Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Non-tech Expert Shopping for Portable Hard Drive Review

You guys know if I can help it, I try not to buy any piece of new technology. I think technology companies are evil and out in this world to steal our privacy, sell our information and then enslaves us. Having used my Asus Transformer Prime for nearly a month already, my storage space have already reached its limit! I knew this day would come, since all my past films that I've acted in I download into it. The funny thing about this Asus Transformer Prime is, certain apps won't function or webpages won't load if storage space have reached its limit. So I have to force myself to buy an external hard disk.

I went to Sri Computers shop at level 2, Low Yat Plaza to see-see what kind of external hard drives available there. The security there is tight and the sales people there are even tighter. It's very hard to find a friendly sales person there, unless you are planning to buy something in their section. I went to the external hard drives section, and notice Imation on sale for RM209. I try not to buy anything on sale, for sometimes it backfires. The salesperson that time warned me about Imation and how unstabil it can be, and recommended I try the Western Digital Passport Ultra hard drive.

The Western Digital brand it seems like the one brand these salespeople are pushing hard to sell. I remembered once, they come with a free gift - a set of cheap earphones. The second time around, they came up with a Lucky Draw. Seriously, their effort really shows. I have nothing against the product, in fact they look very colorful! Inside the packagaing, there's a free casing. The thing about me is - I hate popular brands. Especially popular brand that is heavily pushed by sales people that looked suspiciously demotivated, at least to me. So I have to shrugged him off, so I can look at the other brands around.

I notice one salesperson with a cocky look was observing me from afar. I think I know why, because there are cases when people comes in to shoplift. These shoplifters when they went through the gate, sets off the alarm ringing. I witnessed one, this man being apprehended and shouted at by this mob of salesperson. It was an awful shopping experience to me - these sales person being so hard on these shoplifters. Why can't they just catch him and put him in a room quietly, rather than shouting like a barking dog? Gives me a headache....

From that experience, my trust level to salespeople has dropped significantly. Suddenly, I become the target of their suspicion, since I like to look at the products, feel it and then ask questions. There's a Toshiba brand, which I noticed at the last PC Fair the price was only slightly cheaper than the retail price. My new canvass bag is next to me, and it was not zip up, so probably they might think I would pick something and drop it in my bag. Come on, will I be that stupid with all the security cameras around and the alarm entrance?

Then suddenly, I saw the Samsung M3 external hard drive. I never knew Samsung produces hard drives, but I did some research and found out that Samsung bought a division at Seagate, so now together they're producing one. I also read reviews for WD Ultra Passport as well, and a lot of people favours that brand. But the price cannot challenge Samsung's for it is cheaper like RM20. When I came back that day to really buy, the free earphones promotion is gone and replaced by the Lucky Draw gimmick.

I know in my heart, I have to get an external hard disk by today because the storage for both of my devices are FULL! I cannot let it malfunction. I have to transfer my files somewhere. I don't want to buy pendrives anymore, because I already have 4. I just want to get one where I can stuff everything in. In the end, I chose Samsung M3 externa hard drive.