Friday, December 12, 2014

When An Artiste have Haters, Does that means he's finally Famous? (Yeah, more famous than you trashy news portal - jealous?)

Yes, I have finally arrived.

I thought my Best of 2014 Top Ten list was going to be the last blog entry for the year.

I was wrong.

I was googling online for my name "Kris Law" and discovered Kris Lawrence was the first name to appear instead - how come? I suspect it must be due to his unverified Wikipedia entry. So if you guys are searching specifically for ME - the REAL Kris Law: you need to type KRIS LAW BMW. Then you will get the top links that's really mine.

As I was scrolling down at my list of links, suddenly I discovered an article thrashing about me! When you have HATERS, does that mean you're finally FAMOUS? I discovered this hateful online article about me that was published THIS YEAR for a short film I did 2 years ago! If I'm such a terrible actor, then why BMW awarded me a Best Actor title? This bad article only means 3 things:
1) My performance is very memorable
2) My fame is seriously noticed
3) My value as an artiste increased

The writing on this article feels like it comes from a young, inexperienced writer. The website is not a reputable news website so be forewarned. Read about my "terrible acting" here:

I'm no stranger to being the topic of trash talk. Local tabloids like KOSMO!, Harian Metro and The Star have written awful things about me before - but it was like circa 2009! I haven't received bad publicity since then, as far as I know of (maybe they have published without my knowledge, since most negative stories are like that)....until this article came along. You can say I have been generally been low key until 2010 when I starred in KFC World Cup TV commercial and of course 2012 when BMW Shorties announced me as their Best Actor contender.

As in life, we must accept the good with the bad. People who thinks I want to be famous is so wrong. You can keep the fame and give me the money. Reporters and editors of such trashy news websites have not even the basic common decency or even the respect for discriminated artiste like myself to even enquire about my current state. All they care about is generating hits for their news portals and making themselves feeling superior when they belittle my achievements. All I can say to this type of local news portal is keep on writing all the trash about me all you want to. You think little people like myself is an easy target because I tried harder than most? The truth is in Malaysia, discriminated actors like myself can never make a decent living. It's fine, I've accepted the fact and moved on. Go ahead and write all the thrash you wanted to.

I am Titanium and my face is thicker than your Iphone 6 Plus!

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