Friday, July 31, 2015

Angry Birds 2 Review - First Impressions (Updated)

You guys know I'm a huge Angry Birds fan, just like the rest of you.

Rovio has consistently produced many of its games apps with movie tie-ins, but for the sequel to their original smash hit - it's definitely worth a review. It took Rovio 6 years to come up with a sequel! For first impressions, I noticed how LARGE the app has become. Since Angry Bird's Transformers, I noticed Rovio seem to overlook the importance of app size. Personally for me, the smaller the app size the better because most of us have smart devices that comes with only 16gigabyte of space. This huge app needs to be downloaded only via Wi-Fi connection.

Upon opening the app, I need to sign in through my email to start playing the game. This signing-in option is vital because that way, my scores from the past is kept online. With our ever-changing taste of different kinds of smart devices, storing our game scores online is vital for I have the "unfortunate" experience of playing the game all over again after I moved to a new device. But with this signing-in feature, all my past game scores are kept safely and I don't have to play the game all over again. Unfortunately, this option doesn't work when I uninstalled the game app due to storage issue with my device. When I re-installed the app and signed in, I have to start from the beginning!

A noteworthy mention about this sequel compares to the original is the graphics. The characters of the evil piggies are more animated and expressive this time around. I noticed their funny reaction when I pull my sling to direct at them. At the top left corner of the screen, you'll get to see the close-up shot of both the angry bird and the evil piggie's comic expression, which to me is a great feature to add the "drama" of the whole game. It seems Rovio is trying to pull the attention of the gamers on the construction of the structure where the evil piggies reside. I feel this is unnecessary vanity on Rovio's part.

A line of dots would appear to project the trajectory of the sling is a great feature to have. This feature first appeared in Rovio's Stella game app. Another great new feature for this sequel is the gamer get to select which bird to slingshot. The birds are now presented in the form of game cards where you can pick. A new game card (ie: bird) shall be given to you everytime you scored a certain number. You can view your score on the upper right corner where the destroyed structure where the piggies are situated will morphed into golden dust and flew up to become your score card. The sling cards are the birds you get to sling onto the piggies. You have to be careful which sling cards you choose because upon touching the card, you cannot change your mind and select another card!

There's a downside to this sequel when you failed to complete a level. It takes you double the screen tap to get back to the start, as compared to the original Angry Birds where you can simply tap the pause button and restart the level again (when you suspect you're going to fail) all on the same screen. The sequel seem to focus more on the King Piggy where at certain levels, it would appear in its gigantic form. It would also appear when you failed a level, and the whole screen would have to wait for the King Piggy and its consorts to appear. It actually takes more time to restart playing a level. This is not a good thing for impatient gamers. Another difference from the original Angry Birds is that this time, the game levels are one way - meaning you have to complete one continuous level to reach another level. Angry Birds 2 does not have thematic sections where the gamer can choose to quit one section and start a new level from another section.

In conclusion, Angry Birds 2 is a much more graphics-centric than its original - which can be a good and bad thing. The first Angry Birds is a much more simpler and direct game to play. Angry Birds 2 have more of the drama and focus, thanks to the focus and mini-screen shots used to make the game more compelling and immersive.

Better, more immersive graphics
Extra cards to sling when points achieved

Cannot store scores from last game after uninstalling
Too long to quit and restart a game
Game levels are one-way, no selection option
Unable to switch sling card after selection
App files takes more storage space