Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Window Display 2016 - Signs of Change for the Poorer

This year proves to be most difficult year for everyone. With prices taken a flight, it gets even more vital for our imagination to take flight too. If you're a newly poor urbanite, the money you're going to spend for clothes take even more precedence and calculated consideration. If you're poor, you don't want to dress poorly. Let your imagination take flight by pondering and looking at these rich window displays to help guide your next precious fashion purchase or perhaps even not buying anything.

By far, the best window display to let your imagination take flight. All the richness captured in those postcard canvass paintings - with such colors to commemorate summertime. Escapism is the theme for this summer for Dolce and Gabbana.

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Looks like Louis Vuitton is leaving Earth. And going to outer space. The window display for summer is really unusual. Earth no longer looks habitable (since cost of living went up and salaries stagnate). Or perhaps its a way to inform the rest of us urban poor that prices for their luxury goods are beyond our grasps? Indeed, their prices are astronomically high.

Now, only luxury retail stores survive in this increasing cost of living and the other mom-and-pops shops and retailers at the lower price range either suffers or went bust. The destruction of the BB Plaza was meant to make way for the upcoming MRT rail in Bukit Bintang. Witness the glorious destruction. It's a legitimate window display by itself.

The most literal translation for summer can be seen at Fahrenheit - with balloons mock-ups of a giraffe. There aere other animals like zebras and monkeys - but this concourse piece reeks with childish imagination that doesn't suit adults with a discerning taste. Except that adult comes with children. Perhaps now adults spends less and the exception being their children, the parents would spend slightly more? Hence, the children is the more profitable target. Parents are dressing up less for the sake of keeping their children happy.

Hari Raya coincides with this year's summer theme. All around you see green or yellow. Pavillion centre piece clings to its wide staircase space to imbue the celebratory feeling of Hari Raya with its glittery gate. But the elements are not that much different with its nature theme.

KLCC too is playing safe with its tradtional house for the centre piece. Seems like nobody is trying anything new this year and simplying recycling what's the same. Perhaps KLCC is limiting its budget this year for a more austere display? The props seen were exactly the same as last year's. Yet, if you take a good look at the type of retailers in KLCC - most have changed its location. Nothing new or exciting for this year's summer theme. Most are just rehashing some old ideas or remaining the same theme and colour scheme that doesn't shout anything new or noteworthy.

Again, I am haunted by the closure signs and divider tapes seen littering across business premises that went bust around KL today. The mere square lines are identical to the square shaped traditional houses. What's meant to be traditional and celebratory can be a haunting reminder that nothing lasts forever.

Have we become too engrossed in attaining the developed nation status that we forsake quality of life for the everyday folks? Are we more concerned about collecting luxurious labels rather than the ability to sustain a good quality of life that does not focus on capitalism and greed?

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