Monday, December 30, 2013

Best of 2013: Top 10 List for Most-Read articles in my blog. Thank you readers worldwide!

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Why do everywhere people are posting the Best of the Year 2013? Personally for me, this year has seen a dramatic increase of readership to my blog, since posting my Best Actor's Speech. That was the first published article of the year. I want to thank all my readers here for their support, and also haters (you are cherished and equally important too). I only write what moves me, without any agenda or motivation to hurt anyone. If the article garners readers or not, I don't really care, for I write from my heart. Readers, please know that it takes A LOT of effort - mind, heart and energy to actually write these articles besides some soul-searching, hard-hitting research and deep thinking for these articles for the benefit of my readers everywhere. It's also interesting for me to take stock of my worldwide readers' interests by having this first "Best of 2013" list. I don't know whether this annual listing will happen again next year, for anything can happen. So let us all just enjoy and savor the moment we have now. I may not even write anymore, and this may as well be my LAST entry for good.

But as the sole owner of this blog, I am moved, cajoled, disheartened, uplifted, inspired, dejected and sometimes confused by my global readers' choice of most favorite articles. So what do you "little critters" of the cyberspace like most about my blog? Let us begin from the very bottom.

 10. How to Increase Storage Capacity 
Wow, I don't even expect this article to come up in the Top 10 list. I remember writing this at the coffee shop where the wi-fi internet was extremely speedy. That time, I managed to upload a number of pictures real fast and in need of extra storage to keep my files. I learned as I went along for I am no techie, and writing this article helps me to help others just like myself.

9. Photo Exhibit
I do believe my real fans are out there and really rooting for me whenever I hit a success, no matter how small or big. I take this photo exhibit seriously for it was my first foray into the global arena as an artiste.

8The Great Malaysian Tragedy
This was written on the eve of my country's general election, which was also my first time casting my ballot. I felt such a need to look inside my beloved country and how messed up we turned out to be. I am not condemning anyone here, for I believe we are ALL on the same side. But writing this article really makes me realize how much time we have all wasted by not following common sense.

78 Pitfalls to Validate You're a Famous Artiste
What inspired me to write this entry? Partly due to some regret I have in my early pursuits of becoming an artiste in Malaysia. How I wish I was never famous for anything and remain an anonymous folk like everybody else.

6. Instant Coffee Review
I wrote this realizing how much coffee I consume this year, mostly due to the stress of everyday life as a non-Malay artiste in my own country. Coffee does help in perking me up in the day.

5. Skyfall Film Review
Personally I love, love, love the latest version of the James Bond movie. It's really good - so good, that you have to savor each moment. I foresee a new twist to the next installment, with this movie giving so many clues to a potential plot.

4. Angry Bird's Red Might Feathers
This game review is quite interesting for I always support the underdog and Red seems like an underdog, for this bird possess no special powers until when this article was published. The game is also not easy to play.

3Best Actor's Speech
Aaaah, the first article of the year. I truly savor the moment to just let everything out. Malaysian media and film industry does not support English-speaking non-Malay artiste like myself, so this blog is a great medium to reach out to my followers. Not surprise that it reached one of the highest most-read articles of the year.

2. Why Bananas is Artiste's Choice for King of Fruits
It's funny. It's practical. It's real. That's why so many of my fans love it! They may think I am rich, but this article shows you all that I'm just like you, eating bananas during the hard times. Hard times make me see life differently, and all so laughable!

1. Game Review: Temple Run vs. Minion Rush vs Subway Surfers
Finally, the winner of the top most spot. My fans are all ardent gamers it seems. And they're young (or young at heart), full of energy, smart, IT-savvy and love the same things I do!

That's all for now. Have a great 2014 everyone!