Friday, February 7, 2014

Samsung M3 External Hard Drive Review

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I am not very good at picking externa hard drive. It's all very new to me, but I have to learn because my storage space in both my devices are running out. One of the reason I picked this brand is because it's really competitively priced. At only RM219, I think this is the second cheapest external hard drive available in the market now. I've checked everywhere, and to be honest, I am totally clueless when it comes to hard drives. I read somewhere that the speed of transfer is one of the criteria to select a good external hard drive.

The Samsung and Seagate brand name is something to factor in as well. As compared to Western Digital, I don't really know much about that brand except I know they have a factory in Penang, where one of my ex-classmate worked there as a factory worker. So the brand association with Western Digital has some local distaste to it, but their products are definitely more colorful than Samsung. Now, immediately after purchase, I tried to transfer files from my Galaxy Tab 7.7, and it doesn't work. No, please consumers out there, if you think by buying a Samsung external hard drive, it would sync with your current Samsung tablets, it can't.

The packaging of the Samsung M3 is actually slightly bigger than WD, so I get the feeling of more for less. To open the packaging, the smart way is to tear open the bottom of the box, and pull out the product. Don't try and open the top where the hook is, it's very, very hard to open. The bottom part is easier, for you can pull out the plastic tray that's protecting the external hard drive.

I was very afraid when I purchase external hard drives for fear that it might not work or something went wrong. Fortunately, it works well with my Asus Transformer Pad too. The best news of all is the pictures I have can now be viewed on my TV - plugged into with the M3 hard drive. So this external hard drives acts like a converter of sorts for the files from my Transformer, enabling it to be viewed on TV. Hooray!! Maybe other external hard drive works this way too, I don't know because this is my first one.

The look and feel of the M3 is basically hard plastic - only black color available. But I have no problem with that because I really want it to look inconspicuous as possible, since my champagne gold Asus Transformer shines so brightly in public places. Let my Asus shine and my little external hard drive stay quiet and under the radar. The size of this external rd drive fits nicely in my palm, small enough to put in a pocket. The hard cover looks very durable, almost like a tortoise shell. When it is plugged in, a small dot of blue light can be seen, signalling that it is working. Other good points about this product is it comes 3-year warranty and USB3.0.