Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Increase the Storage Capacity of your Smart Devices (Android tablet)

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Your smart devices are your whole world when you're single and eligible. My Samsung tab is the only device that receives email from around the world and allows me to make calls too in one device. I have an Ipad too, but that's another story. When you're new to your smart device, it's always exciting, you want to press every button that appears to see what happen - much like a lover or a friend. It's all fun and games until your storage space went out. From that moment on, some applications just hang or stay unresponsive. You have to restart your device, or in some cases send to the service centre. Like my tab's case, when I try to touch on my gallery, it could not open to my files.

1) Delete unwanted apps
There are so many applications in the Play Store. Some are utterly rubbish app. Some apps you only need to use it once. Some apps went live for a moment, then totally disappeared from Play Store. So choose your apps wisely. For me - I love games. As I began to play more games, I begin to be able to discern which game have the better quality compared to others more less quality games - so I would uninstall the less quality games. No unused app is left staying unused in my tab. To delete an app easily and more effectively, you need to be online. Then click to your Play Store, where a list of your installed apps would appear. Then click on the app you want to delete, and a page of the app would appear on the right colum. Click the "Uninstall" button.

2) Get an External SD Card
If you have an Android tablet, most of it have an external SD slot. Use it! Don't leave it untended that hole/slot at the edge of your tablet. If your tab comes with a 16GB space, you can actually get an SD card up to 32GB. But one techie person advised me not to, because it might cause my tablet to hang. So just purchase another SD card of the same storage space as your tablet, and it comes total of 32GB. Sometimes when one purchase a tablet, one gets a bit confused over the mention of the external SD card, so do read carefully and ask the retailer.

3) Transfer all your files to your ExtSD Card
Once you inserted your SD card into the slot, it's time to transfer your files. At first when I want to do this, I thought my tab would automatically transfers itself when it reaches the limit of the storage. Unfortunately no, YOU have to do it yourself! It's very tricky for a non-techie to do all these, speaking from my own experience. But actually it's very easy! Firstly, you just click at the upper right corner of your tablet screen where a square of dots, then a page would appear showing your Apps and Widgets. Search for "My Files" button and click it. A page would appear, on the left colum is listed storage SDCard and ExtSdCard. Yes, there's 2 SD cards. Just click at the SDCard first, and comes a list of all your downloaded apps. Simply tick all the boxes and touch the scissors button meaning to cut all your apps. Then you click your ExtSdCard and simply touch on the colour palette button - meaning to paste all your files in there. Done.

Be forewarned...
But the next step is a bit tricky. You can choose to delete all your files in your SDCard, which I do, for I need the storage. Some people don't, which defeats the purpose of having the external SD card in the first place right? The reason some people don't is because they're afraid the apps would all disappear from the screen, like I do when I first transferred my files. Let me assure you guys, it won't. Your usual app placements are still there. I was relieved to see all the apps are the same as before. Now be forwarned if you're a Temple Run gamer - your scores and coins collected will be gone! But who cares anyway, when I've already played the game using different upgrades like Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee. I've done them all. In fact, I still prefer Guy Dangerous. So don't worry about it. Besides, you can play the game again and try better. It's not a do-or-die competition.

Other apps I've experienced difficulty in using once after I've transfered all my apps is my music and video player/downloader app. My advise, uninstall the app and reinstall the same apps back again, and it all works just fine - phew. All my Angry Birds game apps works just fine with my scores and points still intact, and also to watch my Toons there. This is good news for me, because I really don't want to start back at Level 1 of Angry Birds. Some of their levels are pretty hard to crack! From what I observed, only Temple Run 2 game apps experienced this fluke.

4) Get a Pen Drive and Connection Kit
I was curious to find out whether I can watch movies from other sources using my Tab 7.7. The screen is absolutely gorgeous with eye-popping colours. So I went to Low Yat Plaza, and enquired around. One friend advised me to buy a hard disk. But I don't have that much files to store anyway, why keep one? Besides, it's quite expensive. Then I went to a salesperson and he recommended I use a pendrive and USB connection cable, to buy from him costs like RM190 for the connection kit alone. But when I went to another store, the connection kit only costs like RM10! What a great difference in price! The pendrive with 64GB really costs anything - like RM130. These accessories would prove helpful in the future for my transferring of large files, especially my high pixels modelling pictures and hi-definition movies I've acted in, when I wanted to do some presentation. I simply cannot wait when tablets become bigger and better.

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