Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shopping for Electronic Gadget as a Way to Shorten Your Learning Curve

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It's the month of new beginnings this January. I loved being single in the city, because I get to buy things to celebrate myself. Last year, I didn't buy any new stuff at all to commemorate the new year, so I don't feel guilty splurging a bit this year for my ahem, new image. I don't buy things blindly, most of the time it's out from a need or necessity. Especially IT gadgets, very rarely I go out to get one for I am no tech expert and gadgets go out of date so fast. I got my Acèr Aspire One netbook almost 5 years ago! Imagine that, how time flies. It's really time to change to a new one since my old Acer netbook has been extremely slow to start up, even slower to open to webpages. Usually, products choose me. The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity has cauģht my eye for its dazzling full HD display. I loved the idea of a keyboard that attaçhes to the tablet. Really functionable, by having a netbook and tablet in one. The gold metallic back makes this brand of hybrid PC tablet even more attractive.

Waiting for the right moment
I held off my purchase for about a month, mainly for waiting the results of a contest I participated with the hopes of winning. In addition, there was the PC fair, so it was worth waiting to see if prices did fall. For both of the anticipation, only the price fall worked out a bit. I did not win anything from the Plaza Low Yat's Dining Passport lucky draw. I actually attended the drawing ceremony, and came home with the goodies bag instead. The ceremony was held at the Selangor suite in Federal Hotel. Unfortunately, no food was served. I thought if I win even the third prize, I could use the shopping voucher to get the Asus Transformer Infinity.

The GM of Plaza Low Yat was performing a sort of open group talk, which I did not participate. To me, I feel he was promoting the food outlets and dining restaurants around the area, so I just held my tongue and listen. Somehow I knew it is pointless to talk much since the anticipation of the day is the lucky draw and not to give out information about my eating habits. Hurriedly after the lucky draw ceremony, I went to the Asus retail shop at Plaza Low Yat and bought the Asus Transformer Pad.

Enjoying the Feeling of Something New
I loved the feel of unwrapping the plastic covers, because it feels brand new. I happened to be quite prickly, and decided to change to another box because the plastic cover wasn't tight enough which gives me the feeling that it has been opened before. The smell of plastic is sensational, for it makes me feel like a little boy opening his birthday present, except this time I bought the present for myself. I need to cherish the feeling for I don't get new presents such as this everyday.

Enjoying the moment by moment of opening the new plastic cover is only momentarily, for what comes next is learning how to use the product. I have to be really careful and delicate for this is all new to me. The joys of seeing the plastic slip away always fascinates me. Especially the plastic covering the tablet part itself actually sticks together forming a pouch-like protection.

The tŕicky thing to learn is how to lodge the tablet into the keypad. The dock doesn't seem to open when I pull up, which I have to be delicate and not exert too much pressure. I have to go back to the retailer and enquire. But soon I learned that I only need to slip the tablet into the dock of the keyboard, and flip it up easily. But before I do that, I need to put on a screen protector.

The dock requires a real hard push up apparently. I 'll handle this later when I get home. I am so sensitive to new gadgets whenever it's new I'm so afraid it might break when I sneeze. Firstly,I have to get my screen protector on. Looking at how the piece of screen protector is placed onto the screen by the salesperson just give me chills,I just hope no scratches are made whenever the salesperson are blowing dust particles off from the screen or cleaning the screen so vigorously. I got the screen protector for free, the one with smudge proof. I had a bad experience with this type of screen protector before on my Samsung Tab 7.7, for it makes my screen looked dull, until I changed to the clear screen protector. But for the Asus tablet, it seems to be no problem so far.

I took my tablet first to a Mamak restaurant with wi-fi connection to charge, for it needs a good 8-hour charging. Things look great on the screen for now I could actually type for my blog (this one) without the painful wait for my netbook to start like in the past. The interesting thing to note is the keyboard, which I need to get some used to, especially when I need to type a symbol, the right Shift key is smaller size than the left. I often make a mistake here and there during typing for symbols.

Technical Familiarity
Before I purchase this model, I asked the salesperson if I could connect to a bluetooth mouse. It can be done, but the words would not appear at the column I wanted to when I used the bluetooth mouse. In the end, I have to stick to the touch pad in the middle. The keyboard can be tricky to use, but soon I got the hang of it. If I don't lodge the tablet tightly and correctly into the dock, the screen keyboard would appear instead. Here's where the instruction manual is useful. I love to read, you see, therefore it's no problem for me to go through the bits and pieces of information. In fact, it's important to READ because if you simply just used the product blindly, you might get emotional about something for nothing. And that might hurt your gadget.

I bought this model at RM1199, the same time as when the PC Fair was being held at Mid Valley Exhibition Hall. But I did not purchase it there, but at Plaza Low Yat instead, for I actually hated the crowds there. The interesting thing is the price, for I was really hoping it would go down, from the first price that was introduced which was RM1299. On Friday, the price stands at RM1199 at the PC Fair, so I headed back to Plaza Low Yat to check if the price is the same. I almost got a heart attack, when I come back on Sunday to learn that the price has fallen to RM999 for the PC Fair! I got a bit angry about the price, for I could have saved RM200 if I were to buy it at the PC Fair. But when I interrogated the salesperson, he clarified that the RM999 price is for those with a special discount voucher. Since then, all the models for this brand were sold out. To get this discount voucher, you would have to log into the PC Fair facebook, print out a receipt and queue at the opening counter. Sounds like too much trouble? But another salesperson I enquired said the price was only dropped on the last day of the fair. So who to trust?

Investigate Thoroughly
That's the thing about purchasing electronic gadgets - the price always drop, and you're left to question discomfortly the value of your purchase. It's a love-hate sort of relationship I have with buying gadgets. I need them but not too much. But when I purchase one, there are other things to buy as well, one in particular is the casing. Since this is not just a tablet, I need a special casing that covers the tablet and keyboard as well. I thought I would buy the casing together at the Asus retail shop at Plaza Low Yat, since the salesperson claimed there's no where else selling the Asus casing type. I refused to believe that's true.

As it turns out, I was right - in the PC Fair I did found a shop who actually did sell the Asus type of casing which includes the tablet and keyboard in one! And the salesperson was very calm and helpful to me. The only downside is it could make my tablet PC bulky. Since using it for 3 days now, I rarely detach my tablet from the keyboard. The keyboard actually supplies power juice to the tablet, which gives me a total of 16 hours of usage as claimed. But of course, I never use it for such long hours.

Learning Your Own Usage Habits
But after having this model, I began to use it for long long hours. It also made me see my own using habits, and what surrounds my usage. Gadgets to me are very sensitive products, and I intends to keep it clean from smudges or dust. Being in a Mamak restaurant to use their internet wi-fi makes it even more challenging, because of the oily food. I love shrimps, and the problem with eating it is peeling of the shells and unwanted skins. It left my fingers totally oily and tainted with gravy! Even after washing my hands, I still feel the oil - that speaks how strong the ghee oil used in the cooking. So be aware where and how you use your laptops in public places. When the waiter comes to serve me my drinks especially, I need to direct his hand placement to another side of the table, so it is not near my electronic gadget, specifically my Asus Transformer Pad. I cannot imagine the horror of him spilling anything liquid on the keyboard.

After out for the whole day, I begin to start a ritual of actually cleaning and spots and taints on my laptop. If you look carefully, there are plenty! Especially the back of the gold metallic of my Asus Transformer Pad, I have to really wipe it clean so it continues to shine. Remember to eat the other way from your laptop, for I had an awful cough from the food, and sneezes out some bits of food. I'm quite paranoid that those bits of food might get stuck inside the keyboard, yuck! So cleaning your laptop from top to bottom is essential to make it look shiny new, especially if it's champagne gold like my Asus Transformer Pad.

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