Friday, December 27, 2013

Samsung Customer Service Centre at 4th floor, Plaza Low Yat Review.

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Have you been to a major Samsung unveiling event, say the glittery unveiling of their latest smartphone or watched one online? It's always exciting, funny, dramatic and luxurious with the stage getting ready to announce to the world about their innovative products that promises to change your life. That's the Samsung branding, and it's a great one. How I wish that high feeling is translated into their customer service centres as well. Unfortunately, there leaves to be much desired. I have 2 Samsung products, and they're not cheap - all super high-end. One in particular is my 7.7 inch tablet which I loved and cherished until the internal part, specifically the motherboard got infected with virus. So I have to drag my tight ass to the service centre at Plaza Low Yat located on the 4th floor.

The Charging Station
Let's start with the good things about that service centre before the bad. The location of the service centre is perfect. Right in the city centre and surrounded by all the IT-gadgets retailer. I especially love the charging station. The first time it appeared and I saw it, I could easily place my tablet inside the locker, and plug into the cable to charge. And it charges blazingly fast, mainly because I can just leave it in the locker, lock it with a key I could take away with me and come back later after some window-shopping. Unfortunately, now the keys to some of the lockers are missing! And especially the cables charging tablet devices, some are either not working at all or the key for the locker is missing. Why such poor maintenance? Now, when I leave my tablet for charging, I would stand beside the locker like some street hooker (I must admit that I wear my shorts there) to guard it for I could not lock the case and leave it there anymore at the risk of someone opening it and steal it.

The Frontline
Back to the reason I visited the service centre. So I sent my tablet to be replaced with a new motherboard which costs me a whopping RM600! Wow, that's expensive and with that money I could buy a new 7-inch tablet. But other smaller tablets with that price range doesn't have the call features and of course the Super AMOLED screen, which is actually gorgeous. The good thing about this centre is it really replaces my motherboard quickly, for I can collect it the next day. But the bad is the customer service officers are inept at communicating with their customers. For example, these officers doesn't introduce themselves first and the customer have to give out their information to them like some desperate bitches. One customer service officer in particular babbles non-stop when I enquired just a simple question, which leaves me feeling like I'm their subordinates and they're the pain-in-the-ass boss. (sorry, not letting anyone of you near my ass) The worst one is the one who doesn't know anything at all about the product when I asked. Finally, when the product is repaired, I was left missing a part - the previously infected motherboard! Remember to ask it back, dear customers, because it's yours even if it's infected, you have the right to keep it. Who knows what these customer service officer will do to your infected parts, perhaps even sell it and get money for themselves. Greedy bastards and bitches they may be? Who knows...

The Waiting Area
Next is the ambiance. I love the open spaces the customers can wait. But a lot of the things I see are not actually working! For one, the electric socket at the foot of my waiting area does not charge anything, period. Being a leading mobile Internet gadgets manufacturer, I would have expected there to be free wi-fi Internet. They do have it, but it's just too troublesome to ask for the password. They would give the excuse that the network is infected and does not work properly, and one even worst, shows you the attitude when you enquired him again for the password - this one happens to be a tall guy wearing a jacket who works inside the centre, not the frontline. And of course, you get litters everywhere at the waiting area. Pathetic, worst than a whore house.

The tardiness in responding to emerging problems just mentioned and unkempt service centres can do great damage to the Samsung brand. They must realise that service centres is their real-world human face where customers come to interacts with the actual brand itself. The brand experience therefore needs to match or at least be on par with the one set at their annual mega unveiling event. I worked in the advertising industry before as a copywriter cum brand consultant and knows that words are meaningless if you don't back it up with a strong image. View my portfolio, by clicking here. I'm talking about image with substance and one that functions properly in the real world, not some plastic one-sided piece of cover Samsung uses at the back of their line of cheap smartphones. Below are some pointers I hope would help the customer service personnel and hopefully the whole service centre itself to reach the next level. And these pointers are not to belittle anyone or to be harsh, but real professional advise coming from an awards-recognised Personal Coach like myself and also most importantly as a loyal customer who have given it a lot of thought. Before you read my pointers and figure it's validity, kindly check out my credentials below:
* BMW Film Awards Best Actor
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5 Pointers for Improvement:
1) Show, don't tell. No customer wants to listen to your lecture bullshit and babbling about what's wrong with the product. Show me pictures and visuals, then I remember better. One example, when I enquired about the tablet charger, the customer service personnel just talks about the head, wire and connector of the charging kit, which I have no idea what without him showing me anything! Please show me pictures and brochures, so I know what to purchase. Your words are meaningless and most cases offensive to me.

2) Give back all that I've given you for the repair. Remember how my infected motherboard is kept back quietly by the customer service officer and only returns the tablet that's repaired? Sorry, I want all of my parts back, even the infected one.

3) Introduce yourself first when I sat in front of you. Where's your common decency and common sense? If you don't even tell me your name, don't expect me to smile and tell you what's wrong with my product. I might even throw it at your smug face.

4) Watch your voice tone and content. Best to keep it short, sweet and nice. Star customer like me are very aware of the tone, and if I even detect a tone of authority and superior-than-thou, you can be sure I'll throw my shoe into your mouth.

5) For goodness sake, please maintain! Everything is there, the charging station, the seating space, the miserable internet wi-fi. But please make sure everything works properly. When there's keys missing at the locker, go and replace a new one! Don't just leave open lockers unguarded without keys and some even without electricity supply. If I place my tablet in there for charging and come back to find it missing, be sure you have a brand new tablet for me.

The truth is, expect none of the improvements to show. Samsung really needs a real-life Personal Coach cum Brand Consultant like me (unless they're cheapskate) to be actually there, someone who understands the complexities of human interaction, psychology and of course the branding of the company to show across all platforms, one most particular is the service centre AND whip these customer service personnel into proper shape. Really useless reading my pointers above if you Samsung, don't take action. Next month when I come back again, be sure all that I've listed is done (highly doubtful) ..... or I'll buy Apple just to spite you. ★ out of 5 stars.

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