Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tank Hero Game Review - The Best Free Strategy Game

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I absolutely am crazy with this game. What is this game about? For starters, it's about how you move the tanker which represents you and how u destroy other tankers. This game is produced by the Clapfoot company. There are 3 worlds you can select to play in. There are no specific names for these worlds, but you notice the difference on the grounds these tanks attack each other. The first world is conrete ground. The second is wooden floor. The third is green grass. In each of the world is further categorized into 3 styles of combat: Campaign, Survival and Time Trial. And inside each of the style section is a total of 40 levels.

You'll start off the level 1 which is extremely easy to begin with. But as you progress higher, it becomes tougher, and sometimes feel like almost impossible to defeat the other tankers. This game is pretty difficult because you are the only tanker against probably over 13 other tankers, or perhaps even more. The first impression I got when I reached Level 40 is just how impossible I were to destroy all the other tankers.

And that's where the real fun begins. I have to practically coordinate my fingers and eye to see which tanker is coming at which end. The layout is pretty amazing, and full of maze-like roads where the tanker can move or disappear into a teleporter zone and appear at anothe end of the maze simultaneously. You'll soon get familiarised with which tank colour produces what sort of firepower. I am especially afraid of the red tankers that could throw a cannon over the maze and hit you directly where your tank is located. So I've learned  to be constantly on the move and avoid the firing range from the other tankers.

I noticed some of th other green tankers are quite dumb in that they stood still when I fired my cannons at them. Sometimes the fire can bounce off the wall of th maze and hit your target, which can be a good or bad thing, depending how you use it. Often times when I am stuck in a position, I would frantically fire at the walls to indirectly hit these enemy tankers.

e more challenging part of the game is you only get 3 hearts, meaning your life. When I was playing this game, I was too immersed to even notice how many hearts I have left, because all I know is I need to kill the other tankers fast, and sometimes you need to wait for the perfect timing to strike. Another difficult part is how when the tankers appeared to surround me all at once when the level starts, and I need to be on guard from the very beginning to either get out from the deadlock or the tight firing range of my enemies.

Clapfoot also produced another version titled Tank Hero: Laser Wars which is also exciting and fascinating. This space-ship setting version allows you play as a single or double players. It starts off with 3 braod sections titled Easy, Normal and Hard. In  each section contains 3 worlds: Moon, Mars and Rune. This latest version has better world feel to it compares to the first. The Moon world is entirely on the spacship, with sections of laser dividing compartments. The Mars world is more like a base-camp station, with its dirty and used walls and machineries. The Rune world has more stone and bejewelled stone walls and compartments,.

I feel this game is best experienced using a 7-inch device because you need to move your hands A LOT! Not too sure about anything 10-inch or the 12.2 inch devices, because then you would get tired holding your device while trying to concentrate on the game. But at some levels, I could not see the entire floor or the battle ground, so perhaps a bigger screen device would be better. For bigger screen devices, you could play by placing your device on the table. Somehow I feel the excitement is more fulfilling holding your device while playing the game. I coud be wrong, for having 2 hands to control the movement of your tanks may be better than using only 1 hand.

Tips for playing this game:
1) Be ready to "die" repeatedly
2) Know your enemy's firepower and type
3) Large numbers does not mean you can never win
4) Always be on the move and never stand still
5) Shoot non-stop

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