Friday, December 5, 2014

Bond 24's Title is SPECTRE - Great Things to Come!

Watch any James Bond movie and immediately you're transported to another world. The history of the franchise is so rich - almost any actors in the world would die to be part of it! Take for example the rumors swirling about the casting of the movie. I'm so glad the producers finally revealled the principal cast - and they're all amazing actors, especially the new actors being welomed into the Bond family.

1) Monica Belluci
She's the most underrated actress of all time. I've first seen her acting in Malena - in which she didn't talk much, but most of her expressions are pulled back with a lot of rich undercurrents. Then in Matrix Reloaded - her cool demeanour is used again in the scene where she exchanged a kiss with Neo was simply masterful. It must be great casting to have her - for she possesses all the classic Bond lady qualities - dark, mysterious eyes that breathes sexuality no word can describe. Her casting as the next Bond Girl would break all conventions being that a Bond Girl has to be of certain age bracket (25-40). Now anyone, regardless of her age can still be a Bond lady!

2) Christoph Waltz
This man has been working for 30 years in theatre, just only to break out into film when Quentin Tarantino brought him to international stardom in "Inglorious Basterds". His performance in that movie was superb in that he's able to combine refinement, class, humour and evil in such a delicious way that his Oscar win was truly deserving. I really admire this man for he's not your typical Hollywood hunk-sort, but an actor that looks very much like me - except I'm way younger than he is. If he turns out to be Blofeld in Spectre, I would definitely cheer for him!

3) Lea Seydoux
I first saw her in Mission Impoosible and almost gagged when she appeared in Blue is the Warmest Color. The lesbian sex scene was so real and raw, it really turns my eyes around and out. She's really a talented young actress in that she can act so tomboy-ish and yet still feminine. Great future ahead for her!

Other than that of course you have Daniel Craig as James Bond and director Sam Mendes helming the movie. This upcoming movie promises to deliver once again having all these wonderful and reputable actors. I certainly can't wait for Spectre to come out next year in theatres! Another wonderful ensemble by the producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, in which I'm certain will bring tremendous enjoyment and entertainment for James Bond's fans everywhere!

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