Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why a Chinese person should eat at Chinese restaurants. Save Yourself the Sorrow of trying to be "Multi-Cultural" in Malaysia.

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I wish I could love mamak restaurants. Unfortunately, there's only a few that I like in KL. Only a very select few, 2 shops that I like in fact. The rest? Well, let me recount this awfully bad incident for you. There's one that's situated very strategically right across the LRT station Taman Bahagia. I don't know why I don't see any Chinese food restaurants that is placed nearer to LRT stations, so for convenience sake I have to go to this Mamak shop, which is nearer for I was so hungry. This Mamak restaurant have large spaces, internet connection and giant screen TVs. Sounds nice, but wait...

I don't know why they hire waiters that doesn't know how to be friendly to their customers. There's this one dwarfish, short, plumpish and charcoal skin guy, probably not our local people. He often takes care of the ala-carte section where all the dishes are spread for customers ordering rice. So I sat there and called him "Ah-ne" (means brother), and he pretends not to hear me. Fine. He doesn't want to serve customers who only orders drinks. But he then started acting rude and mumbled some Indian words at me, for speaking to him. Excuse me? A customer calling the waiter to order drinks is rude? Maybe he doesn't think himself a waiter, more like a coordinator, but what's the difference? I am hungry and needs to order. Then I ask the so-called young manager to reconcile the situation but he sided him and said I shouldn't call onto him "rudely". Instead of the waiter adapting to the customer, the customer needs to be adaptable.

This type of waiter expected to be treated like a king. You cannot place your orders to him, if you only order drinks. You have to eat the food there as well too. And he keeps grudges against his customers too. I remembered I request nicely to turn on the ceiling fan where I sat for it was a hot afternoon, and that same waiter said since I didn't order any food, I don't have the right to use the fan. Perfect! With this type of attitude, don't even expect me to come back for the drink. In fact, the teh tarik there costs more than other places. No doubt they have giant screen TVs and internet connections, but it makes customers uncomfortable to have a waiter like that hovering around with his rude ready-to-attack attitude. I think it's because I'm single and Chinese, so an easy prey for these pricks to prey upon. Sorry, I won't pretend to be friendly to you just because you're Indian or Malay. I'm not here to make friends to you, I'm here to order my food and drinks! My very patronage to your restaurant already shows that I'm ready to give you my business, but when you judge me by my order and then talks back at me like I don't exist, that's it.

Then another one I went to in KL, also with good wi-fi connection, located right opposite UO shopping centre at Chow Kit, where you have to turn into a road. There's this fat brown-skinned waiter (probably from Pakistan) who makes the chapati and roti at the front. Nothing against him, except probably his failure to be friendly to customers, who are not like him. I just don't like to order anything from him or even talk to him. All the patrons there are either Pakistani or Bangladeshis. The worst one that I disliked the most is the bossy female cook, from Indonesia who cooks the Malay food. She demanded one time that the drinks be charged extra for adding more sweetened milk to the teh tarik. As if I give fart...I asked for it anyway and the counter never charge me any extra. She's only a staff there. Will these waiters ever learn? I doubt so, but if they want to, below are the points anyone in the service industry must change:
* Calculative on order
* Judgemental on customer's profile: race, religion
* Talk back at customer
* Keep grudges
* Act like the king - the customer must be nice first, then can order

So there you have it. Why a single Chinese person is better off being a patron to Chinese restaurants and coffeeshops. Even though Chinese food coffeeshops and cafes locations are not placed conveniently near the LRT station or bus stops, but remember you as a Chinese is their only customer clientele. Our Malay friends could never give them any business, but they can take business from us - not vice versa. It's not racial. It's economical sense. Take a look around you. There's aren't that many Chinese coffee shops in KL anymore. They're going extinct even sooner, if you don't contribute your business or do something. Save yourself the hypocritical pretense of showing how "multi-cultural" you can be. Nobody cares if you eat Mamak restaurant. Just eat at the place you feel comfortable. As for me - better spend my hard-earned cash at the 2 Mamak restaurants that is nice to me as a customer.

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