Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Angry Birds: Red's Mighty Feathers Game Review

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You guys know what a big Angry Birds fan I am. It's always pleasant whenever I receive updates from Rovio, that usually means a new segment is added to my Angry Birds game app. This new segment is called Red's Mighty Feathers. This is a very unique new segment, because unlike the others, Red has now become the only Angry Bird character to receive the main attention. You can also read my Angry Birds Space Review (it receives nearly 10,000 hits). Thank you all for reading!

Weak Bird  No More
This attention is long overdue because in the past, Red seems like the weakest member of the Angry Birds team.The Yellow Bird can speeds forward with great impact. The Green Bird is able to rotate backwards after a tap to hit at great impact, and the Blue Bird is able to split into three to hit the various points of a structure. But Red? It's the only bird without any special abilities when I tap on screen - it's function is very straightforward, just hit on the structure and that is even without a strong impact - poor Red. Maybe it's also why it make Red so angry, for not having special powers compared to the rest of the birds.

Much Deserved Attention
But now with this new segment - Red's Mighty Feathers, it seems the Rovio team finally gave Red it's much deserved recognition. After all, in all its advertising - the Red Bird is featured prominently like the hero, but strange enough in the past, it does not display any special power, until now. The Red's Mighty feathers still needs to be pulled from the elastic band and released. But this this time, the player is able to touch on the point of impact. It's unlike the other segments where you have giant structures to bring down. For this segment, you have the Green Angry Piggies instead, in their vehicles. The Green Piggies objective is to steal the egg in the nest, and Red is there to prevent that from happening. You can understand more the motivation why the Green Piggies wanted to steal the eggs by watching the Angry Birds Toons. Personally, the cartoons left much to be improved upon, except it serves to give some background story to the already world famous Angry Birds game. I specially enjoyed the Green Piggies segments - especially the ugly King - so decadent and yucky!

Tips to Play
Red's Mighty Feathers can be a pretty tough game to play, because you need to predict the target on which part of the Green Piggies vehicle to disable from reaching the egg's nest in addition to knowing which direction to pull the elastic for trajectory. Depending on the screen size of your tablet or smartphone, I cannot seem to enlarge the view to anticipate which Green Piggies vehicle is heading towards the egg nest. It's always a surprise - you get a helicopter or some form of balloon-protected vehicle where Red would bounce off from the target. Watch out for the fan propellers and steel frame, for you won't do much good aiming Red at those. And those Green Piggies are moving fast to approach to steal the eggs, so you need to elastic fast too. The Green Piggies vehicle got some form of plastic suction that's able to pull the eggs away from the nest, even Red is not spared from the wind suction - so beware where you elastic your Red, because Red could be sucked into the plastic cone too. Try to spot the TNT part of the vehicle and hit on it, for it would disabled the whole Green Piggies vehicle in an explosion. So go play and enjoy!