Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Violent Nature of Malaysian Society and how a non-Muslim artiste survives it: Abandonment, Abuse and Exploitation. You blame the government for being undemocratic. But are you?

Being a non-muslim artiste in Malaysia
is the toughest job in the world.
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Why Violence Exists?
Let this year be a year of awakening for all of us from slumber. Rest assured, when one is awakened, one can finally enjoy and accept life at its best. But to be awakened, one needs to go through the hardship of examining the painful realities - a lot of Malaysians walk around everyday like they have lost their freedom.
1) Freedom of expression
2) Freedom to integrate with other races
3) Freedom to be as successful as we want in career of choice.

This is because we know on the subconscious level, that the 3 democratic freedom listed above have been taken away from us. People acts out with that knowledge, mostly through violence. Violence is very prevalent in a multi-racial society like Malaysia. Violence exists because the outdated system of our country itself cohesively promotes and celebrates violence. Violence is the absence of real democracy. Violence involves racial segregation, verbal and physical abuse, abandonment and exploitation. Violence happens when true democracy practices are not taught to our children in school, hence most grew up to be blindsided. In the economic side, notice how much of everything's price has increased recently, especially the notice on property tax, utilities and petrol? A lot predicts 2014 to be the year of rising living cost. Violence happens because of the little people is being bullied by the big people, or by anyone who thinks they're "bigger". Or personally for me, how my father was taken away from me when I was 3 by a car accident.

The increase in living cost has a great impact to my day-today little single man's life for I am receiving NO income or salary from the local entertainment industry. How am I going to survive? Already I am being violently abandoned by the local film industry and not hired for any work consistently even enough to support my day-to-day living expenses even though my credentials are impressive:
* BMW Film Awards Best Actor
* Jury Duty
Worldwide Photo Exhibit
Endorsement Value
World Cup KFC commercial
Controversial but Most-Watched Episode
The Golden Shorts Fame

On a personal level, I refused to let myself contribute to a violent industry after becoming the receiving end of violence  - exploitation on the height of Malaysian Idol fame, verbal abuse with racist sentiments by talentless film crew and now abandonment after enough use of my fame expires. On societal day-to-day level, you have violent men and women. Violence here connotes the abusive and harmful way human beings do to each other in the heat of their own emotional state perpetuated by the primitive system that instills the survival instinct rather than the thriving spirit. In the absence of democracy, religion and race take centre stage. The survival hardship happens at the work place, family circles and anywhere where humans come together. Evidence that violence exists are:

1) Talents with the right credentials cannot thrive in the industry of choice
2) We willingly accept and tolerate abuses from an outdated racial system unthinkingly.
3) Physical gains become the objective at the expense of common sense and decency.
4) Violence is used as a diversion tactic to make you and I offended in order to keep the real bread and butter issues covered.

The best way to experience violent behavior exploding in your face personally is at crowded areas like fairs, mall, award shows, public sports area and the men's locker room. Men and women engenders violent behavior just the same, but the expression in slightly different way. For women, they are more literal and good with words, therefore they speak more to incite hurt or take things for their advantage. For men, they are more adept at physical strength, therefore they expressed violence through abusive actions that causes pain or momentary and lasting irritation like fighting.

Violence are usually more prevalent when women matures older? An example can be taken at the PC fair recently, when this older woman who was walking right in front of me was swinging her bag left and right on purpose just to not let people crowd near her, and walked at her own pace which resulted the crowd behind her began throttling up into a bottleneck. She missed her bag swinging at my way, which I let her off to be at the front, then I grazed on her heel with my shoe. She began uttering abusive Cantonese, which by then I quickly turned to look at her, and she quickly looked away. Cantonese-speaking Chinese women are the most violent sort because of watching too much Hong Kong based serials?

For a man, violence is more physical in nature due to the fact that of the male hormone testoterone which requires release in a form of physical. One example is when I was drinking at Old Town Basic cafe at Avenue K, and the store manager was knocked down onto the ground by his angry staff. The Myanmar foreign store manager, through my own interaction with him, have no hospitality courtesy whatsoever towards the customer at the counter and often exudes his bossy, know-all attitude. This is also another form of violence that many Asians,  in particular gives in to, arrogance and the master to slave dynamics. It's no wonder that eventually one of his staff would punched him down to the ground, in which I salute him for his defiance whom his superior rightfully deserves for how he behaves in front of customers and staff. The thud I felt underneath the ground where I sat in the cafe gives me a pleasant satisfaction (better than sex).

Another violent behavior was when my neighbor came charging towards me with crazy shouts when I approached them to advise about restraining their grand child from vandalising my apartment wall. The grandfather suddenly came barging out and shouting madly at me like a barking dog with rabies out to kill without giving me a chance to even talk and daring me to go report to the police.  His violent behavior alarmed the whole neighborhood out from their homes to see what happen. He was wearing a skullcap to connote his religious superiority? Why is there a loss of common courtesy in our society nowadays when even a soft word to stir a polite conversation can incite an outburst of wanting for a fight? My ex-housemate Riza funnily asked me before which road is safe from barking dogs wandering around the neighborhood for he is afraid of them. I told him in a violent society like Malaysia, dog don't kill man. Man kills man. 

Violent Labelling
Why do such casual violence prevails in a multi-racial society like Malaysia? For one, it is the closed mindedness of us as Asians in general. The system that you and I are born into immediately divides us into our various labels like race, religion and sex upon birth. This division causes us to stay enclosed within our own mentality enclave, for fear of offending the other side. Many could not handle this division of lines, hence an act of violence is necessary to purge through the other side either through unwarranted accusation, hate propaganda and belittlement of others to uplift their own communal superiority or the other extreme: victimhood. Many thought they are fighting for their rights for religion and race, but in actual fact is the demise of democracy in which they seek to fill in the void, mistakenly thinking that religion and race is democracy.

For many Malaysian Chinese, they often feel they are uncared for and sidelined by the dominant Malay-controlled government and media system. The term "Malaysian Chinese", to me, is such an ancient outdated term, for generations of Malaysians like myself cannot even read or speak proper Mandarin, let alone even born in China, but are so ingrained in the Malaysian way, we should all be called simply as the new generation of democratic Malaysians - no Chinese, Indian, Malay or Chindian label whatsoever. But for a majority of our leaders in power (like the skullcap-wearing ancient grandfather), they feel its their rights to lord over the country by sidelining other Malaysians through race - or better still, downgrade them to a certain stereotype of character. All these time, not knowing that all of us are brought up and planted within our subconscious mind the seeds of violence by an equally violent education, religious and political system. Blame it on the system? No where can you witness such violent action being manifested at its glorified zenith in a big way as when you attended a local awards show like I did quite accidentally recently. The Shout Awards is organised by 8TV, which is supposedly a Malaysian Chinese-oriented TV station.

Celebrating Violence
In true democracy I believe it is politically incorrect to post a room for rent stating race preference. My ex-housemate Riza was thankful for having such an understanding housemate like me and even invited me to attend the Shout Awards as a gesture of friendship since he got 2 VIP tickets. My Malay friends loved me, no race issues whatsoever. Like when Riza first moved in, I prepared a praying mat for him and told him the direction he should pray (I know the Q word) so he will be comfortable with the stay. Personally, I enjoy being with all my Malay friends for they respect me and I respect them too for most are good-naturedly and kind, especially those not obssessed with their own self-proclaimed superiority and authority. Thankfully all of them are NOT from the media industry.

My adorable friend Riza who invited me to that show is sort of an innocent dreamer, for he loved watching local celebrities and dreaming about them. At the time, I did not reveal to him that I acted in films and TV before, (but when he found out later, he kept poking my status as an artiste) so it was good for me to observe how a non-artiste being influenced in such event before the knowledge. Psychologically as a person, he suffers a mild insecurity about his body image for he is tall and rotund. In fact, I would vouch all people who attended such glitzy awards event suffers some form of insecurity, and dreaming one day they could be on that stage to receive an award. Most of them are struggling young people who aspires to be "rich and popular" like these so-called artistes. Most are blinded by the glamour and grand pyrotechnics but failed to see violence at work. 

It's how this awards show systematically manipulates and exploits these young people's psychology on the floor who shouted and cheered whenever some local celebrity enters, if you can even call a TV host and radio DJ a celebrity is beyond me. I wore my Barisan Nasional cap that night to cover my face from being recognised by anyone. Most of the audience consisted of unthinking teenagers and young adults, and a majority of them dressed even better than the nominees themselves, which make me suspect they were there to advance their own ambition in becoming a TV host or actor by nearing themselves to such show. They are not real fans per se, more like a sponsored guest to rub the egos of the nominees that night through an act of semi-violence: shouting.

I cannot help but notice the vast race disparity for this is my first time attending this award event. Personally, I do not like to label any person's race, but it's so obvious in a public event like this. It becomes even more apparent to me the violent streak in such an award event which sidelines its own local English-speaking Chinese talent, by strategically hiring only one Chinese comedian talent (ex-Malaysian who migrated to Australia) in a sea of Malay-only artistes, to perform on the stage! The first joke this comedian took on  stage was how fast the Chinese men cums and fall short on the size department of their uncircumsized privates compares to a Malay (why the racial and sex comparison?) which to my shock and absolute horror upon watching him, is an absolute sexual degradation and shaming of all Chinese men in Malaysia! It's this form of casual violence made laughable and being allowed to air nationally on this TV station that contributes to the cycle of violence in our society today. Who puts them there in their positions, to allow such flagrant acts of violence by making Malaysian Chinese men ashamed of their sex and being made a joke? I used to be great fan of 8TV channel, but after that performance at the awards show am swearing off not to support the channel for good.

Violent Mass Brain-Washing
The language used in that awards show is English, and in itself becomes laughable in fact to hear how badly the English language uttered by some of the so-called winners upon accepting their awards which comprised mostly the TV station's own stable of "star" employees. It's self-glorification because they gave awards to their own productions and staff. Exploitation is a form of violence. Especially TV stations who branded itself to be Malaysian Chinese-oriented, but really only wants advertisers' money to get the attention of the sidelined Chinese viewers while channelling the money to support its own artistes, which not surprisingly consisted a majority of Malay artistes in that awards ceremony - putting them in the forefront in the form of award shows such as this? I don't mean to put a race labels on artistes, but the awards show itself openly shows the racial disparity, so what can I say except the truth?

Violence is heartbreaking and painful to anyone with the right mind towards democracy and equal human rights. I watched Malay movies too, and one nominated (and won) at that show especially "Kil". In my opinion, I don't recommend the movie because of how shallow it deals with such a deep subject as suicide that doesn't give me the feeling of a complete and fulfilling ending. How do you expect locals, which includes Chinese Malaysians like myself to support Malay movies, when in an awards show they daringly brought in an emigrated Australian Chinese comedian to ridicule directly at local Chinese Malaysian men whom blindly supports the TV station? If the situation were to reverse and a Malay joker is made to joke about their own shortcomings in a Chinese-only artistes awards show, you would feel the same way as I do.

Because of the mass popularity of my Malaysian Idol performance was so impactful and memorable, I was invited by the CEO of that TV station to re-enact my famous Malaysian Idol dance once more for their first ever advertisers event back in 2005, with specifics that I must wear my Golden Shorts on the show. I hesitated because something feels wrong here without any written contract or concrete payment but it got immediately cancelled by the CEO because of my hesitance, which I am glad that he did so. I knew way in the beginning that I was going to be exploited, humiliated and chose not to. I remembered clearly a character named Gary, which is this geeky, short and mousey timid Chinese guy who becomes the face of the TV station when it first launched. Is that the way the TV station views its own Chinese male viewers through Gary? Shocking because it is degrading.

No one in their right minds could allow such awards shows being aired or even let themselves be humiliated and emasculated based on race, for it angers many who are intelligent enough to see through such exploitation  - local Malay artistes speaking English when accepting their awards, with hopes that it might reach an international audience? Since the majority is so much based on just one race which was obvious in all the nominees of the award categories, I would like to ask - where are the English-speaking Chinese talents? Why aren't any one of them there to give their winning speeches? Like my wise old uncle used to tell me, "It's becoming a more race-based racket used to steal the Chinese people's money". As for me being a more democratic person and not as dramatic as my uncle, it is "Forgive the sinner, avoid the sin".                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Most Malaysian Chinese for the sake of appearing "peaceful" and "law-abiding" are silenced in their own state of victimhood due to their own lack of education and compund that with the enforcement of the law that forbids freedom of expression, resulting with a few actually bursting out in anger at public places due to the absence of communication avenue - another cycle of violence perpetuated by the obscene self-glorification shown in the media to offend others based on race that garners no real respect and credibility anymore. Seriously, shout for nothing this awards show. Except it succeeds in "shout"-ing it's a mono-race Malaysians society, not multi-racial one? Or shouting how great Malay artistes are over Chinese artiste? It is racial, narrow and shallowly undemocratic. Please stop and be aware of the effect you are affecting your audience because you are the media and don't have the liberty at poking race-based misandristic jokes (specifically Chinese men).

Most young people in their teens and 20s are not yet aware how violence is taking place in the media to steal away their rights to just be. To be whoever they want without the confines of race, sexuality and religion. Being in your 20s is an experimental period and you make inncent "mistakes" like I did in Malaysian Idol. But I enjoyed it for it was real fun to see the shocked faces of the judges. That freedom if not practiced, may already be taken away from you and gone for real. The worst is that you don't  even know about it, keeping on with your la-la carefree way, until when you hit a certain age, then you feel it's too late. Being a free democratic person hinges not on your education level or how much you earns or who you know. It hinges on your determination and will to change for the better so everyone is portrayed in a fair, balanced and non-stereotype manner.

Violence you don't have to do  - Abandonment
Abandonment is another form of violence too many people don't know about. Most just think explicit words and physical abuse as violence. Abandonment means the focus on one group of artistes based on their race by the governing entertainment body of comittee at the expense of abandoning the other racial group of artistes. It's the same as a parent abandoning a child and a spouse abandoning the other. Not doing anything or letting that person alone when he or she is self-destructing is another way to describe abandonment. What happen to these abandoned people? Violence. It's unavoidable, it's a cycle. But truly smart abandoned people would use their head - common sense. Common sense would dictate if a person does not support me, why should I support that person? Here's where violence is so pure in its nature, it's potent when backfires. And why so many of us gravitates towards the act, because it is the only fair way it seems. So many abandoned artistes like myself only know too well this form of violence and how it works.

Nobody is innocent from violence. And we must stop this. If not, then that person suffers and make others suffer too, which leads to a more macro effect - the whole country and industry suffers, which is already happening. Stupidity is glorified when violence is not stopped. Remember how the comedian is let loose (or perhaps coerced into lowering himself by the show producers to conjure the disillusionment that we're all one big happy family laughing while making you the butt of the joke) to perform at the awards show? And how many local movies produced that sits on just plain stupidity and same-old storylines written by lazy scriptwriters who refuses to think beyond their own small world except to rub the egos of their boss or own self-glorified superiority and disillusionment? Imagine how do Malaysians endure such casual violence everyday - stupidity and disillusionment. It's no wonder some cynics say one generation is dumber than the next.

Most endured through praying or submitting themselves to religious rites. But the reality stands that even religious persons themselves, man and woman, still commits acts of casual violence. Religion is no cure for violence because it can be used to permit that person on a conscious level to commit even more of these acts, thinking that it will be forgiven when religious rites are practised after their acts of violence. Some choose to escape the realities of our violent society through work or family or some form of drugs. The bigger crooks would immerse their ideology of defending their race and culture. Choosing to endure violence does not make you a saint or any better than the next person. You can judge others for acting the way they do like condemning my Malaysian Idol performance, but that doesn't make you any better than me.

Violence is the absence of Democracy, replaced with Religion and Race
What's missing here in this cycle of violence? The absence of democracy. How do Malaysians fail in that is because most are not brought up to question, appreciate creativity and read all types of literature, philosophy (read Sartre's existentialism) and finally the guts to take action. Most willingly just allow themselves to be pushed and shoved into believing a set of man-made beliefs heavily tainted by hate politics, economics and history which was actually re-written by violent men and women. The enforcement of an already set of belief system coupled with an institutionalised religious system slowly ignites the embers of future violence, that through the years exploded into embitterment which resulted in the example of the mature Chinese woman spewing Cantonese profanities at innocent people, when clearly no one has any intention of crowding her at the fair. It just is, thus she becomes the source of her own bitterness in the small-minded world of only her and hers alone.

Violence disguised as Conservatism
This small-mindedness is actually very much encouraged and tidily slapped on the label everybody feels comfortable putting on called conservatism. In my experience, conservative Asians are the most violent men and women. The discouragement of this generation from thinking and questioning to wearing sexy and skimpy clothing is forced upon the youths of today in the name of being conservative. This form of conservatism deemed the inability of youths today to think and articulate critically with each other of different backgrounds and culture, but inside they are burning with youthful passions. Violence soon become an outlet for them and older people too when they came to the realisation that they too had been duped by acts of violence they don't even know about is already taking place. People who are most conservative have the most lethargic reaction to change and inability to accept differences from others. And many Malaysians pretend to be conservative, but in actual fact are scared shitless to live fully as a democratic citizen, thus continuing their acts of casual violence against each other.

Through an actor's lense, violence is actually a form of dramatics to capture immediate attention on the aggressor. When such violence happens in real life, the best remedy is not to pay any attention to the aggressor and use common sense. Most people live for the drama because of the absence of knowledge in true democracy. Religion and race becomes the driving theme, trumping down democracy. Common sense dictates how you think rationally, not emotionally in a fair and humane context. Finding ways to save money and being frugal is NOT common sense. Many Malaysians failed to use common sense because of the way they are brought up through an education system that enforces the violence of just taking in man-made facts after facts, from school to tuition classes and then more tuition classes, never stop to question its validity.

When they're in the job market, many are encouraged to just take, take, take, go after money, study until MBA so can get highest paid jobs, etc while not realising that money is the root of all violence. Common sense dictates that anyone regardless of their physical appearance and limitations but with the right credentials should be given the first priority, no matter what their racial, political and religious affiliations. Instead, violence is practiced by the people in power by selecting someone based only on superficial affiliations mentioned, resulting in high-calibre talents like myself to flee from a violent industry.

Why Violence is NOT the solution:
1) It creates more problems.
2) Industries are run by survivor-mentality, not the thriving-mentality.
3) Talented people refuse to contribute (because the industry perpetuates violence).
4) Offers only temporary relieve, but long term is devastating. And the effects are being felt right now in our society today.
5) Malaysia becomes an unattractive market for global investors.


So how can you and I stop this violence? To make it simple for everyone I've listed 9 simple steps that anyone, regardless of who you are or how low your education may be can do right now:
1) Acknowledge that violence exists because of the money culture disguised in the forms of religion, culture, family, tradition and all things deemed "sacred". False pride makes us think we are developing towards first-world country, but we need to be more humble than that because we don't even understand the true meaning of democracy yet. Don't run if you cannot even walk right.
2) Reject all media that shows only 1 race of people in 1 show. I don't watch local Chinese AND Malay TV serials myself. Until these silly TV stations are able to put a more balanced picture of a multi-racial Malaysians, forget it! I am now deciding NOT to even watch local Malay movies too. We have not achieve true democracy yet, and already we're getting ahead of ourselves by chasing fantasies and dreams of grandeur.
3) Treat everyone equally. If they intentionally thrash your manhood or belittle yoĆ¹ based on your race and religion through a joker in a very public forum like awards show, reject them. Choose to be equal to everyone, not through belittlement and shaming.
4) Explore a world beyond your own. Only people who stays in their own little world tends to be more narrow-minded and ultimately violent in nature.
5) Have a common sense. Without it, you will lose all common decency and ends up being stupid. Why should I support or be involved in the film industry that comes from a violent race of people who doesn't even appreciate who I am? Common sense also involves the ability to allow others to make mistakes and not judge.
6) Have more confidence in yourself. Only people with low self esteem would support such awards show that belittles and looks down on other people based on the physical false pride (like money, race, height, type of dick). Instead of idolising them, why not build up your own identity capitals like I did? You can do it even when the industry discriminates or abandons you.
7) Deny all support to violence in all its forms. Don't go work-out in places that restricts you in so many ways. Don't watch TV channels that secretly belittles you and race-oriented. Remember these are all distractions to the real truth about you. Read more to discover yourself. Thrive, not survive.
8) Practise democratic freedom in its entirety, not taking in only the small parts and bits that suit you. Or relearn again what democracy truly means so you'll be liberated. Violence happens when people enforce their own brand of "democratic freedom" at the expense of limiting other people's rights to be. Peaceful demonstrations on the street to express your disagreement is your right, and thrives in real democracy. Violence happens as a result of people misinterpreting real democracy through other layers of belief, especially in Malaysia like religion and race that takes precedence over true democracy. I have the rights to express  my opinions and thoughts. If you don't like what you read, it's your rights too. You can choose to read other blogs besides mine. And I have the rights to do the same to you too.
9) Don't blame anyone, start with yourself first. Don't blame the government. Don't blame the PM. Don't even blame your parents. Blaming makes you stuck in the past. People blames because either they refuse to help or fail to ask for help. Start by examining your own democracy meter, and you'll be shocked by how undemocratic a person you actually are. We all are.

Final example
People lacking the full grasp of democracy can be found everywhere in Malaysia. Even at a men's changing room. All men in the room are wrapped in their towels except this tall and muscular alpha male, showering openly stark naked with his huge cock hanging out! In a democratic society, if you dares to show off your thing in public, people have the right to see. But this demented piece of meat splashed water at anyone who caught a glimpse of his large endowment like a scared little bitch so as to avoid stares. Come on, use common sense - this is a men's room, you forgot? If I were in a western country, it's no big deal that people stares, we're all men here - you have a cock, I have a bigger one. The big question is, why don't you simply just cover and shower with the door shut? You want to show off but am offended when people stare and then show an arrogant face. Later, he walked out still stark naked to put on his clothes, but nobody cares about his muscular body show-off anymore due to his bitchy behavior. Possibly gay, with his own self-loathing attitude that discriminates others just like him because thinking he's far, far more superior than everyone else.

Come to think of it, a lot of our politicians and leaders are behaving like that too? A lot of shouting and dramatics, but devoid of understanding in true democracy when you interview them.

You think my world famous Yellow Shorts
is just this? It's about democratic freedom.
Only True Democracy Wins
You'll be surprised that a lot of Malaysians are not educated in what democratic freedom means to them as an individual. I've talked to a lot of people, and most are just clueless when I asked them about what democracy means to them. Personally for me, democracy means all man-made institutions, corporations, religious bodies, systems and laws are up for evaluation, change and criticism. We create these stuff, and we are not under it. Like my favourite hip-hop rapper used to say "Make the money, don't let the money make you".

Democracy has nothing to do with your religion, or culture, or your family, or your mother. There's no such thing as sacred to anything that is made and created by men, because they're all selfish to begin with. Below are 3 principles I've personally abide to me in my daily life, which is also a new set of resolutions for 2014:
1) We, the people run the government, not the government running the people. Truly democratic people encourages feedback, open conversations and criticism. They never kiss anyone's ass. I make the money, the money don't make me.
2) Democracy means we're all equal. Nobody should be looked down upon or being placed above over others. I have all the right credentials and track record as an artiste, therefore I should be given work without begging, cheating and changing who I am!
3) In democracy, I'm born a complete and free human being. You don't need anything else to define who you are. Democracy is not your religion, your race or your culture - it can never be mixed. True democracy is free from the influence of all that. Democracy demands you live your life to the fullest as a free human being. Democracy does not enforce through fear. Democracy demands accountability. Democracy is a way of life - how you think, how you deal with people, how you work, love, live and when the time comes when you die - it's the democratic legacy you leave behind. Democracy is right NOW, not the past or future. So ask what you can do now. Please spread this word around before we degrade even further into this cycle of violence. Only people with no grasp or understanding whatsoever of true democratic freedom would condemn my yellow shorts twerking in Malaysian Idol (and I will continue to twerk until democracy is realised in each one of us) When all violence comes to a meaningless end, only practicing the democratic principles in your daily life would truly awakens you and I towards true freedom. And deep inside, you know you want that too.