Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 Mega Malls Christmas Display - The Winning Looks List (Part 1)

I'm so happy this year is ending.

I've survived my first hospital operation, betrayal (and discriminations) of all kinds and a no lucrative acting offer whatsoever for this year. Truly, I deserved to treat myself just to be able to go through that. I just want this year to be over with so I can forget everything about it and start anew. Forgive and forget. To reward myself for being a survivor, I bought another super expensive "stuff" from Isetan. Last year I didn't buy anything so this year I'm allowed to double splurge. I truly loved the Isetan Christmas shopping bag. It has an paintbrush art of a deer. The top handle is made of green strings which reminds me of a branch from a christmas tree. Isetan has been around for a long time, way way before H&M. Want to know what I bought inside my shopping bag? You'll just have to finish reading until the big reveal (or not) at the end of Part 2!

1) Pavillion
I have to give Pavillion the credit for being the first shopping mall to have a grand Christmas display, way ahead of its other competitors. I walked through using the skybridge to another shopping mall, Suria KLCC and they only just preparing the tree where else Pavillion already have a full blown Christmas look already. The stoop leading down to the centre court of Pavillion is covered with a wave of lights. The animatronics Santa Claus moves like a robot to greet shoppers at the entrance.

A giant red ribbon stood above the stoop, with stairs leading down to the centre court is simply wonder-like. If I'm a child being carried by my father, I would be in such amazement upon seeing that ribbon since 3 when he passed away. I would definitely want to reach out and grab it! The whole Christmas environment simply brings back childhood memories. The whole look is very immersive and spectacular. Job well done, Pavillion!

Special Mention: Sembonia
Strolling inside Pavillion, I have to give credit to Sembonia for having a very clean and crisp window display. The whole window display is made up of geometric shapes - one giant circle with 5 triangles inside. The red foreground gives breathing room to the eyes and this shows restraints on the branding design. The giant circular shape is meant to show the christmas ball with the ribbon at the top. Inside they showcade the products - albeit very quietly. Overall, the effect is very pleasant and eye-catching. Good job, Sembonia!

2) Nu Sentral
This is their first ever Christmas display and their first time ever to make it into my list. From the KL sentral monorail station, you are greeted with the lighted gateway, feels like a wedding entryway which may put the feeling in a slightly wrong context. There's the traditional Christmas tree. Nothing special, but it does puts you in the holiday mood. On the other extreme, this could be the hidden doorway into Moria where you must speak friend and enter like in the first Lord of the Rings movie. Their effort is there, but needs a more identifiable design that's more focused or risk it being all over the place.

Nu Sentral has a huge centre court. The playful objects on display like the decorated snowmen - one in jester and the other in red soldier uniform immediately evokes a playful fantasia to the visiting shoppers. The spherical glass-like object with the christmas tree inside is meant to portray the snow glass effect.
This one is quite unique, but I wish they have some floating snow inside the sphere so it becomes more believable.

The whimsical christmas feeling is captured quite interestingly through these colorful snowmen. The rabbit creature is seen coming out from the blue-suited snowman, referencing the magician or the mad hatter. It is seen carrying a string attached with the red Christmas ball. The entry to the courtyard is greeted by the trumpeting snowman in red. There's a second sphere-like object (not meant to be a snow glass) in red linings which is a little ambiguous to me. Ambiguities aside, the whole presentation is saved by these character-centric snowmen.

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3) Fahrenheit
I love Fahrenheit, mainly because they have been fairly consistent good in their displays. Although at the time of writing this, they still haven't complete the whole look. This is also why they're in the third place of my list. Their completed look is going to be Hello Kitty and Teddy Bear-centric, trust me. Nothing new, but the execution of their "Christmas tree"-shaped as shown in the pic resembles some form of new concept. Notice the piling up of boxes with a teddy bear inserted in the middle. The giant balloons pulling up the teddy bears is something that would appeal to the kids, but not so much the adults.

4) Avenue K
Avenue K is also fairly consistent, but this time the scale of their display has shrunk considerably. They focused mainly on the cool attitude of Santa Claus wearing his cool shades, but funnily he's on top of an automobile, not his sleigh. Modern day Santa Claus? The reindeers are wearing a jet-propelled jacket to make them fly. I have to give them kudos for trying to be funny, but funny alone doesn't get you to the top of my list.

5) Quill Mall
We have another new entry this year. Please welcome Quill mall into the list. This is their first festive display so I promised to be gentle. The concept is clear here - candy wonderland. But being clear in your concept could take in the risk of being appealing to only one particular group - children. The concept is not sophisticated enough to appeal to the adults, and hence the last placing in my list this year for the winning looks. The concept borders almost gimmicky and seem like something I've seen before. The concept is not executed enough to be immersive, because the experience centers only around the "candy factory". The effort is still good and deserves a mention in the winning category.

The outward vicinity of the entrance is a good place to lure outsiders into the mall. The mall is still new and the location is not as centred around nearby to the other competitors like Pavillion - so they actually need to work harder to bring in the traffic. Maybe next year, we'll see something even grander.

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