Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Best Fall Winter Fashion Shows 2016

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Fashion is hard work. Pure hard work.

A lot of people downgrade the fashion industry as some "thing" frivolous and shallow. But honestly, I can vouch that to be real fashion - it's all pure hard work and collaboration. Success is never easy and there's mo such thing as an overnight success. It takes planning, consistency in effort and lots of failures. People mistaken fame with success, just like my Malaysian Idol fame. But even that particular performance took so much planning and courage on my part. Until this day, I still don't think I'm successful yet. So I know what success is made of, and in my opinìon, these fashion shows are the best and most successful.

The democratization of fashion has enabled many of us to watch (and escape) through the many fashion shows being showcased in Youtube. And it's further evidence that great fashion is indeed a huge collaboration effort on many people from different levels. If you're the sort that's cynical about people in the fashion industry, please watch the videos I have selected for you, and take note at the incredible detail and hardwork in place to produce these shows for everyone's spectacular enjoyment (click on links to watch the show):

Who could ever thought that retro could represent the future? I would deduce this is the future of sportswear or athleisure wear. The use of emojis and character icons from video games like Space Invaders are apparent in the rounded-shoulder coats. The presentation of the this show was spectacular and totally "interactive". It started with a question "Do computers dream when they sleep?" and immediately it struck an interesting array of answers that eventually showcased in the large tile background lit up with the game of pong. The play of pixels and how the one ball stopped to lead the opening of the show really brings continuity to the next level. It goes beyond just the clothes, this is a SHOW! The first time I watched this show, I was afraid for the models walking on the huge floor space where one of the cubes would trail down on the path. The music was simply inspiring, painting the future not as bleak but as bright and optimistic as it should be - and the clothes speak the same. Indeed, computers do dream in their sleep - and the dream was this retro future fashion show by Anya Hindmarch.

Perfection is over-rated. In this show, you get to experience how imperfection is fashion! Huge geeky glasses, shoulder-exposing jackets and over-sized bags are the trends to watch out for this year. The deconstructed shirt dress with its untugged sloppiness was simply perfect for a world that worships perfection too much. The opening part of the show featured all black and grey ensemble coats, skirts and pants - one would imagine this girl to be some geeky secretary or a banker, but with a strangely bloated sides that suggests she could be pregnant! Suddenly on the second part, we are bombarded by a huge V-open-necked jackets with the Balenciaga branding nicely emblazoned at the top corner of the collar.  The collars are opened, almost tearing apart it seems to the breast area. Who says you need to be so uptight when wearing a jacket and can just leave it opened all the way down, revealing the shoulders? So sloppy but oh-so-sexy.

Think deep and breathe. Because this gothic spiritualism will either blow your mind away or calm all stormy weathers. Notice the Tibetan tinkling sound that accompanied the show, so sparse and bare - leaving so much space for the mind to be filled in with the gothic glory of Marc Jacob's creations. The models seem to almost slipped on the floor with their high-platform shoes, I was hoping to see one of them to actually fall. There's hardly any color for this collection - majority all black, grey and other shades of darkness. But the top part of all the clothes are embroidered with shining jewel designs or the coats and skirts (or petticoats) are made to look like plastic. There's a bit of 20s show girl, Cruella De Ville and Maleficent feel to the girls portrayed.  Whoever could think that these clothes could touch the heavens (or hell) of Goth's pearly black gates?

In conclusion, this year's Fall Winter girl is for everyone imaginable - Retro Futuristic, Geeky Chic and Goth Spiritualist. If you're the bright and cheery sort, Anya Hindmarch lovely rounded-shoulder coat is for you.  If you're career-minded but obsessed with details like a geek, Balenciaga's deconstructed sloppy shirt dress is not a bad choice after all. Finally, if you want to look like a Goth royalty that possessed that other-worldly powers of seduction, Marc Jacobs dark imperial wardrobe must certainly be part of your closet this season.

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