Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hari Raya 2014 Mega Mall Concourse Display - Guess who's the winner this year

Only in KL u get to see the Hari Raya mall display. In other cities like Paris, London and New York - they don't have such a celebration like ours. If you take the LRT, and you stop at a station, you would notice a small little display to commemorate this festive celebration. Each station has a little display of its own, but looks too amateurish to be featured in my blog. But when you compare the small-scale display to a much larger displays going on at the large city malls, mainly in competition this year are: KLCC, Pavillion and Fahrenheit. These 3 megamalls are selected because they have been consistent in churning out festive displays every year and deserve at least a mention in my blog. Mind you, this blog entry is NOT paid or sponsored by any of these megamalls. To know the best Hari Raya display this year, let's start from the 4th place:


The biggest reason why it was in the fourth place is the common use of the Mosque-design on the main display. This design has been done to the death in nearly all Hari Raya paraphernalia - from greeting cards, gift bags, etc. It's too common and unimaginative to my taste. BUT the other reason why it deserves to get a mention in my blog was it's dance performance. Due to Sungei Wang Plaza's rather smaller stage space compared to other giant malls, the audience get to watch the dance performances quite intimately. I love the new and modern twist of the traditional Malay dance which now comes with shouts and quicker moves. In the past, Malay dances are much much slower and devoid of any unruly shouting. But the present day, I love the spirit and powerful dance numbers that captivates shoppers.


A) Main concourse area

B) Broccoli and Miso Soup

C) Stone Roses

D) Pop of Red

The reasons KLCC got 3rd placing is because the main concourse area design and concept remains the same year in year out. I remembered last year, the concept of the village house were also used, and this year were no exception. I do hope the KLCC management team would break out from this sae gigantic kampung house concept and use other more futuristic elements to portray such a traditional celebration such as Hari Raya. For the B) display of broccoli and niso soup, it's only my first impression - I won't mention the retailer's brand name out of respect and also because this blog entry is not sponsored by them. It carries the almost same theme of natural elements througout C) display and D) where flowery designs are extremely evident and might not be in tandem with Hari Raya. 
 Main concourse

The second place goes to Pavillion because of the sheer epic scale of their main concourse display. Upon entry of the mall, you are greeted with electric lights decorated at the top of the wide staircase leading down to the main concourse area. It's a pretty festive atmosphere, but I fear this element might fee too similar to Deepavali - the festival of lights. I applaud the Pavillion team of thinking ahead by highlighting their theme of "Weaving", where they showcase the songket weaving quite beautifully litted at the entrance of both sides. But again, this theme still feels too familiar, traditional and not quite original.


Surprise, surprise. Being the youngest mall of all, Fahrenheit managed to capture the more personal approach to Hari Raya. At the entrance, you are greeted with the Arabian-feel layout of furs, firs and green leaves of the oasis. When you enter, look above and you'll see the giant Turkish lamps. A surprise fountain pond surrounded by pebbles and stones to set the welcoming tone to the mall visitors.