Friday, August 2, 2013

KLCC Pre-Hari Raya Month Window Display - Colour Me Little, Hype Up the Black

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Black Rest
The constant repeating theme is Black and White. The understated colour-less atmosphere at most of the window displays at KLCC is enough to give out the message - stay under the radar...I like this display due to the relaxing settee and the all-black ensemble. It says one thing cool without being another thing.

Play Safe
Not much colour I see for this season. Its all your basic casual slacks, jeans and sleeveless. Looks like everyone is playing it safe or attending the wake of a funeral.

Shorts Ahead
Yes, we all know life is short. We've just attended a wake at the display before this. Occasionally, we need to be reminded of that so as not to take life too seriously. As for me, I was way ahead of the notion when I donned my pair of butt-slapping Yellow Shorts in Malaysian Idol that becomes world famous. So go wear your shorts today and not be afraid. Even Gap agrees with me.

Mafia Mistress
Something's not right here. First you have the black hat and sunglasses. Then you put on a black jacket on top of your mini dress. I'm referring to the centre of mannequin. Mafia boss' mistress? Check out the 2 other bodyguard chicks - one with a jeans shorts, and the other with the black skirt! I don't know whether to shout omigosh or shoot them.

Skinny Inn
Finally, the last display to end this season's mournful cheer. Does the colour of the clothes pops out more alive wearing these dark mannequins or are these just plain Africana? Notice the American flag bag. A touch of patriotism for the skinny youths.

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