Monday, July 8, 2013

Stuff Magazine 9th Annual Party Review - Better Performances, Lower Gifts Giveaways

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Red carpet entrance
This is the second time I got invited for Stuff Magazine annual party held at Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall. As usual, I invited my other friend along. This time, the organisers sort of made us "wait" in line to collect our drink tickets and goodies bag, as compared to last year where it was really easy breezy entrance with not so much checks. The line is divided into VIPs lane and non-VIP. My other friend, of course were thinking we were in the VIP lane, but as it turns out it's really for the organisers and sponsors of the event. The entrance was in red carpet where a photographer was ready to snap pictures.

One emcee only
The stage were slightly bigger compared to last year's venue. Here we get to see the welcoming speech from the editor of the magazine, Eric. This time, we only have one male emcee, as compared to last year's - there were two. I sensed a lack of camaraderie and chemistry between the audience and the emcee. To read about last year's review, click here: Stuff Magazine 8th Anniversary

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Quieter Ambience
As usual, both of us found the centre front seat reserved for us - meaning it was empty and welcoming. It's actually a perfect place to enjoy the coming performances, like where we sat last year. This time around, we entered into a relatively noise-less atmosphere, which is better compared to last year's extremely hi-decibel ear-pounding music. This time, both of us were able to talk to each other without straining our throats.

Finally - finger foods!
 I must compliment the staff and promoters at the Lounge. They really listened to my request and brought us food! Sausages and sandwiches, and 4 bottles of Heineken beers. This is better than last year's. Now, not everyone at the floor get food and it's only our table that received such goodies. Apparently, only VIPs received finger foods.

Mickey Mouse Magic
This year's annual party have some "meat" to its performance part. In the itinerary, there was a mention of a magic show. When a muscular guy first got onto the stage, I thought it was going to be some strip show on stage, but it turns out he's the magician. All the women behind us cheered loudly, only them at first. The magician's (the guy all in black) first trick was arousing the senses of the female participant.

Mind Tricks
His second trick was guessing the correct order of the female participant's taste of each of the different beverages in the cup. Nothing too fantastic, like what I would have expected. But the magician's guess was accurate. Unfortunately, his prop preparation was very poor for the cups and labels aren't sticking to each other properly.

Dust Appear-Disappear!
His last trick was quite interesting. This time, he made 3 vials of colored dusts disappeared in the water. First, he poured them into a bowl of water, then stirred them into a colored liquid. After a second stir, the water finally becomes clear again! The dust "magically" appears from his hands. Again, it's a small scale performance I would nicknamed as Mickey Mouse magic which leaves much room for awe. It's entertaining still, with the magician really trying hard to impress.

Bang Bang Band
The final performance of the night before the lucky draw was this indie band. Their music needs a certain getting used to, where I've finally caught onto their passive-aggressive rock tempo. I must be drunk by then, for I needed the music just to keep me lucid. I remembered getting really chatty and charged up while my friend simply sits there like a stone. He's such a low energy, while I'm so up there. I suspect he must be anticipating with the lucky draws, being materialistic as he is. Last year I got a pair of expensive headphones, so he must be slightly envious.

Goodies Bag
My friend was surprised that I got something from the lucky draw - a Memorex portable speaker, while he got a T-shirt. This must have got him burning with jealousy, for on the way back he wanted to exchange his gift with mine. Last year's prize giveaway was better conducted because of some form of challenge, but this year's challenge was rather ambiguous and hard to determine the winner. Personally for me, I don't feel the winner deserve the HTC One handset. What a waste....oops, must be the drunkard in me talking....If anyone of you guys want to purchase the goodies (it's all brand new), they are: Memorex Portable Speaker, Mini Tote 8 (a small bag to put your lunch boxes and food containers) and Toddygear Premium Wiper (a cloth to wipe the screen of your smart devices). Simply email me: