Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Relax in Tokyo, Work Worldwide

Am I dreaming?

Being on the lap of ultra luxury. Everytime this occurs, my mind would go back to the days of desperation. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief from all my hard work, at least for now. Tokyo is a completely different city from Kuala Lumpur. I recalled sitting in a laundry shop in KL when this Chinese woman came picking up cans from the garbage. She looked at me and smiled. I seem to attract a lot of strange woman. (And men.)

Sometimes I feel like it's a curse to have a friendly and youthful face because people would come to me and initiated useless conversations. In KL, I would be wary of such people approaching me because most, if not all, are looking for money. She asked me firstly about my race and then asked to help her crush the cans using my feet! She explained further how old she has become, and nobody wants to give her work and needed money for these cans. I didn't even ask her for the reasons but she told me in detail anyway. I told her about the surveillance camera in the shop and immediately she changed from a superficial friendly, sympathy-seeking woman into a rageful self-pitied hysteric. Just a little bit, but I was able to detect her angst towards society.

Sometimes it's good to be back in KL because of how desperate it is. It made me stay grounded. But nobody can remain in a place too long where the rich gets richer and the poor remains the same. I never consider myself to be fortunate or lucky because I never started out my career as an actor that way. I basically started out in a barren land that was never flourishing well. It was a land of little water and sunshine, but as a plant - I knew I must only grow stronger. To fight against all odds -- be it my race, short height and unimposing presence. Never believe when people claimed themselves to be an overnight success.

The picture for a Japanese magazine
Life is a journey. It's everybody's job to enjoy the journey. Getting to the goal is so blown out of proportion until so many became blind to the beauty of the journey itself. It is all about what's happening right now. And for now, I can finallly rest a little. Truly, every little bit counts. After all the exhaustion of travelling, this little bit of heaven was truly a welcome.  To be free from fear and homophobias. Yes, Malaysia is a homophobic society, unlike Japan and Thailand. It's no wonder that their creativity is at its height and Malaysia's creativity level stagnated. In Malaysia, we give ourselves too many excuses to be racial, religious, homophobic and lazy.

How I wished if there's a superfast train that travels from Bangkok to Tokyo - that way I can earn those high-value Yen and live like a king in Bangkok. In Tokyo, almost everyone is glad to be of service. They'll say sorry when they're wrong and extremely humble when they're right. But they never fight to see who's wrong or right, you see.

To them, it's all about beauty and harmony.

And we should be, too.

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