Sunday, July 21, 2013

Here's what happens when you eat too much

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It's more important for single people to celebrate their birthdays than attached couples. A birthday is a form of self reflection of where you are now, and where you're off to next. I truly appreciate all my friends who celebrated my birthday. I have a couple of friends whom became a couple after I reunited both of them. This is my 3rd birthday celebration for this year alone and I always am thankful for the fruits of my labor. I cherished and worked hard for my friendships. So when this couple decided to treat me on a Sunday afternoon, I tried to wake myself up, which I usually would sleep through. Feeling a bit drowsy, I have to stir up my friendly face to meet them.

We went to Secret Recipe, which my friend assumed was my favourite restaurant. Feeling still a bit drowsy, I have to flip through the menu and order. I ordered the Lamb chop for the main course, a Turkey delight cake and iced White Coffee. Usually I won't eat such a hefty meal right after waking up, and my meals will usually be small in proportions. But this is different, and seeing I am here, I want to try the best the menu has to offer.

While we waited for the food to arrive, I tried to connect with the wi-fi and found the connection was extremely poor. So I decided to focus on my these 2 friends of mine who are now a couple for 2 years already. I enjoyed seeing my friends hooking up with each other and supporting each other. The boy is living at the girl's place and paying half the rent, even though the location is much further from his workplace. The boy is going after a job interview Assistant Vice President. At first hearing, I was impressed but the Assistant word lends reality to the actual job.

We talked about my Penang trip and compared lives of our friends. By that time, the food arrived and we begin to eat.The lamb was extremely thick with gravy, and the meat was so tender. My friend quickly quipped in and said the preparation for the lamb took overnite and it's plenty of work to cook the lamb. Listening to her quips, I enjoyed it even more.

Too much food changes the mood and senses of a person. Combine that with a somewhat lack of sleep, and the emotions produced are ones that border between jealousy, restlessness and amour. Observing my friends, the girl's hair are let grown to be long. After their meal, both of them sat back and unintentionally revealed their tummies. Yes, I finally spot some incongruous imperfection of couplehood, where both are gaining weight. Much to my delight to quell the dissatisfaction of love holds eternal.

My mind is lulled by the attention of what to talk about, as to not crossing the line of gossiping. The girl brought up the issue of another couple just like them who recently posted a picture of them eating and wishing Selamat Berpuasa, which landed them in the hot soup of the law. That couple was infamous for posting their sexual escapades on their blog. How the chase for fame resulted in stupidity due to our young people unable to put things in perspective and context. And there's so many of them out there!

Soon, my Turkish delight cake arrived. It was my first time tasting it. The whole of the piece is dark, but when I cut a piece out from the top, it's all chocolate. The base is tougher to cut through using a fork, and need the strength of my fingers to pull the hardened strawberries and nuts underneath.

Soon we were too full to even talk, and my eyes were wondering and caught the girl's hand brushing up the thighs of the boy. An electric of amorous signal was sent, but the boy was quite indifferent. I supposed when I was chattering, my attention weren't spread evenly, this is what happens when one eats too much. It conjures all the feeling of restlessness that needs some balance of restfulness.

After leaving the restaurant, I felt a slowing buildup of energy coming from the food, and my mind were going places. So I travelled to the busiest part of the city to buy some sweet dessert. But upon arrival and scouting through the stalls, none were purchased due to the still fullness of the Turkish delight. The effects of gluttony is intoxicating and edges my attention to a half-dream, half-hopelessness. Quickly, I snapped out of it, knowing all these are pointless urgings from eating too much and renew my hope that better things are yet to come...