Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hong Kong Kitchen Review - good set meal but high service tax with no service.

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Just came back from PC Fair, and decides to try the Hong Kong Kitchen at Plaza Low Yat for late lunch. It caught my eye because of the interior is so bright. I love the stone wall and floor tiling. Unfortunate thing is, I dislike the impersonal approach of the waitresses ( all from Myanmar). This one walked and talked so fast, I really have to pay attention. When I asked for the password for the wifi, I have to ask another waitress to reconfirm. The connection is bad and non-existent, so don't waste your time asking for it.

I ordered the black pepper pork chop set which comes with winter melon drink and mushroom soup in a small cup. I like the seemingly fullness of the meal, which I  ould not finish and only take in half of the pork chop. It's quite a hard piece to cut into. I asked for take away, just to see how the packaging of the food would look like, and was disappointed to see it wrap only in styrofoam container and plastic bag.

I noticed the waitresses keep giving me looks, which I pretends not to notice. A lot of times people do that to me, and sometimes when I have the energy, would try to figure out why. But most times I won't for I know they might see me in the media somewhere or maybe I look adorable andd alone. For these waitresses, I think they might want to find a mate to fill their lonely lives, which sorry, I'm not happy with your eye-staring, keep looking please.

The bill comes up higher than expected because this restaurant charges 10% service tax! Yikes, and what service did I get except being ogled at by these desperate waitresses who are good at pretending to act busy but does nothing actually except to stand and stare? The only saving grace is the interior ambience of the restaurant and the food, but it balances itself out with a hefty sercice tax. I'll give ★★ out of 5.