Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why you need multiple internet-connected devices in this modern age

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Trust me, I'm the most conservative of all the smart gadget users out there. Personally,  I cannot stand people using their smart devices on the road or at the pedestrian street or while talking to another person. This type of people are not focus during conversation, their minds not present and outright rude. But I am not totally 100% against using smartphones, tablets or any modern hybrid of smart devices when that person is all alone. Smart gadgets do come handy at times, and make you feel less lonely in this world of connectivity mediocrity. I don't make it an effort to go out there on the look out for the latest and greatest. But in this modern and mobile age, I'm forced into buying more than one gadget because of how limited one smart device can be. You'll be surprised how limited only one device can be when my lifestyle demands so much more. I'm not picky of who can be my friends, but I'm very choosy of what smart devices to buy and carry with me. Ugly, rude and obnoxious "friends" I can handle but not smart devices. It's like the fashion you wear with you. The clothing design has to be aesthetically pleasing, light and breezy because I'm always moving. Plus, it must really works.

Indeed, there's a stark difference between Samsung, Apple and Asus gadgets. A smart consumer needs to be able to compare themselves which brand of devices works well in what areas by using these devices in their daily lives, instead of reading or listening to what other people say or write. While my Asus Transformer Tab boasts a large full HD screen, it does lacks the downloading speed compares to the Samsung Tab 7.7. Going into its 3rd year now, the Samsung Tab 7.7 still have the best screen and downloading speed compares to my only less than a year old Asus Transformer Tab. Mind you, my Asus device have triple core processor and still loses big compared to Samsung's dual-core only and it downloads faster! With that track record, Samsung will be my top choice for future purchase, if any. Apple on the other hand is a premium brand and works well for anyone without any clue. Asus is very competitive in its pricing while keeping their innovative hybrid products still looking expensive.

Limited Storage
There's one downfall in all Samsung's line of gadgets being sold in Malaysia - it's all limited to only 16 gigabyte of storage space. Not to mention the negative product design Samsung is associated with its cheap plasticky and faux leather-feel back. Personally, I won't buy the Samsung Tab S series even with its bigger Super AMOLed screens because the back still feels cheap and vulnerable to wear and tear even with its faux leather back as compared to my steel aluminium back of 7.7 which is STILL the best premium so far in totality. The limited 16 gigabyte storage doesn't help either. That's very little compared to Asus Transformer Tab's substantial 32 gigabyte storage. It helps when I have so many game and productivity apps I want to use it with. That's why having 2 or more smart devices is very useful. You can separate your apps library according to functional value and saves internal storage space for your other device at the same time! Now, I transfer most of my games to Asus Transformer Tab, and my Samsung Tab 7.7 would have a more specific task of receiving calls and for downloading tasks (not to mention Flappy Bird which is now extinct in the Google Play Store but I still have it in my 7.7). Games with visually stunning images like Osmos and Angry Birds Space HD are still best played on the large 10.1-inch screen size of my Asus Transformer Tab while simpler games that's more straighforward like Flappy Bird or Temple Run can be stored elsewhere on lighter weight devices because of intensive hand-finger handling. Of course, most of these devices come with expandable micro SD slot, which I do take full advantage of.

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There was a time I try to download an important client's file from Samsung Tab 7.7 while on the move and it failed to open due to its format. I was worried and agitated because I was in a hurry and needs to open the document fast, so I quickly switched to use the Asus Transformer Tab instead and it successfully opened! When you have 2 or more smart devices, you can be rest assured that most types of file can be opened because you have 2 options. Sometimes when I'm checking some facts online, I can use both of my devices to open other webpages at the same time, thus saving my time from browsing one webpage at a time on the same device when internet connection is extremely slow. Two devices of different brands can give you the option in case of emergency like opening an important client's file. If one failed, at least you have another you can rely on. Or when you are typing on one device, the other device can be used to surf webpages to help you in referencing while you're typing, thus saving time!

Whole-day power supply
Samsung Tab 7.7 has a very short battery supply when I'm using it compares to Asus Transformer Tab with its keyboard that also acts as an extra power supply. When my Samsung Tab 7.7 went out of power and needs charging, I simply switch and use my Transformer Tab to continue the flow of my work. I always bring a power charger along with me to charge my Samsung Tab. Sometimes when I noticed my power supply is dwindling on my Samsung, I would switch to my Sony walkman to listen to my music instead. When you have multiple devices, you can designate a specific task for each of it. For example, my Asus Transformer is used specifically for work and visually-stunning games. My Samsung is used for making phone calls, simple intensive hand-finger games or music. My Sony walkman for listening to music when my Samsung is out of juice and during commute. Lastly, my iPad Air 2 Gold Edition is to show off to my certain snobbish "friends" who thinks they're better than everyone else (not necessarily to surf the web, mind you).

Double the Value of Your Wifi Spot
I enjoy dining at expensive restaurants, sometimes when I have the money. When I'm there and have multiple internet devices, it makes the trip to the restaurant double the value if they have a wifi connection. Dining at restaurants are not cheap, so one needs to make full use of all the services that's given, especially when they have wifi connection. I can do one thing for one device and another for the other device. The internet speed is not as fast as you would expect at certain restaurants and cafes, and having 2 devices at least manage to allow you to keep "busy" most of the times there. Sometimes when downloading a webpage is slow, I can pop out my iPad to check messages from my social networking apps. The money you spent on that expensive restaurant is truly well-spent.