Monday, July 22, 2013

Hard headed Fools

Stupid people are everywhere in KL. I was walking to my home, and there's this car speeding right across the road when I'm already at the middle of the road crossing. Then the driver gave a loud continuous honk, just because I managed to cut across the road first. Dissatisfied, the car stopped at the road, where I stopped too and turned and gave a look at the car plate starts with PNE××××. And mind you, this is a residential area! Hard-headed fools are everywhere in KL, but ignorant of their own dangerous ways. You can never rationalise or talk with fools like this. May their cars crash to their own deaths first before causing harm to other innocent walking civilians.

Hopefully, my successful students won't be such hard-headed fools:
Full Attendance
Fashion Students Showcase
Bigger Class
Taking Students on Roadshows
International Students
Student on Magazine Cover
Student Casting Session for Real Jobs
Students Photo Shoot
Students Performing for Event