Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flappy Bird Review

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Yes, I know this game app is taken off from Google Play store. But I managed to download it onto my phone before it was gone...HOORAY! It's that delicious feeling when you have something nobody else could have it anymore because it's gone for good. A few of my friends who loved everything that has to do with "birds" asked me about the game and I told them it's no more available. I secretly enjoyed seeing their sad, disappointed and sometimes envious faces with their mouth portruding like a sad puppy when I told them that. I actually came to know about this game from a news portal, and quickly searched and downloaded it just in time before that dumb creator decided to take it off after getting like US50k monthly from advertisers. How silly isn't he? And to think that he could have invented such a good game? He's probably a billionaire already and could give me a million dollars since I'm writing a very good review on his game app.

In the same vein as the Angry Birds series, this game is extremely simple to play. That is also why it's so good. No muss, no fuss. Unlike Angry Birds which is more grand in its game structure design and detailed with so many different levels and themes, Flappy Bird only requires you to tap on the phone screen to direct the bird character across horizontally through your phone screen with pipe after pipe of obstacle. That's it! Even your grandmother can play this game. The first time I played this game, I was impressed at how intuitive my touch responds to the way the bird icon actually flaps on the screen.

Light Gamers Only
So far, I only managed to get to level 55. Everytime you hit the pipe, you start all over again at the beginning! There's NO PAUSE button when you're in the middle of the game, which means this bird have to flap continuously non-stop until the end. You must not take this game too seriously, if you're an avid gamer. You have to just enjoy it without feeling too competitive because the starting over from the beginning ratio is extremely high. I love the tactile sound that comes from the bird flapping its wings. Each time you manage to flap through a pipe level, you hear a resounding ring - that sound truly keeps me motivated and focused. It's really simple and easy to play, but only if you pay attention. You actually have to estimate how hard or soft you're going to tap onto your screen to estimate the height distance the bird will flap through the size of the pipe opening - which to me feels neither too narrow or wide. It's a soft-thinking game that needs to work on your motor skills as well. The pipe opening size is carefully measured to ensure the bird could flap through it, but with the dangerous possibility that if you tap too soft or hard - you might miss the mark and let your bird hit on the pipe head-on. If you tap your screen too hard, the bird will flap too high and missed the pipe opening too. Your touch is extremely responsive to how high or low the bird is going to flap through the pipe. First time players will notice the touch pressure on your screen is EVERYTHING in determining the height of the bird flapping through.

Playable on Smartphones Only
I've downloaded this game app on my 10-inch tablet, and it simply wouldn't play! For those wanting the same game app to play on your big screen tablet, you could try another alternative "Clumsy Bird" - which works just the same as Flappy Bird. Through this game, now I know my Samsung Tab 7.7 is actually a phone! It's not a tablet per se, since this game only works on smartphones. I already suspect this already when I first purchased this "tablet" from Samsung, but having Flappy Bird that works on it only confirms that my tab is actually a phone. Geez, a phone disguised as a tablet, come on Samsung! I suspect the reason this game app only works on smartphones is because of the screen size (only in portrait mode). Smaller screen sizes actually is the best space for simple games, and Flappy Bird is one of those simple games that is so addictive because it is so simple, yet quite complex underneath.

Once you mastered your touch pressure exertion onto your smartphone screen in relation to the bird's estimated flapping height, you can flap through any pipe openings -  doesn't matter how high or low. You have to prepare that a high opening can suddenly push you to flap higher, only on the next log opening that could be lower than expected. During that time, you would need to withold your tap and wait for just the right moment to tap again so the bird would flap right through it precisely. When you don't tap, the bird will dive down towards the ground. It's almost like flying in the air, except you don't actually have wings - only your finger.

R.I.P - May you flap away to the highest heavens (just don't hit on any pipe)
This is the perfect game to keep you awake when you're commuting early in the morning or waiting for a friend. BUT....you will get bored easily of it really fast due to its extreme straightforward simplicity. Thanks to the colour of the background which is blue and green, you won't feel too "invaded" by any complexity but actually calms your mind a little when you're stressed out or bored to death - so it's another great reason to go back to the game and play it again and again. It's like a children's game that requires an adult finger's touch dexterity. Sadly, this game app is gone for good. Like they say "you only appreciate something more when it's gone".

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