Sunday, December 22, 2013

Uncle Ben Restaurant - relax, good noodles and no surprises.

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I have a friend name Ben. Usually, restaurants with a name attached to it is to make the restaurant feels friendly. Add with the word Uncle, this restaurant seeks to make you feel homey. Does Uncle Ben restaurant at Plaza Low Yat lives up to its name? We'll find out.

I was walking past the place, and noticed a huge plate of noodles in delicious black sauce. That's what first caught my attention. The restaurant is actually spread out across the walkway, since it doesn't have an enclosed store lot like the rest. The space where diners are supposed to be dining is out there at the public walkway.

So I went over the counter and asked for the noodles I saw another woman eating. The waiters there are very relax, so I feel it's easier to ask them. I also orderd the white coffee. There isn't any stress in ordering for the food, as compared to other restaurants where the waiters are the ones giving you the stress, not this one.

The chair and table are very basic. All lacquered wood. I noticed the second half of the floor where the dining are supposed to take place are tagged with the reserved tags. I cannot imagine anyone actually need to book a table in a place like this. But finding a suitable seating is no problem.

Then comes the food. Oooo, totally mouth-watering. I haven't had such noodles for so long already, and exactly what I was looking for. The huge white plate really makes me a little uncomfortable at first, because I get the impression that the portions is big and I am trying to watch my weight. But when I chow down, the noodles are not really that big in proportions, and I could finish everything. The only meat in this noodles are chicken chunks, which I feel is pretty hard to chew and not softer and tender as I would have expected. But the saving grace is the noodles.  I also ordered white coffee and there's a bit of coarse taste to it. I requested for extra milk, and I suspect they used the skimmed milk versus the sweetened milk which I prefer, and which would also offset the coarse taste. But the coffee is strong enough, but not at the level of sweetness I wanted.

Finally the bill! The price on the menu is exactly the same stated in my bill, and what a relief. Like the previous restaurant I reviewed where there's a 10% service tax, this one has none stated in. This is good, because I hate surprises on my bills. Overall I give  ★★★ out of 5.

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