Saturday, August 3, 2013

Games Review: Temple Run 2 vs Subway Surfers vs Minion Rush

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Essentially, three of the games mentioned above shared the same format - they run on vertical line of your screen. They're all running games, with very straightforward direction to follow. These games also demands most of your attention, therefore you cannot play these games while doing other things like walking or watching TV. These games are extremely absorbing, therefore your fullest attention is essential. Do not have an itch anywhere in your body for you need BOTH your hands to coordinate the movements. I believe this format of game is a best-seller, with the motion being running. Games are good for you, here's Why Games are Good For You. This review would help those with limited amount of space in their smart devices, seeing that game apps like this could occupy a potentially large amount of space. So which is better? Let's begin the review of the first game.

Minion Rush
The name itself irks me, for I'm sure nobody wants to be called a minion. Minion means being somebody's slave, worker and underdog. But being a movie takeaway of the animation film Despicable Me, the title character is meant to be funny and adorable - for some. Not everybody can become a minion. But my first impression of this game was it's music - which was very cinematic and adrenalin-pounding. I love the creativity of changing from the roller-coasting lab scene into the residential suburbia scene. But one main problem is the navigation of the character Minion while it's running. I cannot seem to make it jump higher than I wanted to when encountering an obstacle, hence often leaving me go crashing into a glass panel, electric wires, a car etc and lose the game. The responsiveness of the player's touch to the action of the Minion's running motion is key in making this game app better. Unfortunately, this game lives up to its name of being despicable because the responsiveness to my touch to maneuver the character is awful and does not meet how I expected it to act with my finger gesture. The final dissatisfaction I have is the constant need to download additional data, which means you need to be online to play this game. That just eats away my data plan and costs me money. The rest is just OK, with the graphics being quite 1-dimensional and not much breath-taking. My rating ★★ out of 5

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Subway Surfers
In comparison, Subway Surfers sensitivity to the player's touch gesture is extremely good. When I want it to jump higher, it does exactly as wanted. The graphics is very real, using my Tab 7.7 amoled screen makes everything looked eye-popping - from Rio De Janeiro to Tokyo cities subway - which makes the whole environment much more colorful and absorbing. I enjoy the character looks very much, he's very cute and always smiling. Especially when he jumps in mid-air, I can see his legs peddling adorably like a little cartoon action. Include that with the international sceneries, I only wish I could jump higher right up to the clouds! Be aware though when jumping from one train to another, for you might not hit the top quite as expected. The music for this game is more fun and excitable pop that makes you want to bounce up and down. My rating ★★★★ out of 5

Temple Run 2
This is the first game I encountered with this type of running format type. I think it's the first game to introduce the running motion game. The second is way much better than the first Temple Run. The graphics are incredibly real, with the character breathing sounds and surprise grunts are especially absorbing. The obstacles are manageable to overcome, say as compared to Minion Run. Simple and relevant obstacles like fire, rock boulders, spinning razors and steep pathways seem to exemplify even more the theme of the game. The music is not over the top like Minion Run, hence it helps my focus on the game without the distraction. The slow thumping of jungle drums and tenor choir chorus is enough already to pull me into the feel of the game which is tension mixed with a sense of adventure. My rating ★★★★ out of 5. For other game apps review, click below:
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