Friday, April 29, 2016

Cleo Bachelors Party at Avenue K, Rooftop.

When about to attend such event, I must remember I'm of a certain age and not a teenager anymore. I must! I must! Or else there will be too much negativity spouting from my dirty mouth. But then again, this time I was able to control myself and just enjoy everything that happens. Surprisingly, I prefer to enjoy rather than criticize every little thing.

For starters, the event is held at a very easy location - Avenue K, rooftop. I've never been to the rooftop before, so I invited an ex-student of mine, whose life ambition is to chase after fame. He agreed to attend immediately, for seriously, it would be a boring event without a companion. And what fun we had together! You must understand I just came off from a very boring work day at the office. This already sets the precedence that I will enjoy anything, absolutely anything free. I've already had it with working in an office environment which I dreaded so much and come to an event where everything is light and frivolous.

Indeed, frivolity is the theme of the day. When I find things to be frivolous, it means I'm of a certain age where I won't be able to put my intellectual goodness to use. Which is fine, really, who wants to be intellectual and smart at all times? It's good to let loose and just look at these so-called "hunks" displaying themselves on a platform. Now, honestly, I have to comment on the venue which was supposed to be outside in the open air. But due to the rainy weather, everything had to be moved inside to the audience seating area with an ice-skating ring below the rooftop. This just makes everything ginger peachy, because the full view of these so-called bachelors display is greatly minimized and de-spectacled, so to speak. 

It doesn't look as grand as it supposed to be because of the intended audience seating position were practically scattered everywhere! I took this opportunity to coach my ex-student who aspires to be famous for any reason, on how to walk and what poses these bachelor contestants should do. Upon seeing their actual presence, we both agreed their gorgeousness are greatly exaggerated on pictures. They appeared practically quite normal looking, like you and me. This I further reinforced to my ex-student that he can make it into the list - next year. 

Both of us listened to the questions asked by the emcees and not surprisingly, sounds extremely shallow. If this is supposed to be the male version of the beauty pageant, this makes the men looks extremely weak intellectually. Of course, most of them are beefcakes, but questions like "Which position do you like to have fun with" is supposed to rub the ego of these bachelors or made them look stupid? Urgh, too juvenile for me.

To add to the juveniality of the whole event, a band performance was set off to kickstart the whole event. It's not a bad performance, but one that's really energetic. I get the concept of pumping up the environment. Unfortunately, that's the only show the audience gets. There's no magic shows or lucky draw for prizes for the audience. So the point of the event feels like just to rub the egos of the magazine and some for the "bachelors". 

Still, I was surprised at myself that I was able to enjoy the whole event. This kind of showcase really is meant for the audience to judge and nitpick which of the bachelors are better than the other. Of course, the audience are a mixture of male and females - and the girls are dressed to the nines, for hopes of clinching one of the bachelors? Well, surprise, surprise, NOT all of them are bachelors to begin with. Some are already attached. 

But still, I must commend the social aspect of the event. There's a photo booth where the guests can take pictures of themselves (props provided) in front of huge incandescent lights. That, for sure to make the photos look nice and studio-like. With that, I must say it does make feel like a teenager again. And it's all good clean fun. Provided you bring along a friend with you.