Sunday, July 7, 2013

My last leg in Penang trip, Part 12.

My birthday pie
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July is the month of Hollywood big-budget movies releases and also my birthday. Before I'm off to Pulau Redang for my photoshoot as an exotic island boy role (award-recognised actor can work as model too, you know?) for a calendar - I was on my last leg in my trip to Penang. It was a pleasant meet with old friends after more than 5 years. How time passes by so fast! What have I been doing all that time? Let me recap: main starring in an international Commercial, get recognised as Best Actor and now becoming known in Europe . Wow, have I really done all that? I need some time to catch a breath.

To relax, it's always nice to meet old friends and talk about them (sorry, with them). Things are bound to change about them - a wrinkle there, or a wart to the left temple, or some such thing I may not spot underneath their neat clothing. But surprise, surprise...everyone looks "almost the same." Come on, we all love to talk about people. And in my mind, I was already in full mode of "talking" about them, haha!

But it's all done in the spirit of good, clean fun to relax the mind. I don't want to reveal people's names, so it's best to put a label on them that suits them best at the time of meeting. This gathering was the idea of my married friend, let's call him Mr.Stonato. So it's not my fault that I get the thrill of doing the name-labelling here, for it wasn't my intention of having a meeting with them in the first place. There's always a reason why I put a name on these friends of mine. For my friend who initiated this meeting, stonato means literally stoned or tired. This is due to him being a new father and have to take care of his crying child. Really he looks thinner than the last time I met him, and largely due to his commitment to taking care of his child.

Mr.Stonato was late, so he passed me on to two other of my friends - Mr.Baby Bottom and Mr.Snake. Mr.Snake rightly fits his description because of the way he talks that shares nothing real of himself but aimed his awful jokes onto others (in that case my poor friend Mr. Baby Bottom), but when he wants to do something for his own sake he will pull in the whole group as if the rest of the us already agrees with it. This is probably due to his own self-loathing that keeps getting his own head bigger and bigger. This is verified and validated true even from Mr.Snake himself, because when I told it right to his face, he personally agreed with my acute, sharp description.

Mr. Baby Bottom is in his usual jovial self but he can be deceiving when up to his own tricks. He asked me to join his internet business networking! The real reason for this description is because of his extremely fair skin coupled with those huge cheeks of his that looks exactly like the bottom of my ass. Except it's porcelain white! Very beautiful skin, I suspect he uses those expensive night creams before going to sleep. And it seems to be getting fairer compared to the last time I met him! Must ask him for those brand of cream he uses, not to apply on my face but my tight bottom. Don't you know that the skin of your ass is the most neglected part of your body? If you don't agree with me, so what you going to do? Spank me? You wish...

So we waited at a Western restaurant recommended by Mr.Snake, and ordered all these types of western food. Gosh, I hate eating so much at the eve of the photoshoot. Actually, I hate eating period after all the spots I went earlier for my Penang food binge. Then arrives Mr.Stonato with his new micro family, which was my first time meeting them. I love seeing these changes to my friends, some good, some not so good, but who is perfect anyway? Next to Mr.Stonato is Ms.Cat, which is a curious little being, since the first question I got from her is what I am doing in KL work wise. No courteous warm-up questions like "how is your trip in Penang so far" or a compliment "It's so nice to see you after all this time, what great body you have!"

My friends from secondary school.
First meet after 5 years.
Of course, everybody thinks the life of an artiste is very easy and stress free compares to say a professional like a lawyer or an accountant. But let me assure everyone here, a good working artiste is great at making the impression that everything looks easy and effortless, even though underneath it is all hard work and lots of patience and connecting with the right people. It's a balancing art form only a true artiste can exudes so convincingly. And with Ms.Cat, I believed I succeeded in making that point. Curious little cat....meow...meow....(bring me the dirty broom!). You know what curiosity does to a cat.

I truly enjoyed all of them, for they have refreshed and reinvigorated my artistic life and rekindle the fire of belief to the human race again, well sort of. Oh, I forgot, to be fair, I have to put a label on myself too right, since I've done the same to all of them? The best description for me is Mr.Butter Pecan - because I have grown tanner and my skin smoother. Seems like I'm all ripe for my photoshoot at Pulau Redang!

Part 11 - coming soon...