Issey Miyake outfit. This Indian boy then went inside the store room and came out with a box, looking at me point blankedly as if I should go towards him instead of him bringing the box towards me. So I went over to him and I asked him if this is their latest model. He responded my question with a question "You think Sony sell old models?". Then I asked him again the warranty period, and he asked me again whether he should bring another box, since earlier I told him I got a friend who wanted to purchase a DVD player. The Chinese guy at the cashier shushed him up a few times for he was behaving extremely rude. Then I looked at that stupid boy and he gave the excuse that it's just the way he behaves.

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2) Walk Backwards towards Customer
Now I know why the Topshop store at KLCC was always quite empty. You see, I like to go to stores where there's not that many people and browse at the clothes so I have more space to breathe. When a shop is this empty, the promoters there tends to talk among themselves to pass the time. Fine, I won't need their help. I can search for my own clothes, thank you. But as I browse through their new arrivals, these 2 malay boys were talking among themselves without noticing that I was behind them browsing the clothes. One of them suddenly walk backwards towards my direction as I was browsing upwards towards the "New Arrivals" section. In the heat of their chitchat, he bumped into me from his back and then have the audacity to blurt out "Eh". So when you bumped into a customer, instead of apologising "Sorry, how may I help you?", this stylo promoter blurted out a rude "Eh" instead as if I am the one crossing his path. I continued on with my browsing, ignoring him and gave a sharp look at those two fools - both of them dressed stylishly like they were the customers themselves. But in actual fact, they're just lazy promoters who doesn't really care about their jobs. Please fire them.

3) Staring Intently at Customer
This behavior is still forgivable as compared to the first two because promoters staring at customers can be due to many reasons? For one, the customer may come frequently to browse through the clothes and the promoters were curious to know who this particular customer may be.  Or maybe the customer is someone famous they might see from somewhere? Alright, I hate people staring at me too intently. I frequented the Zara store at KLCC due to their sales season, and I liked to see what options I can get and compare. There's this outrageous and loud-mouth promoter who likes to act out like a drag queen in front of customers when they're coming in at its peak. I have nothing against him for he complimented my choice of clothes before and recommends a few items I liked. There's a positive and upbeat spirit about him, even though he's the attention-seeker whore type. But everytime I get out from the store, the alarm always get set off ringing! Now when I'm in the store, before the ringing, I noticed him with another of his chubby colleague staring intently at me from across the aisle. Gosh it makes me so uncomfortable, for I was busy checking out which clothes I need that time. But after I left the store, the alarm rang again which caused me to quicken my steps.

4) Condescending Tone
So I bought a Samsung tablet at the official store at Avenue K. After less than a year, the charging wire gave me problem. The problem being the charging process - which took a whole 8 hours for a full charge! I sent the wire back to the store for investigation - to determine what's the real problem of the slow charge. The salesperson told me there's problem with the wire. So I got no choice but to purchase a new wire which comes with warranty. After a few months, this new wire gave me problems, meaning the charging process again, took too long. So I sent it back to the salesperson, and this giant of a fella began to inform me about the past when I sent my tablet for them to investigate and it turns out to be "nothing wrong". Excuse me, doesn't I have the right to enquire the real problem about the product when I feel there's something not right with it? When it comes to the wire, he again told me it's able to charge and started in his condescending tone at me, in which I burst out at him.

In conclusion, the small things matter. The way the promoters looked and judged at customers is a big no-no, even if you're too young or stupid to understand that (the millenials generation do that). The way promoters speak and answer customer's enquiries are important. I remember a very good example all promoters should emulate and it comes from the Zara shop at Pavilion. He's a little too uptight but I can sense he was listening my questions when I asked him for instructions on how to wash a parka. Then, he knew I was a customer for I was holding their shopping bag. He didn't answer me right away but asked politely which item, in which I showed him. He took the item and looked at the labels carefully - then answered my questions promptly. Customers can pick up the unspoken cues easily and if the signs are rude - even forgiveness won't save you. But if the unspoken and spoken cues are favorable - repeat business is guaranteed. Don't underestimate any customer coming in the store, even if they're not buying. Because when they do, your store won't be at the top of their list.

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