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The Great Malaysian Tragedy. Are YOU a Tragic Story waiting to Happen? 13 Symptoms that says you are.....a baby! Let the Doctor start the Examination...(open your shirt, please)

Yes, Doctor James. I'm the Great Malaysian Tragedy - 
talent not given work in home country.

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The only "success" our Malaysian education and rigged political system managed to churn out is 3 generations of "babies". The process of producing babies is simple - 1) Reduce the individual self, 2) Enable only a few 3) Accentuate the stereotype. These "babies" can be sub-divided into 3 main groups - the Hooligans (who uses fear, force and threats to get what they want), the Victims  (who are delusional about the world around them and often blames others when things don't go according to their way) and the I-am-above-all (the sort that disconnects and distances themselves away from the reality, thinking it would not affect them, always very happy and positive-minded sort). Because the majority of Malaysians are such babies, their behavior affects the minorities to become one too. In my line of work, I probably meet more than 10 people everyday. Some are work related, meaning meeting potential employers. The funny thing about employers are, a majority of them think that since they're holding the money - it gives them license to be childish. And mind you - it doesn't matter what race you are, the Chinese are just as childish as the Malay and Indian. In fact, the childish behavior is actually very rampant, almost a signature branding value of the Malaysian people. Politicians with money. Parents with money. Friends with money. Almost everyone thinks they have the right to act childish, an attitude used to attract unfortunate artistes like myself out to meet them. But unfortunately for them too, most forget that they are being observed and studied by the BEST ACTOR like me in return. It's like the sinking of the great Titanic ship, and all the safety boats for passengers are taken -leaving the rest of the struggling souls like us fighting against each other for survival until we hit into deep waters and drowned.

Symptoms, Cause and Results
Both legs must pull its own weight - you cannot
have one protected and let the other do all the work.
The country just cannot move forward.
This observation is written with the urgent objective so we can all LEARN, CHANGE and be AWARE on what it is like in our society today that is going backwards and declining to almost to a road of no return, if we don't stop it. It's very serious that we can all treat each other in this manner, and still call ourselves civil, cultured and 1 Malaysia. This is truly UNACCEPTABLE and we all need to wake up to the reality. It is akin to an ugly, delusional monster who refuse to take a mirror to reflect what kind of transformation it has become after decades of denial and delusion. Please bear in mind what I list here are merely symptoms, NOT the cause. The truths are:
1) As long as we have corrupted leaders governing the country, babies will still remain.
2) As long as the major focus of our nation are on culture, race, religion and physical development, we will remain as babies. (this sort of focus would exclude other groups. I'm so sick of reading news that shout about fighting for racial or religious rights are protected so on and forth. Over 88,000 Malaysians migrated out of the country between 2009-2012)
3) As long as greed and fear motivates you, the baby in you stays.
4) As long as we allow politicians to institutionalise and constitutionalise discriminatory laws, policies and practices to protect a particular privileged group, we will have babies. A country cannot walk on one privileged and protected leg and allow the other to come second, let alone run to compete with the rest of the world. Both legs are equally important! The worst is when only one leg pulls the weight, and the other just stood still and let the other leg do the work.
5) As long as we have race and religion-based political parties, we will remain as babies. Fighting for your racial group's rights is selfish, for everybody else is equally rightful too. Aren't we all human, or have we become babies too obsessed with religion, race and chasing your selfish political ambitions?

What makes a Malay poor is the same as what makes a Chinese
or Indian poor.  REJECT politicians who fights for race, religion
or culture, for they are really fighting for their
own selfish gains. NOT yours.
The end results are:
1) Money is not moving around to the average Malaysians, making us stuck in our economic position and getting poorer day by day.
2) People get more emotional inside, not trusting any institution and suspicious of each other resulting in hateful comments , distrust and divide.
3) Crime becomes rampant, for it is an economic issue (not social) caused by corrupted politicians who involves in business and keeping the money only to family (and cronies).
4) Industries become stagnant - The malay supremacists would not admit they are racist. The chinese would not buy anything Malay. The malays would not buy anything from the chinese because of religion (haram). The chinese would not mix with the malays because of how they shout about their protected and privileged stance. Babies create babies.
5) A tragic story is waiting to happen within all of us, regardless of your race, religion, sexuality and status....a guarantee. I have gay friends, and if I divide them, I noticed the Chinese gays are too aggressive until they forget about their youth and the Malay gays, a majority of them are too passive until they waste their youth. The difference is so distinct, of course it may not represent all of them, but it's there. The chinese are such go getters, because they know they don't get things handed down to them, that's why so aggressive. But personally for me, I like neither of them - too aggressive turns me off, too passive turns me off too. There's hardly any middle way with these gays. If you were to dig a bit further, it's a clear evidence that they're divided. I take them as an example, because Chinese gay males are the most tragic - being that they have an inferior complex due to their race, coupled with the non-existent laws to protect or acknowledge their presence. Hence this weakeness becomes a weapon used by the Malay gays to their advantage - sexual and financial wise. Parasites do that too. Too much enabling makes disablement. People become extreme when governed by the lowest common denominator, for the gays - lust. For politicians, ambition. For heads of religious institutions, religion. For the rest of us, money. When the lowest common denominator becomes our obsession, it's very easy for politicians to hide their ambitions by using race, religion and culture as packaging to appeal to the babies.

Life is all about change. When a government instills fear
about change, that government is discouraging life.
The truth is - we are ALL divided
I've personally encountered Malays who would lower their tone of "friendliness " after knowing my race. They would hawk their religious products in Malay restaurants, which I frequented - witnessing how religion is being commercialized. They would often ask me my name and religion first because I have that double-edged luminous presence - looks not too Chinese and brewed with a hint of Malay. The worst sort would boldly turn their heads or shift their attention ever so subtly away after I make the initiative to be friendly in a social setting (I can catch that no matter how subtle). This false pride and racist behavior befalls not only the Malays, but Chinese too. The proud and mighty Chinese "towkay" employers with money and how little they offer in salary to others does not mean granted them the rights to be, well, childish. I was inspired to write this entry because I received many calls for interviews for jobs and discovered a common thread among all these so-called employers. Truly, nothing surprises me anymore, and gladly I can say - I've SEEN them all! And most, if not all, aren't pretty. I know my acting skills are impressive,  but acting skills alone cannot change a backward, baby society. Please, it's also the sort of students I DON'T want in my Artiste Training class! Let's start with the first childish behavior:

Why can't  we be civil and talk things out with each other
like understanding adult human beings?
1) Scream and Shout
I remembered baby-sitting my very rich, so-called Christian godparents' (whom now I already disowned them after knowing their hypocritical ways for more than a decade now. And worst I came to know, they have become Pastors and head of the church! Wow, if simple hypocrites like them could climb the religious ladder, imagine the tonnes of hypocrites that already climbing our country's political ladder) bunch of brats. I used to go to their mansion in PJ every weekend after my college, and now realised their ulterior motive in inviting me to their home - to babysit their screaming and shouting bunch of brats! Imagine the noise. Nothing is free in this world, even if it is self-proclaimed generosity to take in a simple teenager. Now, this type of screaming and shouting behavior isn't confine to children alone, but surprisingly to grown employers, adults and politicians who are in the prime of their adulthood! I can only speak from experience, and most of the "potential employers" who invited me over for interviews are mostly women! And these women are direct, and proudly announced that if "my staff do anything wrong, I would scream and shout at them". As if that would instil fear and respect? The most stupid thing ever said, because primarily these women are in the service industry.

Charlie Brown Malaysian style:
Intentional cruelty to make

 others slip and fall. 
2) Make Generalisations They Don't Understand
"Chinese controls 60% of the economy"
"Malays must be supreme and always protected"
Ever hear that sort of statements? Yes, these are generalisations made by Malaysians everywhere. Generalisations are concocted by people who are too lazy to think. I remember children make generalisations too. But they have their reason. But adults? No, does it mean most Malaysians don't think? Malays should take care of Malays. Chinese should stick with Chinese. I truly understand why there are this groups that stick with their own kind. Like me, I don't even like to mix with my own kind! I think most of them are simply too scary for my taste, and their thinking too linear. From experience, I encountered a Malay man who stole my camera before, and even my wallet - and he looks just so normal. And also mainly because, they're all babies who only mixes with their own kind. But the truth is, it's never easy to mix with other groups of different race because they might not be inclusive to you. They could pretend to be, but in the end, there's no connection due to their own inability to see beyond what they've been conditioned from young by their parents, teachers, friends and religious leaders. There will always be a divide of the mind, because our whole social, political, law and government system upholds this divide. If your surrounding condition supports social divide, you will be racist.

3) Authoritarian
Employers often like to hire those who sounds authoritative. Authoritative figures appear like they do at the expense of putting others down. Remember Steve Jobs who claims the consumers are all dumb? At a personal level, I have friends like that. If you have any of this sort of friend, run away from them! They are just there to suck out your energy to make themselves feel more superior. This type of friend has the greatest insecurity and constantly needs to talk out to cover their weakness. Politicians too use authoritarian stance to make themselves more superior than others, but will this please its audience or simply make us see them as children? Attend any political ceramah, and there you hear the way this type of politicians speak in public, as if they are always right and the whole world owes them a debt. Their harsh, angry and loud tones  becomes "justified" when they use religion, race and culture to con the public into believing them. Do you know that there's no separation of powers between the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary in our country? True evil is a collaborative effort of corrupted men. Authoritarians would usually issue statements like "Don't bite the hand that feeds you!", "Do not let this event repeat again or it would cause chaos" or "Without my support, your party would lose". It'a always geared towards one extreme with Authoritarians. No wonder even babies can act authoritative and become leaders in our country. Authoritarian people are bold to make childish movies to depict only they are the good guys, and the rest are bad.

The I-am-Above-All
4) Wants Attention by Acting Out
I was sitting in a busy, busy Indian Mamak restaurant. Suddenly, I felt a sprinkle of water being splashed right under my arms! And just passed by was this Indian Muslim woman in her veil and baju kurung just finished washing her hands at the basin nearby, waving her hands to rinse off  the wetness at others nearby without a word of apology. Children do that too without knowing. Then in the bus, an extremely old Chinese man sat behind my seat and opened his large Chinese-language newspaper, flipping the pages that brushed my head. And at the bus-stop, this modern-looking Malay woman walked passed by with her giant shopping bags - hitting at everyone's knee  where they were sitting without a conscience, as if everyone owes her the walk way. Where's the polite awareness that you're not alone in this society? No, these "little children" seeks attention through their hurried , busy "lifestyle" that amounts to constant empty activities. Another form of acting out, is worst when done in public places. Imagine you're walking in line down the stairs and suddenly these 2 woman stopped and kissed each other's cheeks and palms, taking their sweet time to say farewell. Hello? People are walking, or are you just trying to show how "cultured" you are? Notice that a majority of these Babies will always want to be in visible or be "the face" and bogart all public-centred positions like the film, TV industry, politics, law and education purveyors like lecturers.

5) Small-minded Physical Calculativeness 
Malaysians are educated from young to think small. Their world is confined only to themselves - what they can get, get, get. No wonder politicians are exactly like that when they're in the office. For babies who worshipped celebrities and local movie stars due to their physical facade. For those who continuously have babies to grow the family, only to discover in the end it's not financially enough to sustain a big family. For those "tow-kay" employers, they only want to get more out from their employees. In the past, I went for an interview for a small position - receptionist. And the tow-kay woman boss was throwing silly, "stressful" scenarios at me, trying to see how I would react and downplay my answers to her silly questions. (or maybe just to see my acting skills in action for free, god-damn-it) Apparently, this small position title is a disguise and excuse for cheapskate salary in exchange for a lot, lot, LOT of responsibilities! Puh-leez....I am not that desperate to fall into your disguise. Of course, being smart as I am, I just agreed to the whole acting. Thank goodness, I have the good looks to cover up my resentment. Deep inside, not interested in the job anymore. I rather die poor and hustling than to work with your kind. Want to make money out from you, yet do not want to spend a dime. Most of them wanted to hire me, but I don't think we'll work well together. Puh-leez, NEXT.

The Ugly Malaysian. Why babies cry?
Because the diapers haven't been changed
for 50 years - it stinks and uncomfortable.
6) No Accountability
I remembered the times I babysat those 2 brats children of my ex-godparents and how they seem to get away from all mischief. Their parents would often act not responsible for their behaviors and put the blame on the Indonesian maid, and worst, sometimes at me. Same thing with certain employers who hired staff and put them in a position that the employers are not responsible but YOU ARE. How about ministers, and heads of governments who practically get away from their responsibilities and laying all the work for their underlings to do? It's the psychotic Asian mentality of master and slave, and until today persists still because our education system does not instill thinking, listening and communication skills that promotes understanding and self-esteem. You cannot blame for this type of mentality because YOU allow it to happen. Instead of learning to be civil, listen and articulate properly in clear communication with each other - most employers prefer to give orders and expect it to be carried out. This mentality stems very early from childhood too, especially Asian parents who would order their children, expecting no questioning from them so then the "reward" or "punishment" will fall. The truth of life is - we are ALL responsible for each other, even when you refuse to take the responsibility. Sooner or later, your irresponsible behavior will catch up with you in one way or the other. If you treat your employees as children, they would certainly behave like one, and in return you will too. People may not say it in front of you bevause you're the one holding the money, but behind they're laughing what a child could behave such a way.

7) I-always-have-to-be-more-Superior
Babies who are pampered too much by their parents, and often being given advantage over everything. This sort would grow up to be Hooligans in the end, because in the real world, the truth is - you don't always get what you want. Hence, this sort of brats would use force, threats, and fear to coerce others according to their will. They cannot stand losing in sports, in getting positions, in the elections, and refuse the reality that things don't always go their way. They would do everything to ensure that they win and remain in power,  using the power/ advantages given by their parents to control all channels - the media, education, religion, culture and race. They are a form of cry babies, demanding to be superior even when they are actually greedy fools who want others to join in their greed, so they can continue to be "superior". They don't play fair and they don't play well with others, except they are extremely great at pretending. Often times, religion and culture will be used as an excuse for their corrupt behavior, and be used for commercial purposes. Or on personal level, friends who pretends to come out with you socially but behind your back are together for some secret affair without your knowledge, so as to make themselves seem more superior than you in their cunning and pretending. But nobody cares of such cunning, because only babies do that and good riddance with them for they'll soon fall from their superiority, if not now, one day very soon for sure. Babies could never have long lasting relationship. A devastating, heart-breaking tragedy is inevitable.

8) Don't Care Attitude
This sort of baby grew up to think they can bypass the rules and regulations. From experience, I've rented a place to this guy. He agreed and signed the tenancy agreement. But after less than a month, he changed his mind and decides to move out - demanding his deposit. But how can you demand your deposit after staying less than a month, and after signing the agreement? He even moved out without returning the keys, or even putting the place back in its proper order and taking stuff that doesn't belong to him. Immediately, I locked the place up using a different lock and key. And did I tell you that this "baby" happens to be an adult already? It's the same sort of babies everywhere, so don't be surprised they could come from the highest office.

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9) Abandon and Insulate from each other
This sort of baby often play the victim card. Because of their limited worldview and knowledge (that centers ONLY on race, religion, culture and money which is actually a form of obsession), they would disconnect themselves from reality. If they see a person got robbed in broad daylight, they would do nothing to stop the robber. I've personally encountered this guy who hangs around the public area and shouted at me suddenly using racial slurs and remarks. I looked at him up and down, not afraid at this Malaysian fool, and went to report his behavior to the security guard. How can our society let this sort of Hooligans to roam around freely, threatening innocent public? Indeed, Malaysia is a third world country, but even countries like Myanmar have the humility and hard-working spirit we couIdn't even match. People choose to ignore and close one eye to these type of free roaming Hooligans is because of the victim-mentality pushed upon them subconsciously by the media, existing social policies and politicians. The public rather just abandon such situation and insulate themselves into the perceived security of their homes or loved ones like boyfriends, girlfriends and even their children because babies prefer to take care of babies bigger than themselves. Instead of standing up, face the fear and report the abuse of human rights, this type of babies insulate themselves to the point of degrading ignorance. Do you think I'll let a racial slur remark went away like that? I reported to the security guard to catch that blady guy (I won't reveal his race). The truth of the matter is - we are all in the same boat, and if you don't stand up to such pathetic Hooligans, you are subconsciously admitting to defeat and victimhood. Babies usually pout, keep an irritated face and abandon each other in the playground when encountered a bully. This sort of pattern continues on even in adults today.

10) Expect freebies (or cry like babies)
The Malaysian education and political system has created a society that encourages everyone to expect freebies. If you sit in public buses or the LRT, you will witness those sad or defeated faces everywhere like there's no point in working hard anymore, because all the good positions and rewards are given to the politcally-connected families. So just be a victim and die, or get all the freebies you could while you're still alive? This is akin to a great tragedy story. Malaysia has all the makings of a great tragic epic story because every Malaysian is in itself just another tragic story waiting to happen. The mentality of what privileges and rights I am born into (or not, so you covet and be jealous), what I can get using that privilege. It's the greatest disillusionment that you are born privileged due to the "bumiputra" status, or my family owns a business so I don't have to work for others, or I know so-and-so. It fuels the illusion that "I won't be affected by all of this political reality and victimhood". But soon, the illusion began to look a bit unreal, and the I-am-above-all persona would turn extreme and becomes a Hooligan to sustain that illusion at the expense of other's humanity rights. I would only give 2 words of advice to all these adult babies, just to save my energy - GROW UP!

The Victim
11) They make a mess of everything!
Babies when they're young have no motor skills. A baby is totally helpless without the parents or guardians, and would certainly make a mess of everything when left alone at the dining table with food. Race, religion, sexuality and culture are very personal individual choice, yet babies do exist in the form of politicians in the government due to their extreme ignorance that make an issue out of everything. Issues like the religion, gays, alcohol, sex and even wearing skimpy clothing can be turned into dirty things. Suspicions are raised against other races so as to make the babies remain stuck within their own groups, stuck in their mentality, stuck in their ways so as to avoid progress and expansion of their minds. The most successful movies are actually with theme of Hooliganism (gangster and mat-rempit) in the local box-office are geared specifically to babies. For the Victims, local movies that offer escapism in the forms of romantic love stories and ridiculous comedies. Finally for the I-am-above-all, movies with dramatic and propagandic theme disguised as historical and period movies are created to appease to their superior "high tastes". These local movies continue to reaffirm the babies' delusion that it is alright for them to continue the way they are being a racist and supremacist, so long as they stay away from the "dirty things" in the name of race, religion, culture. Now even these have become dirty words, where in fact it were supposed to be personal and beautiful. Babies do make a mess of everything! And they do it so proudly, like a baby.

12) Don't Know What to do
Babies would not know what to do because they are still young and do not realise that they have a CHOICE. Adult babies who say they do not know what to do are basically lackadaisical and lazy, and you can witness such attitude when you ask a pedestrian which direction to take or an officer in the employment or government agency when the employer cheats its employee or to report a corruption or being detained for false accusations. They simply don't know what to do! They would simply pass you to another person on the line, and that person would pass you to the next and so on. The truth is no one is willing to take action, trapped in their fear and own self greed. This opens up to evil forces to come in and influence these babies into becoming Hooligans. Until the shit hits the fan, then these Babies would start to take action. Or start to place the blame on others. By then, the whole country is already full of Babies. If the Teo Beng Hock tragedy is turned into a movie, I'll be sure to asked to play the lead.

13) They get Emotional
Politicians often uses emotion triggers (like race, religion, culture or the past - like how good was the good old days sort of pathetic sentimental nostalgia) to shoot at its people. If you don't notice already, almost everyone in Malaysia gets emotional , sentimental or taboo over something. If I have a boss who throws at me with her emotion triggers, of course I would get emotional. Some would act out, without thinking. It seems like the whole distorted history of Malaysia is trumpeted using emotion triggers to illicit people to the politician's cause. Emotions are draining and misleading. If a country is like a tablet or smartphone, the battery would run out before even the day's end because the battery is already too drained by its emotion! That's what happen if the whole country and its leaders are emotional instead of using its head. Instead of harping on race, religion, distorted history or blaming others about the past (it's another form of making generalisations), why don't our leaders use their heads and look to the future? When you blame others by using emotion triggers, you yourself gets emotionally drained (and worst, cancer and die deservingly so - hopefully fast and quick), for sure there is no future left. According to Schroeder's theory, if you put 2 fighters on the ring, you are actually having ONE entity reacting to itself, not two per se. This is because one cause will lead to an effect, and it's happening within that ONE entity, not separately! So when the Malays are conned into believing that the Chinese are the enemies (via propaganda movies disguised as "historically accurate"), they are actually being made to fight at themselves. It's a shame that such a propaganda movie is even made and financed reported over 4 million ringgit by politicians, for one is enough to discredit the whole local film industry and its awards shows for years to come. I am so ashamed to have acted in that director's past historic film before, and I can assure you she's a baby. So you see already that emotions are draining, and not productive. Politicians need to wisen up and not use emotion triggers, for only babies get emotional and cry. And demand, and accuse others wrongly with no shame and apology. It's called politics of hate. Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. It's so pointless because it achieves nothing and heads toward only one sure end - tragedy.

Always remember - when a government demeans or glorifies the superficial factors on a person, the individual quality is inevitably lost - opening up influences for corruption, greed and racism that thrives under the disguises of culture, race and development.  - KRIS LAW

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The Best Actor Speech You Never Get to Watch on National TV (Exclusive). Begin the New Year with a Silent Prayer. Part 1

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Now you can start reading from Part 1 here all through Part 12. Happy reading!

A Once-in-a-lifetime Way to End and Begin the Year
Hope comes in many forms, especially in desperate times like ours. Desperate times resulted in desperate people. Let's be honest, especially for actors like my profile who couldn't make a living in his own home country due to the conflicting policies guiding our local film industry which is strictly regulated by greedy, narrow-minded politicians (whoever said average Malaysian Chinese controls 60% of the country's economy is a damn fool. In person, I'm often being asked what race I am, and most think that I am Malay. In Malaysia, hardly anyone could tell me apart either Malay or Chinese. Important disclaimer: this article does not support any political party, but serve as a caution against all politicians in general. Politicians controls the economy, not us.) Learning, excelling and loving my country's spoken and written language (Bahasa Melayu) from national schools since a young boy, yet not being hired for any substantial work in the film industry that uses that language, read my views at The Malaysian Insider interview. If you think that's bad, even English speaking roles are non-existent for my type of profile, hence diminishing any types of work for sustainable living. It made me angry, betrayed and hopeless to the point of despondency.

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There were many times when I have to be on very strict budget, having only one meal per day and worrying till mind exhaustion when the money will come in. This is the life of an artiste, but to me, it's also a GLORIOUS life! Glorious because I now realise how strong I can be despite everything is against me, a total opposite of what the naysayers assumed. It also made me more focus and ever more determined to expect the light of day to break away this darkness that engulfs me all my life. Hope indeed do come in the form of an award. To the desperate masses - a talented actor  to give them voice through a great brand. Great brands last forever, not mere mortal actors like me. But when a great brand and the best actor are combined in an awards such as the prestigious BMW Shorties - the result is truly extraordinary.
For my past pro-bono achievements (because it's mostly non-paid, except one), kindly click ACHIEVEMENTS

I pray for all Malaysians to be strong
against evil and not let greed for short-term
gains to distract them from the truth.
I pray silently to God everyday for God would appear to me when I am most desperate. Psychologists agree that all great leaders and actors suffer some form of tragedy early in their lives. Mine was when I lost my father to a tragic car accident when I was 3. That's why I am a person who never rests on his laurels. Also there's so much that makes me desperate everyday. I cannot sleep at peace at night. Time is our greatest, silent enemy. I pray because the year has already ended, and where is the industry that was once promised? I pray for better screenwriters and more daring film directors who would dare break the mould of convention, limiting conventions that were forced upon them by self-serving politicians. I pray for more quality acting work. I pray for the world to be borderless once again, so actors can move freely from one country to another for work. I pray for more of my type of profile to be featured more prominently and depicted fairly in all media so that the Chinese community is not perceived narrowly. I pray for corruption to not restrict my trajectory in achieving my fullest potential as an Actor. I pray that directors and film producers to not go for the tall, handsome physique in portraying the main hero, for it gives a false message to young people. Real heroes come in all shapes, forms and backgrounds. Finally, I pray that all Malaysians will STOP giving the control of their lives to politicians and always acting like the helpless victim, but instead be strong against evil, the blame or false labels bestowed upon them and the greed that is impoverishing the rest of us. (read Part 3: "How to be Strong")

Part 2 to be continued below...