Friday, July 12, 2013

La Fleur - Good Ambience, but Set Lunches need more ooomph.

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On my birthday, I wanted to try something new. At Taman Mayang, I spotted a small restaurant with quite interesting set lunch description on its menu. I needed a wifi connection, so I decided to go in and try out. The restaurant occupies half of the space, where the other half operates as a flowers and goft shop. It may feel small, but tables on the sides are arranged horizontal on one side and vertical the other.

I ordered the omelette rice. The eggs are nicely cooked with some sausage meat and vegetables (no tomatoes). The big surprise came to me when I break the omelette to scoop the rice. It's white rice and not fried like what I've expected. It made feel somewhat "cheated" by this order, for thr main course doesn't give me much satisfaction. The other side orders given is iced tea and clear soup.

So I supposed the only thing to please me would be the ambience of the restaurant. The air conditioning works well and nice for a hot afternoon day. But would I come back again? Probably not, because I got the feeling the description of the food matches not my expectation. I love that they provides electric socket to connect to your laptop or tablet for power supply. And the password for wifi acess is written and placed under the glass of the dining table.