Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Project Runway Season 13, Episode 2 Review

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Yes, I am a Project Runway Super Super Fan! I have been following this reality TV competition show since the beginning. The biggest reason why it was so good is due to it's amazingly fair, clear and creative format. Come on, it's a competition show - someone is bound to be eliminated in every episode. The competing segment of the show which is how the aspiring fashion designers interpret the fashion briefs and come out with their amazing and some-not-so-amazing designs in the form of clothes. Who doesn't love clothes? Unfortunately, the fashion is focused mainly on the female - how I wish they would have more men's fashion. The bickering and butt-heading between the designers are also a great watch. The judges I feel, in my opinion are fair in their criticism. The way they talked about the fashion designs really helped educate a non-fashion designer like myself, which I learned loads from! Their criticisms are fair and good, UNTIL I watched the latest episode from last week!

THE WINNER: Amanda Valentine's dress won in this "Movie Night" challenge. Her Silver Team (Amanda, Korina, Kristine) worked really well together because they were on the same page from the beginning - futuristic . Also, Amanda was the ONLY contestant there with experience about this type of challenge - the unconventional material, so she got that unfair advantage. Personally, I don't think she deserves that win, because when I see her dress on the runway, it looks so dowdy with strips of strings hanging around the model's "dress", borders on almost ugly to me! I feel Mitchell's (from the Purple Team) gleaming and glowing CD dress should be the winner because of how it looks on the runway and the silhouette is so flattering! Why did the judges picked her as the winner? Well, it's because of the new and creative ways she used the unconventional material to come up with that dress, and how cohesive her entire team looks as a collection.

This challenge, I feels is one of the toughest challenge ever, because first it's an unconventional materials challenge. Secondly, it's also a team challenge. Few designers can ever function and work in a team. I think for that, the judges can see the results from their good team effort and individual designs that were different but still comes from the same fashion show (cohesion).

THE LOSER:  Hernan, Sandhya and Carrie have the worst team dynamics. From the first episode, both Hernan and Carrie already doubted Sandhya's designing skills, yet she emerged as the winner for her design last week! That further added their resentment of her, because probably both of them thinks they're better than her. I feel her win was deserving because the shape of the dress is unique, with an almost lonely clown-like shoulder slits that gives the dress that extra edge I swear I saw before in a Faye Wong (a Hong Kong popstar) music video. Sandhya did suggested that each designer in her team should come up with their own designs first, then slowly amend to each other's so as to form some cohesion. But Carrie was against it, and stated that everyone should have the same vision. Added with Hernan's forceful demand that Sandhya should follow his designs, everything just went downhill from there. Their collection, in my opinion, wasn't the worst, because from the look, it's really quite glamorous. But upon closer inspection, Sandhya Garg's creation made me gagged because it wasn't finished and exposed the model's mid riff quite unsightly . She probably rested on her laurels and immunity too much and slacked off. Add that with Carrie's almost design-less dress, which all of it is taped or sewed from waste strips of movie films - the only design-ful dress was Hernan's. In the end, Carrie was sent home.