Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas 2013 display - 4 trees, 2 bears, 3 ducks and a compliment.

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Christmas is upon us again, and here's my ultimate review on the best Christmas display from the biggest shopping malls here in KL. If u have any pictures to share of the best Christmas display from your place or country, you can email me to review and feature here in my blog

Huge Tree
All the way from Berjaya Times Square, they are focusing on the tree. And it's a big one. The ceiling is also a decoration to behold when you are coming down at the escalator, the view is very festive.

Quack, quack...
Next we have a display on a more intimate scale. The LV brand of display is always something worth a watch. Somehow it's the simplicity and elegance of how all the elements in the display comes together. The red ribbons and duck figures are the main supporting element. It really tickles a fancy, where if a story were to be created would be the ducks are preparing to wrap a luxurious leather bag as a gift.

Something in the Sky
It's a man! It's a bird!'s a toy soldier. Welcome to Avenue K's first official Christmas display at the concourse area since their new opening this year. I love the parachutes idea and the huge Nutcracker toy soldier. Do they come flying down bearing gifts? All I see are giant balls meant for the Christmas tree. Bummer...

This is another cute display that focus on an essential character. 3 box-like spiders with furry body, looks enticing and a bit devilish naughty.

Plain Auction 
This is not exactly a display, but the area at Plaza Low Yat where an auction is held for the prices of some selected IT gadgets, and the audience are there to bid for the highest prices for it. I was there because of some purchase, and the curator shouted a compliment at me! "There we have a handsome man.." This is due of me brushing the hair off my face, and the curator purposely acknowledged my action as a sign for the bidding! Imagine my embarrassment in the midst of the crowd. Thank God, he knows the difference and were really complimenting me. Auwww, so touched.

My Bear's Fireplace
So we end this article with my the mall that bears the same initials as my name KLCC. The giant teddy bear was adorable (I got ne exactly like this one in my bed) sitting on a giant present. The fireplace feels so American and British, as if here in Malaysia we ever have one, duh. Then you have the giant candles sitting on top of the fireplace, feels something off here, as if my birthday falls on Christmas day. I wish...

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