Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Year of the Horse Chinese New Year Display 2014

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The Year of the Horse is upon us all. Being a Horse myself, I galloped around the the city in search of only the best window displays to be featured in my blog. My sharp horsey eyes enabled me to spot only 3 displays so far that best exemplifies the spirit of the great horse.

The first display you see comes from British India. As usual, the display embodies all the classical elements from a bygone era of colonial charms. But for this season more attuned to the Oriental fare - a table decorated with a lovely Bonsai tree, a Ming dynasty-like vase and traditional Chinese teapot and cups. In the background, hanging wooden frames to give the illusion of a palace door or a private divider for you to change your clothes, preferably with the British India-kind. Finally, the far left is where the colorful array of lanterns to tease a more festive cheer to come.

The second display is from Isetan. I love the simplicity of only one mighty element, that is the wooden caricature of the Horse. The rest is simply clean and clutter-free, to further enhance the sign of the Horse. At the same time, if you take a second look at this display you might even feel the strategic hero of the Horse from the ancient Greek mythology of Achilles with his Trojan horse. Strength is the main idea here, and it plays out so powerfully admist the all-black background.

The third is also from Isetan, but with a different message. The adorable cartoon-like horse caricature is smaller than the previous one to imply that this is the younger kind, perhaps a child. This display is meant to be fun and playful, which appeals to a lot of kiddies and those young at heart. The background is all red, further bringing a fun and playful prosperity a lot of Chinese people who are accustomed to. Who knows the sign of a Horse can have such multi-dimensional and diverse meaning coming from these 2 distinctly different window displays, from strength to playful? 

Finally, at the place which shares the same initials as yours truly, KLCC. The main star of this extravagant set piece at the main concourse area is the Golden Horse. It is seen with two of his legs high up in the air, which signifies vitality. The platform in which the Golden Horse is standing is meant to be a scroll to bring the greatest news of the year for everyone - the mighty Horse is here to bring the greatest fortune and health. In the scroll is a painting of the misty mountains and streams to bring calm and peace even to the Golden Horse in pursuit of ever greater rewards, fame and fortune. 

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