Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Power of Joyful vs Joyless

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This is the Christmas season and what better time to write about JOY! I was walking around the city area and encountered some parts of it that seems so dull and sad - meaning there's no Christmas displays whatsoever. Now is the time to spot which places are unfriendly and rude because it's so clear and distinctive due to the emptiness of any Christmas decorations. I have a foreign friend who came visit KL, and she agreed with me when I told her it's safer to visit only places with Christmas decorations. Like the vibrant shoppers traffic at colorful Pavillion and Lot 10. I believe people wants to experience joy in their lives - so it's only natural that they go to places that looks joyful. Outward appearances aside, joyful people also shares the same characteristics that lets them live life to the fullest.

The main reason why so many people are incapable of experiencing joy is because of incessant greed. Greed sets them down. People who are incapable of feeling true happiness is psychologically linked to their own obssessive compulsiveness that others are taking something away from them so they justifies that everything is their right. It's a form of paranoia that pulls its intended victims down - a complete opposite of joyful people which moves forward and upward. Malaysia is wrong when its ministers divide its people based on ethnicities- like race and religion. I know its your nature to discriminate - why not discriminate based on attitude (especially your own)? The correct yardstick in dividing this world of people is simply between those with joy and those without (the joyless).

Take me for example. I'm all about joy. In the face of intense discrimination, I find my joy always wins. Not many people can stand me. They are afraid by my expression of joy or are intimidated by it. But it's all their fault, not mine. Nobody causes their own misery and joylessness except their own discriminating ways. It takes a strong man and woman to handle me. No wonder this type of joyless incompetents are rude, uncouth and always using religion and race to broadcast their aggression. This type of people do exists, and they're living just next door to you. Racism is real and don't think just because you profess your beliefs in 1Malaysia, racism will cease to exist. I realized in the years of being an abandoned and discriminated artiste in Malaysia that there's a much more effective way in countering social discimination - simply be joyful.

Racists, you think you're more macho, shout through your lungs and people will be afraid of you? I pity you because you're only miserably joyless. Their own greed is already so ingrained into their pysche that no one can ever makes them joyful again - like a bottomless abyss. Don't even try to help extremists become joyful by watching their movies or buy products endorsed by them - you're only contributing more to their coffers of self-perpetuated grandeur and paranoia that other people are out to take from them due to the past - a joyless way to justify their greed. But what sets a true joyful person apart from them?

1) Joyful people spreads more joy
Joyful people don't discriminate you based on race, religion, sexuality, how you look or even financial and education background. They are simply happier people who smiles from the heart - simply because they don‘t discriminate! They see people around them as equal and treats them with dignity. Other people who are around joyful people will always feel joy themselves too if they're open to it. They also befriends people who experience joy like they do and stays away from those who are incapable of it. Joyful people are simple - direct opposite of joyless people who spreads hate, suspicion, blame and more complications. Joyful people knows when they spreads joy to others, they will receive joys in untold ways and value.

2) Joyful people are more successful
This is because they do what they love. They don't do it for the money. They have faith that their dreams will come through. They live day by day taking little steps in achieving their goals. Their goals are not demeaning anyone on their race, achieving financial targets or which contract to win but are more than their selfish ambitions. They want to make a dent in the universe. They want change that will enables everyone to experience joy based on equal human rights for everybody and through their work - whatever it may be. True success is not measured by how much you have or how high your position is over others - but by how much joy you feel. That's why not all rich and powerful people are happy. A person can be poor but still be rich because the quantity of joy he helped spread. I feel joy when I contributed my thoughts here for the benefits of my readers.

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3) Joyful people spends more
They don't keep their money tightly but prefers to spend on things they believed in or have some deep unexplainable connection. Economy thrives on joyful people because what they spend is not based on greed and political connection. They spend because they believe in the potential of what could be - a better future for everyone, social justice, equal rights for all humanity. People without joy always dislike spending and prefers to stay at home. Joyless people are only out to get money, position, justifies their wrongdoing in the name of race and religion - or fantasizing and propagating about the afterlife like a prophet. These are the two extremes that joyless people are stuck in - money and religion. This type of joyless people wants everything for free, at a discount or some special price only for them. Joyful people don‘t care about discounts or the over-rationalization about their special rights and value for money - they simply spends.

4) Joyful people are stronger (lives longer)
They are unafraid of intimidation or threats of any kinds because they believe in themselves. They have the self-esteem that shows everything will be alright despite their current circumstances. They are not easily fooled by what their "leaders" propagated or shouted in the media. They are not paranoid about other races or blame others when they failed. They take full responsibilities for their own lives and lives independently from any influences of institunionalized religion and race-based politics. This is because joyful people knows anything that's institutionalised by law is only a way to make greed and corruption seem lawful and acceptable. Joyless people would constantly shouts and demands things be given to them. Joyful people are simply contented with the joy they have inside - not outside. And this joy is what makes them stronger.

5) Joyful people can live without
They don't need friends or relatives of the same race and religion to be around them all the time - they can choose to either live with or without them. Being alone is a choice and joyful people thrives in solidarity because they're more creative. They love themselves by giving time for their own personal growth. They can live without institutionalished racism, religion and discriminatory laws. They're not obssessive compulsive about anything or having someone all the time because they already knows they have God who is higher than themselves and will never abandons them. They know religion is a private matter and therefore practises it quietly without the urge of shouting or screaming down onto others. They know everything in this world is a temporary lie concocted by greedy men to fool them into fighting for their own selfishness - therefore REFUSE to be part of it. They prefer not to have any special privileges whatsoever because it always come with more responsibities and with strings attached.

Most importantly, joyful people lives on FREEWILL because nobody can take that away.

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