Sunday, December 7, 2014

Best of 2014 - Top Ten Articles of the Year

I thought I always write crap - but my readers keep coming back again and again to read them. Thanks to all my readers here, my writing seems more valuable than ever!

In my head, I'm already in the year 2025. Again, I want to say "Thank You God!" that 2014 is ending. This is my second official listing of Top Ten articles in my blog. The first was here. This is really a nice way to end the year for me at least. I get to see where I've been and get a bird's eye view of my life for the year. There's a few "missing" articles in which I kept from being published due to its precious value and timing. Just be patient, maybe one day it will appear. This Top Ten listing also helps me to know what all my readers worldwide are really into - what kind of topics that interests them the most and which is not. Fot those of you with a discerning eye, you would notice that I've changed my header title by removing the word "Working" to "Discriminated". I feel this change should be done earlier when my blog was conceived and it's change is a more accurate reflection of my life and journey as an artiste right now.

Let's start from the bottom (click on the title to go to the article):

10) The Strand @ Kota Damansara Review

I haven't been to that shopping complex since I wrote a review on it. I'm sure much have changed. Sorry I wouldn't go all the way there to check out their festive displays due to the location. I'm sure my readers find this review helpful, or else it won't even make it into the Top Ten. All I can say is when you do get there, you must take a piss.

9) Asus Transformer Pad TF700 Review

I have to add a few "cons" about this product, since I've already am quite familiar with it by now. It HEATS UP most unexpectedly! I don't know whether it's my fault or the product's fault, a few times has happened when it feels so hot! I tried to remember to turn off the wi-fi connection when not in use. But just yesterday, everything was switched off, STILL it heats up. I could actually fry an egg on it. Thankfully, it still functions after I rebooted it. But downloading speed for this device is slower than a tortoise.

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8) Year of the Horse Chinese New Year Display

Among the so many festive displays I've reviewed, this one managed to make it to the Top Ten. Is it because Chinese New Year displays are more creative than other festivities? Possibly. My readers love creativity and seeing all these beautiful Chinese New Year displays really inspire them.

7) Shopping for the Ultimate Messenger's Bag

What an adventure I've got for getting the "perfect" messenger bag. Of course I did not reveal the brand name of my bag. But it took me a lot of self-searching to feel the bag and gauge the way it moves around my body. This could very well be the catalyst to my fashion writing. This is another new category I'm into this year:

Project Runway
Messenger Bags Special
Tips for Buying Shoes (Sneakers)
Stuff Magazine 9th Anniversary Party
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6)  A City Guide's Comparison for Tourists: Chin Woo's Swimming Pool

Please support Chin Woo Association, specifically by swimming there. The extra one ringgit is nothing compared to the peace of mind you'll get. This place is still my choice for exercise due to the size and depth of the pool  - not too big until I get tired of swimming my laps and not too small either until I get bored. It's simply perfect size.

5) The Spendthrift's Tips - Spending for Value (Part 1)

I was very "poor" this year, still am actually. What to do when work is not given even when I have the capabilities and credentials to back me up (hence, the title change from "Working" to "Discriminated"?) So spending is also reduced drastically and am more critical of what to buy. I think I'm not the only ones here, and that's why this article proved to be quite popular with my readers. I hope it helped them in some way for savings and spending. The only new splurge I have for this year is fashion.

4) Permata Sports Complex Review - Penang Travel Series (Part 3)

Fill a need when there is one. No one actually cared to write a review on this place, and imagine the hits I've received! My readers love all the juicy and gossipy bits, I can tell. By all means, it's still a unique place to swim - if you can take in the huge size of the pool.

3) Cris vs Kris - The KFC World Cup Advertising Campaign

This happened only ONCE every 4 years. I don't know even I will be here the next World Cup. At least I got associated with this worldwide phenomenon in some way.

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2) The Violent Nature of Malaysian Society

A society needs a commentary to write about them. To be a mirror to reflect the nature of where it is heading. Unfortunately, the truth isn't always pretty. Malaysians are descending into a place where the most common denominator becomes the most highly placed like race and religion.

And finally, the number ONE spot goes to.....

1) Social Bigotry at Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool

The reason so many readers related to this article is because of HONESTY. I can tell you right now that this incident at that place happened to many other swimmers too besides me, and I am the ONLY one who dared to tell it as it is - because it's the truth. That's why readers can relate to how I feel and treated. Being treated rudely and roughly is unacceptable especially in any establishment where you have to pay! The other places that rude treatments can be expected is Mamak restaurants, especially the ones near stations LRT Taman Bahagia and LRT Star Cahaya. The supervisors there are rude, not the waiters and servers - so aim your judgement only at the right assholes.

For example, I was at the Mamak restaurant nearby LRT Cahaya. I was waiting for my friend, so I told the waiter to wait for a while before I order. A few moments later, I heard loud banging of chairs behind me. Then comes the blady supervisor in his shirt and pants acting out his dissatisfaction by "arranging the chairs" into the tables, approached me to ask for my order again. Then he dared to say to me "no free waiting" in which I stood up and retorted "Hey, is this the way to talk to your customer?" I ate there before and swear never to go again. The only way to stop these rude treatments is to boycott these places - let them lose business. Any deragotary labels you have on this type of rude, macho bullshitters are totally deserving.