Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Best Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Show for Men

We haven't even conclude the summer season for this year, and now already the major labels are releasing their collections for next year. Indeed, fashion needs to stay ahead of the curve to create demand from buyers and set the trends. I'm already wearing next year's Issey Miyake thawb-like oversized coat. What else have I miseed?As I watched these shows, I notice that men's runway shows are really conventional and slow to change. The most you can expect are the fabrics, but a mass majority of the more luxurious brands would add more texture or details to its coats to enhance its collection versus the lesser luxury brand where the cut is more pronounced. Personally for me, the winning collection for 2017 spring/summer must have a clear man in mind.

(click on links to view the runway shows)

1) Gucci

Next spring/summer Gucci men are not afraid of colors. Fancy a bright yellow raincoat? Or a baby blue shirt with your favourite childhood story characters emblazoned on it? The Gucci man is simply more daring, colorful, whimsical and unafraid to stand out in the crowd. There are definitely some Chinese-inspired looks from the Ming Dynasty in a few of its night pyjamas for men - like the string buttons and angular silk shirt. Flowers and storybook characters like goose and snake are definitely in. So are raincoats! Why is it going to be a rainy or stormy summer/spring next year? I'll definitely be putting one on. Gucci weather forecasts say so. From day to night, it's luxury all the way. This Gucci man must be living in a mansion.

2) Dirk Bikkembergs

Athleisure wear for men is really going to be big next year. Elastic pants, swimming trunks and sports shoes (gold and bright red) are making a comeback. Jackets with orchid flowery motifs adds that feminine side to a sporty man without screaming too much. It's so easy to get the Dirk Bikkembergs man - he enjoys white color to start of his day, then swims in the afternoon and at night he would be out and about in some club in town, dressed in his cool jacket and skinny pants. I thought it was going to be the Olympics next year since a large pool was at the centre stage. But check out Fendi runway show too to see the similarity - another pool as the centrepiece.

3) Cerruti

Unlike other runway shows where the models strut on the stage quickly - for this one, all the models stood on their various designated podiums like some kind of museum exhibit. Watching this show can test your patience a bit but it also forces you to look at each piece closely - and realise it's actually very basic. Another label worth checking out is Maison Margiela where the basics are redefined, or rather deconstructed in a way that's more relaxing. The Cerruti man is the most conventional of the modern man and nothing shouts at all. You can wear the clothes to the office or at home, or even visit your aunt. Everything is quite basic, prim and proper. Heck, you can even copy any of the looks exhibited from your existing wardrobe and pretends it's a Cerruti. Cool.....

In conclusion, next spring/summer would be a predictable weather forecast for men. If you're expecting luxury to fall like the rain, Gucci is for you. But if you want to work for it until your body aches while displaying your swimming chops, then Dirk Bikkembergs. For the most conventional of us, Cerruti can bring you no mistake. In general, the flower motifs are slowly creeping into men's wardrobe and oversize is the next luxury!

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