Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Jury Duty for Local Awards Show

It's always an honor when I am invited to judge any particular awards category. This proves that the party involved respects my judgement and choice in the awarded category. It takes one who've been judged before in the Best Actor  category to be a good and fair judge to others. Everyone have their personal choices. As for me, looks are not everything. The content is more important. For me, the way the story or song is articulated, presented and told by the artiste is questioned and hopefully answered before the story or song ends. Some pieces do, some do not and left a very strange after taste.

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Jury Duty Appointment Letter
My first jury duty was way back when I was a student in TV3 Academy, the pioneering first batch. I was the only non-Malay student to be selected in the panel of judges for the glamorous and distinguished Anugerah Skrin awards show at that time. My looks can look very Malay (due to my chameleon-like ability to reflect the people around me?) so it was easy to blend in with the panel of judges. My manner during the judging process were to have an open mind and learn at the same time. I believed the reason I was selected for the jury duty was due to my language prowess and understanding of what makes a good piece of film, music and TV show. Of course, my choice alone matters not, and involves a general consensus among the other jurors. It can be tiring at times, but for me - I won't usually fight for a particular choice of mine, since art is very subjective - everyone is entitled to their opinion. Winners will only be revealed on the gala night, and jurors are not allowed to make any speculation as to who would win to the media. As always, the winners may not always be the best. So for those nominated, that nomination itself you can consider a winner too, cheer up!