Monday, May 9, 2016

The New Seed Bag for Men Review - Be Aware of the Side Zipper and Sling Cap (Updated)

I can smell a rain coming.

No, that's not the reason you should go get a bag when the rain is coming. But my need for a new bag cropped up soon after my few attempts to fix the blady zipper on my faux leather HM bag failed. I've tried everything! Being easy when zipping and unzipping. Learned to apply some zipper tinking skills from Youtube. Sent to some specialty shops to get the price on the new zipper. Apparently, it costs like RM100 just to replace the whole damn rail of zip. So I stopped and think. With this amount of money, I could get myself a new bag. I really need a pedestrian bag for me to maneuver through the dirty streets of the city. I cannot simply tote an expensive bag around. I remembered the last time I went to a Padini store and they have a nice selection of men's bag on display. Now, that must be 10 years ago!

The very first thing a man would look for in a bag is the SIZE. Yes, I cannot tote a small bag - it looks too much like a purse. Either I tote a big one or none at all. And I usually tote the biggest one there is. Interestingly, it's actually very hard and rare to find a big bag for men. I went to Calvin Klein's shop and they've got this huge sports bag. But something about the design ticked me off. (the collar of the bag was stoo high) Then I remembered Seed, a sub brand from Padini that features this type of big bag that I liked. They only have 1 design for a season (3 months). And it just so happened that this month, a new design just came in. Yes, novelty plays an important decision here. Nobody wants to buy last season's bag for the same retail price. I brought my old HM bag to compare the width, height and length of this bag - and it measures almost the same.

People shops because of the excitement they get from the packaging. And being a big bag this was, the shopping bag they gave me was the biggest they got. I even got the nerve to ask them for a bigger bag. I like the cotton slip for protecting the bag when they placed it in the paper bag. It feels just so precious when you tote around the shopping mall with that giant shopping bag - telling the world you got something expensive. Unlike most people, I don't tear the plastic that covers the zippers and handles of the bag soon after I take it out from the shopping bag. I just let it stays there for protection reasons. I know some people are conscious of what others may think if they saw the unwrapped plastic around the handles or zippers of their brand new bags. As for me, who gives a fuck? In fact, I feel having that unwrapped plastic around further accentuates its novelty value - telling everyone I have something new and you don't. See?

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For me, pricing for a pedestrian bag should falls under RM200 or less. Of course, the salesperson must be friendly and nice to me when being approached. It's the whole customer experience I'm looking for and not just the price. This one ticks all the boxes with a reasonable price of RM149. The Padini salesperson at Sunway Putra Mall also talks to me very nicely and not in any condescending manner unlike the ones at Zara at KLCC (also the price there is blady expensive). His friendly and soft nature only heightens my interest in purchasing the bag. Yes, hires only soft or transgender people for your sales force. They make the customer looks bigger and boost customers' ego too in some strange sexual way, especially if that customer is a man.

The first impression I got for the bag was the amount of zippers there is. I know zippers are expensive to incorporate in any fashion, so the value is there. But one needs also to be careful and mindful too that the fabric inside the bag does not get clogged at the rail of the zipper, in which this bag failed horribly! The first time I tote it out, the zipper got stuck at the side pocket area! I have to try very hard to unzip my bag, without damaging the new fabric. It got too horrible for me, because I actually sweated, and my sweat began to absorb into the fabric of the bag. Everything seems to go downhill from there. I pulled the zipper to the left, and fabric inside got clogged more. I tried pulling it to the right, and it just won't move! I just don't have the heart to yank the zip hard in any direction....period. This is a new bag after all! For anyone in this situation, take your time to fix it. Better yet, if you're near to a Padini store - ask anyone there to fix it for you. Sometimes, I just don't trust my own strength at yanking anything out. I can be too strong and yank out more than the zipper.

Here comes the next point. This is actually a fabric bag, and it absorbs liquid easily. So if your hands are dirty, you need to wash them BEFORE you touch your bag so that it remains at its pristine form. It can become a hassle for anyone who handles their bag daily or even on an hourly basis like I do. Eventually, if your hands are always dirty - your bag will be the same! To avoid that, then you would need to get gloves. Get a Gucci or Hermes leather glove. If you're lucky and the colour of your bag is dark, it can hide any smudges or dirt. Seed is smart in that way for that partiular bag design, they have the khaki and black color. I suggest you take the khaki one because it has at least some semblance of color when the light hits on the fabric, versus the black one which is all the same. Worst, black makes your bag invisible and the same as other bags. You want to at least stand out in some way, right?

The main zipper of the bag, in which I mean the ones you need to always zip and unzip in order to open your bag has one unique design feature. I noticed when I fully zipped the bag - there's one opening gap from both ends! I was expecting it to be fully enclosed from bottom to end. Soon, I wondered if this is a design feature or failure. It can be unsightly and even an opportunity for thief to dip their fingers into your bag to slip away your purse! But one has to make use of this kind of "design feature", if you can even call it that. I listened to music a lot during commute, and this opening gap seems ideal for me to slip my earphones out. That way, my tablet is safely inside with the bag "fully" zipped up.

Feeling fed up with the zipper, I took the bag for exchange the next day. I'm not picky at the nitty gritty detail, but the zipper really is a legitimate problem! What can I do when I can't even zip it up easily and have to check for inside fabric not to derail the zipper is a hassle. For me, it's better the hassle to exchange now rather than later, for guess what, the color khaki was sold out at the time I request for exchange! I asked the soft salesperson about the number of stock for the day I purchase and he said there was only 2 at that time. And he got the nerve to ask me where I lived immediately after. Now, I would have to go Pavillion to get my same bag there. Upon checking my new exchanged bag, the saleslady there told me the problem with the zipper persists with this bag too! Meaning all the bags will present a zipper problem. The day when the zipper problem occurred, I went to her before to ask her to help to unzip. She needed another person to hold the fabric while she unzips! It really is that problematic. After getting my new exchanged bag, I took all my stuff and placed it in immediately at the exchange counter. I took my "heavy" tablet and placed it at the side pocket where the problematic zipper was, and let gravity do its job. Hopefully with the pulling down due to the weight of the tablet, the inside fabric will be straightened down and leaves no bunching up for the zipper to get caught in.

After using it, the sling cap where I carry the bag on my shoulder - finally snapped! It doesn't hold well on too much weight. So if you're purhasing this bag, be sure not to carry too much stuff in it for the sling cap will break.

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