Sunday, November 30, 2014

2014 Mega Malls Christmas Display - The Losing Looks List (Part 2)

To even receive a mention on my yearly list is a coveted position.

Imagine the publicity received from my blog and the good it'll do for your business. When you win, you're happy. But when you lose, it should only propel you forward - to better your design and creativity. This is a fair and honest review. I received no sponsorship or fees of any kind when writing this review. It is only meant to uplift the sophistication level, creative quality and encourage originality in your mall's presentation.

The Christmas season is the most competitive shopping season ever. With the burgeoning numbers of malls sprouting everywhere in KL, your centre display just have to stand out. If not, you will lose shoppers traffic. A great display will do wonders for your shopping mall branding because it shows you care about your shoppers' experience. You may have a good display this year, but next year who knows? One day you're in, the next day you're OUT!

1) Berjaya Times Square
The first casualty of the holiday season is Berjaya Times Square. What happen to you? I was expecting great things from you! But all you did was put a giant wooden barrel with the huge christmas tree inside. You already have the best location in the city. Why not put in more effort in grandeurizing your Christmas display at the centre court? The giant wooden barrel just screams cheap and cowboy country to me. Or is the Christmas tree taking a bath in the barrel?

KLCC is not consistent with its displays and bordering almost to boredom. They do have some interesting idea like the candy structure that juts upward. But the execution is done incompletely and could potentially be an eye sore. The rest of the elements like the giant Christmas tree and presents are done to the death - so nothing new or original here. I know I share the same initials as you but that doesn't mean I'm biased. Sorry.

3) The Curve
I've been to The Curve many times but never bothered to take any pictures. Their centre court display never pique my interest mainly due to its conventional looks. The Christmas display at the centre is mainly a wooden house that's built up on a stage. They don't set out to create a visual statement, which they should considering how much space is wasted on unnecessary ornaments.

The only visually striking piece is the reindeer structure made up entirely of silvery wires and reflective lights. Unfortunately, it's the only piece that's worth capturing my admiration. The whole presentation have so much potential to be visually more original but they tend to stay within the box. I must give credit to their Christmas program which is heavy and full of activities.

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That's all for this year's Christmas display review, folks! Forgive me if I didn't mention your mall - wherever it may be. May we all forgive and forget each other's wrongdoings and betrayals. Life is too short to live in anger, suspicion of others and hate. Don't ever feel alone or unloved or unwanted - there's always someone in the same or worser situation than you do. If you are from an uncaring family background or lost a father - I know how you feel. If you are discriminated in any way be it your race, height, sexuality or how you act - I know how you feel. Just persevere and pray that things will change soon - they always do! Remember what God says in the Bible "Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you"  Knowing this then let us rejoice and gives joy to each other!

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