Saturday, December 26, 2015

Best of 2015 - Top 5 articles of the year

This year, we say goodbye to:
1) LRT monthly pass
2) My samsung tab 7.7
3) Extra money for anything

This year, I have been much less active on blogging. It's partly due to a heavy travelling schedule for commercial production and almost largely due to the JUMP in the cost of living in KL which happens just this year alone - the adjustment to this cost of living is NOT EASY. There's no more monthly pass travel for the train LRT - so a lot of people are having to fork out extra money, lessen our money to spend. I'm no exception and also falls victim to the low wages but high living cost scenario. As the year is coming to an end, I am only thankful for my ONE achievement - the Incredible India commercial I did with Aamir Khan.

Of course, I should be thankful for my health too, having fallen ill recently to fever and sore throat. But writing this in my miserable hotel room facing the beautiful Danga Bay, taking in the seaview as I try to recuperate, I was able to contemplate the past a little. Mind you, I've closed this blog from the public for at least 3 months due to some unforeseen circumstances to adjusting to the harsh living costs in KL. So for this year, it's not the Top Ten, but only Top Five.

Surprisingly, this type of article ALWAYS managed to secure the highest readership as proven in my last year's  Best of 2014 which garnered over 2K of shares in Google+. I'm still puzzled over this, for there are certain articles I would never expect to have such a number of hits and BOOM - the numbers of readerhip was staggering. Maybe it was because of the picture of me, because I seldom post pictures of myself here or in Twitter or Instagram. I'm not a selfie-type. I cherished my image too much to waste it on social media. So aren't you curious to know which articles make it to the Top Five?

1) The Humiliation Culture that targets Chinese Male

Yikes, it's a social issue alright. I think social consciousness has taken flight really high this year. I've always been an advocate for equal rights for everyone regardless of who they are. But when certain people targets on me and my type of profile - man, I just have to write about it! For this article, there's over 1k shares over Google+.

2) Retrospective of 10 years as Artiste

This year also marks my 10th year being an Artiste. It's no easy job, my friend. It's true you cannot find a living being an Actor in Malaysia. No support from the media. No support from the local film industry. But hey, I still made it. So in my opinion, it's worth a mention. And for all the haters out there, eat your heart out.

3) Quila-i-Mubarak

This article is one of my travel series. It was my first time visiting India, and the Red Fort was beautiful. The mystery, the royalty, the richness and beauty of the pavillions, the ghosts.....

4) Chowdhi Chonk

Chandi Chowk is one of the oldest street in Old Delhi, one full of special memories for me! The burst of people, colour, sounds and sights! I missed the dog with one ear, I hope he will get a good life and a good master. I missed the ice-cream, Khoyakulfi! Oh, so DELICIOUS! If I have the money, I will surely go back to that street again.

5) First Destination in India

And finally, to round up the Top Five articles most read of the year. Yes, it's my first article on my first time to India! I think my readers are taken by my adventure and that's why the readership was staggering! It's all written from my heart, my point of view as a virgin traveller to this exotic land.

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