Sunday, February 2, 2014

Asus Transformer Pad TF700 review

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So now I have the Asus Transformer Pad, do I throw away my Samsung Tab 7.7? Thank goodness I didn't! For one, the Transformer Pad does not enable me to make or receive phone calls. Mainly, I love the Asus Transformer Pad for it's ultrabook feel to the whole package. It's very nice to tote around this Transformer Pad, because the make of the keyboard and tablet has a premium feel to it.

The premium metallic back feel
Large, Full HD Screen
The larger screen is a whole new experience for me. I am used to my Tab 7.7 screen, and now having a larger screen actually feels different for the better. For one, a larger screen is better when I am updating my blog and writing articles. I wrote on my 7.7 Tab before, and it can be done. But having a larger screen and a keyboard makes it feel more natural. I can really take my time to type and think, in a larger screen format.

The Asus Tranformer Pad boasts a full HD display. This is great for watching movies or reading. Honestly, not as great as Samsung Tab 7.7 Super AMOLed screen, but will make do with the full HD. Samsung has yet to produce a larger screen for AMOLed yet, so the Asus Transformer will have to make do. The screen has an IPS mode or you can turn on the auto brightness which adjusts the screen brightness according to the surrounding light. It's actually very accurate and useful to turn it on, whenever in the evenings or in some enclosed areas. Rarely I used it outdoors, but I'm sure it can adjusts to the brightness accordingly too.

The USB port connector
Keyboard with Great Functions
The most fabulous part of the keyboard is it has a USB port and SD card reader that enables to connect to my pendrives for transfering files. Unlike the Samsung tab, I don't need to buy an extra adaptor charger to connect to it. I can simply just plug in my pendrive and the screen would be able to read it. There's one tricky problem with the keyboard and screen: you need to ensure the tablet is fully plugged into the dock for the detection of the USB pendrive which would appear on the bottom left corner of the screen. Basically the 3 great functions of the keyboard are:
1) Provide extra power
2) USB and SD card reader
3) Easy typing experience

Be sure the tablet is secured correctly into
keyboard dock here
Tips for Setbacks
You need to make sure your tablet is pushed in snugly into the keyboard dock so your tablet would then be able to detect the external pendrive. That means you need to push the tablet down harder into the dock, until you hear a click. I try to transfer files like my pictures from the Asus Transformer Pad to be displayed on my TV, but my TV just couldn't read the files. I have to content viewing my pictures on the screen instead. It's different from my Galaxy Tab 7.7, which I'm able to transfer my files onto the flat screen TV for viewing. The SD card reader port enables me to transfer pictures taken from my camera into the computer immediately.

Audio jack connection placement
There are certain apps that won't play on the Asus Transformer Pad like WhatsApp and a new game FlapBird. The back of the tablet, at times, do heat up quite a bit at the back when doing intensive apps. Some people may also find the keyboard cumbersome, for to me, it is important as power back-up, if I were to use it for long periods of time outside the office and home. And it do lasts quite long. But you need to carry the keyboard out with you. The last funny thing I experienced using the tablet is where the audio jack connection is placed at the tablet, which is at the bottom left corner of the tablet in landscape mode. When I use the tablet (without the keyboard attached), almost certainly I would hit on the wire or find the audio jack a hindrance for my hands movement when playing a game. Small irratation, but needs addressing.

The good
Full HD screen display
Premium feel
Ports for SD card and USB
Long battery life with keyboard

The bad
Does not play certain apps
Cannot transfer files to TV
Heats up at the back
Awkward audio jack placement

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