Friday, August 22, 2014

The Strand @ Kota Damansara Review - a strand of pubic hair or stranded nowhere?

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I usually get calls out of nowhere to inform me either to attend a casting or wardrobe fitting for a confirmed job. It's usually best they send me a text message so I can read the address information rather than articulating it verbally. Only then, I were able to search for the place. I received the most interesting address information for it reads "The Strand". Never in my imagination would this word be ever become a location for the word itself conjures an interesting memory. You see, I worked for a perverted Malay boss before. Truly, I enjoyed working with him because I could not wait to go to the office everyday to experience what kind of new "perversion" he had in store for me. Once, his office toilet was just newly cleaned up by a cleaning lady and he instructed everyone to ensure the toilet is always clean at all times. This was due to his stingy attitude - he only hired the cleaning lady once a month! Immediately after it was cleaned, I was the first employer to use it due to an unforeseen emergency and also taking advantage that it's actually clean. In the afternoon, my perverted boss came up to my table and placed a strand of hair on it. "Is this yours?" He asked with a perverted smirk on his gaudy face.

Since then, I could never forget him and the association with the word "strand". I discovered this new shopping mall after I found the location of the wardrobe fitting office, which is only right next to it. I remembered the last time I came to that location was 5 months back, and the whole place was still in construction. Now, at its beautiful entrance, greeting new patrons with its huge piazza. At the centre is a circular-shaped row of seats. Unfortunately, I tried to sat on it and found that the seats were made from plastic, even though on the outside it looks like luxurious marble.

On the outskirts of the mall were still many construction works going on, but within its vicinity were rows of shoplots with many businesses operating - mamak shops, hair salons, snooker shops etc. I looked at my watch and found out I still have an hour to kill before the assigned wardrobe fitting, and quickly went inside the new shopping mall. At the concourse area were the seen-it-before, done-to-the-death kampung house decoration for the Hari Raya celebration. But, there's an interesting, never-seen-before design element that caught my eye. Lining the pillars of the concourse area were this neon-like strips of light that changes colours. This added a very modern-look to the mall, which I'm sure would appeal to the appreciative.

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When I visit any new malls, the quality of vendors occupying the retail space is most important. Fortunately, The Strand got that covered quite alright, though not ones that would delight or surprise me. You have the usual boutique coffee houses and other stores you would find almost anywhere at other large retail outlets. The traffic is also a vital indicator to the robustness of a shopping mall. Depending on what sort of shopper you are - I usually prefers a quiet, less traffic sort of environment. This is because I prefer shopping with peace of mind and without throngs of busy shoppers pushing me left and right. And for that - The Strand truly is an ideal place to shop.

I was also delighted to find the toilet space exceptionally spacious and luxurious. The toilet actually have a waiting area with seating. The "Strand" concept actually emerges itself everywhere with a fan-like metallic deco piece at the centre of the waiting room. When I entered into the actual toilet space, a marble stoned water sink stands in the middle, with again, the strand of steel partitions that's lined with mirrors. You don't need to push anything, just put your hand below the mirror stand and the sensor would emits water from the steel postbox.

I'm also quite amazed by the mosaic walls at the urinals with glass dividers. I'm not so sure the glass divider would make anyone who's shy about peeing at the urinals feel safe from the person next to him. Toiletries like toilet paper is not provided and there's only one toilet with the hole on the ground, while the rest are all toilet bowls. I personally prefers the one with the hole on the ground, but that's a personal preference others might not agree with me.

After I've done my business, I took the time to stroll and see if this mall is strategically located within any network of public transportations like the bus. Unfortunately, there's no direct bus service that comes to the mall. I was adventuresome, and walked beyond the shoplots and get ready to cross the main road. A guy was walking in the same direction as I do, and I asked him about any bus routes. Fortunately, he's on his way home, and I chided that we walked together to his bus waiting location. There is a bus stop location but it would take you like 10 minutes or more. It is situated beyond the main road, piercing through another lot of shophouses and stopped right at another main road with a huge construction going on. You can't really spot the bus stop, but it is there and would take some walking.

I thanked the young chap, who's been really helpful, and turned back to where I was supposed to be - the wardrobe office. My wardrobe fitting took only an hour, and immediately I head back to the bus stop. If you don't have a car, this is not the place you want to get stranded in. The cab I took from Kelana Jaya LRT station, charged me an extra RM5, totalled RM15. Not to forget the food here at Kota Damansara is slightly more expensive, even at food courts. Oh no, I would not want to be stranded here at The Strand. At least until a better and more connected public transport system like the MRT is in place which I'm sure will happen in a not-too-distant-future. At the mean time, I won't go that far just yet and only reach a strand of hair......on my head.