Friday, December 6, 2013

Fuel Shack Review - since when do burgers cost a bomb?

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The end of the year is upon us again. Taking cue from this year, it's important to open our eyes to see what changes around the city, and upon ourselves - physically and mentally. It happens that my tablet charger was in need of replacing and my tablet was infected with virus! So I have to head to Low Yat Plaza and send for repair. At the entrance, I noticed the brand new opening of Fuel Shack. I am no fan of hamburgers, but am a big fan of opening day promotions.

Since when do burgers cost an arm?
I see the cost of the set menu is around RM13-15. I ordered the cheeseburger, which comes with a soft drink and fries. I cannot recall when hamburgers cost so much! Or perhaps I rarely have burgers for dinner or lunch. I recalled this local franchise called Burger Bakar Kaw-kaw which costs a whopping RM25! And this "franchise" open at street walkway, which is really a hindrance to normal pedestrians like me walking home. Why can't this Burger Bakar rent a normal shoplot like everyone else, instead opt to be such cheapskate and save costs by blocking the pedestrian walkway! Geeez....

Rebel that Sells?
Compares to the pedestrian-annoying and overtly over-priced Burger Bakar, definitely I'll opt for Fuel Shack. At least Fuel Shack has a nice restaurant feeling and nice waiters to wait on you. Looking inside the ambience, you can feel the rebellious streak in this pub cum restaurant. I like the writings on the bar counter. I think it's more on personal preference. I am quite rebellious myself, for those in the know, I like breaking all the rules, especially in my Malaysian Idol performance. I say, who cares?

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Waiting for food at Fuel Shack seems comfy enough with its wooden chair and stools. There are plenty of eye candies to keep me entertained, one especially the giant motorbike leaning vertically against the wall. There are also some other pictures, but really the standing bike is meant to pull the crowd outside into the restaurant.

Finally, the food arrived. I loved how high the wooden platter is resting on a pair of clogs like the ones you used to go to the bathroom, those slippers with wooden clogs. Quickly, I head for the fries first. I visualise my stomach as small, so the fries is all I could finish, leaving the main burger for later. I called for more sauce and pepper to spice up my fries.

Since I could not have my burger with my fries at the same time, I have to request for take away. This also gives me a chance to see how the packaging looks like. I like the handle of the paper bag, which has a cardboard clip that keeps the bag shut. Any last words? Well, I might come back again but the burger is extremely greasy. It turns out hard after some time, so that means u have to eat it quick if u fancy your burger hot and soft. Besides, burger is not really my favourite meal.

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