Friday, August 9, 2013

Instant Coffee Reviews - the cuppa that gets you gonna wanna more than ever.

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Everybody who wakes up early almost always need a cup of coffee to perk them up. Not everybody has a coffee-making or cappuccino machine. But we're living in an instant world, and thank goodness we have instant coffee that comes in packets and sachets. Who has the time nowadays to grind coffee and wait for the time for the coffee beans to roast? Now we only need to cut open a sachet, pour the coffee powder in, mix with some hot water and voila! Due to the need for instant caffeine, an array of instant coffee brands began to spring up everywhere competing for our consumption. To ease you busy workers out there, here are some of the selected brands of instant coffees that deserves my review, and to ease in your purchase decision next time. If you read and find that I need to add milk powder and oats into my cuppa, that means the concentration of the coffee left much to be desired. Personally, I love my coffee strong, thick and rich. All these qualities are certified only when I DON'T need to add milk powder and oats to thicken the content. For more tips as a good consumer, click links below:
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1) Nescafe Gold
The name is so well-known, with celebrity-endorsed all the way. Plus with the word Gold, I say, what the heck, let me give it a try. I must advise the Nestle group to make the packet of the sachet more "finger friendly", for I managed to cut my finger until it bleeds just pouring the powder out! A new lesson: stay away from brands endorsed by local celebrities?

The opened packet can be sharp, so be careful when you pour the powder out, especially when you have the habit of pulling the sachet cover all the way to ensure all the powder inside is out, because along the skin, one tiny edge is cutting. I notice visibly hard granules among the powder. When I tasted the coffee, it's hardly as strong as I would have like it. In the end, I have to mix it with extra milk and oats to give it a slightly more "satisfying" taste. But overall, only 1 ★ out of 5.

2) Alicafe
I purchased this brand because of the Power Root. This ingredient is a high selling point, since tongkat ali is known to be a herb that helps a man's sexual strength. For this brand, your cuppa needs to be small so as to get the taste of the coffee. If you add too much water, the taste of the herb is lost. Do I need to add milk and oats into the mix? Well, it depends - so it's a yes and no.  For that I give it ★★out of 5.

3) Oldtown Coffee
This brand is famous because it has a chain of restaurants and consumer products, mainly the white coffee range: Classic, Hazelnut among others. The flavour has a thick undertones, which suits my palate. The coffee is strong too, which I love without feeling heavy. I can choose to mix it with oats or milk powder, and it would become rich, so usually I won't. I'll give it ★★★ out of 5.

4) Penang White Coffee

If I were to pit this brand against Nescafe Gold, this brand definitely wins in terms of the taste. It's richer and fuller, which is similar to an old Penang coffee shop roasted cuppa. You can smell the aroma rising when I mixed it with hot water. I would definitely consider endorsing this brand if they offer me. ★★★★ stars out of 5.

5) Chek Hup White Coffee King
The most striking thing about this brand is its packaging - bright yellow with big words splashed across. And the content of the coffee powder is more than other brands, hence giving the feeling of value for money. The taste is rich and kow (strong) but with a slight bitter-ish undertaste to it. This is also the first instant coffee brand that makes me want to experiment other brands. ★★★ out of 5.

6) Ah Huat White Coffee
This is quite an old man's brand, seeing the logo. So expect the taste to be quite traditional. No bitterness, but strong beans taste. If you like it rich, then don't add much water when you mix. Still good without any sugary taste, so you won't feel guilty over too much sugar. ★★★ out of 5.

7) Kapal Api
I cannot seem to find this brand at any of the retail supermarkets anymore. But I can tell you it is quite good and thick. I love the taste. When I come to know about this brand, I get a free coffee cup, which is a nice addition for me to mix my coffee into. The taste is strong and rich, with generous portions of coffee powder in a packet. I couldn't show you the packaging, but it's a white colour with pink linings and the logo is on the cup featured in the picture. If you find this brand, buy it. The taste of the coffee is good and rich. And if they offer a free cup, even more worth it. ★★★★ out of 5.