Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Stuff Magazine 8th Anniversary Party at Stage, Avenue K - the only VIP event I attended where I have to volunteer to win a nice prize on stage.

I'm the one with jeans
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As I attend more and more VIP-invited events, I began to see that in Malaysia, there's really no distinction between first and second rate celebrities. All celebrities in Malaysia are the same in almost every way, be it their talent (or lack of). But there is a clear distinction between a rich and piss poor celebrity, for example like myself. I'm definitely not pulling in the big bucks like some of my Malay friends, so every time I'm invited to a VIP event like the recent Stuff magazine 8th anniversary, I'm just thankful. At least some of the magazine organisers recognise the uniqueness of my name, no matter how small it may be in our little local industry. But it also attracts other kinds of attention as well. The other attention I meant is from your colleagues, and this one came on to me at the event quite agressively.

Students Get All the Perks
Having 2 invites, I decided to pull in a close friend to join, but the event was held on a Friday, and my friend was working until very late. So I decided to pull in an ex-student of mine (see what nice perks you would get when you become my student in Artiste Training Course) to replace my absent friend. The venue was at Stage. The name of the club sound very easy to remember, being a stage actor before, it held a very distinctive ring to my sharp and beautifully-shaped ears. The neon lights on the club's name has a very Las Vegas feel to it, with its casino and performers posters lined up at the entrance of the club.

Not so Goodie
I was there on time, and find that there was some confusion at the VIP registration counter. As usual, after getting my goodie bag, I opened and was disappointed that it consisted only the magazine and a promotional pack plastic cleaner. I was surprised that the content won the cheap side, since the early advertising boasted quite a grand anniversary celebration like a lucky draw for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch 2. As usual, lucky draws are not for me, since it's usually luckier for others, which means I have to participate quite eagerly for other prizes, if there were any. So my student arrived, and we went into the club.

Cold Inside
I was right about the atmosphere of the club, it has 2 floors with steel handles all over the stage and the only stair leading to the upper floor. This was the first time I entered the club, mind you. Before we enter, 2 bouncers stamped a mark on our hands. We took our seats at the front row, right in front of the stage. Immediately, both of us felt very cold due to the air conditioning, which is a good thing, But my poor student, being in his skinny frame, was stuttering with chills. We joked about asking one of the bouncer for his coat, as if he's going to lend it to him. We also noticed how sexy the girls were dressed in when they walked passed us, and I pattered on my student to hang in there with the cold, seeing the girls are better at adapting this Icelandic condition better than him in their skimpy clothing.

Loud and Bright
Finally, the show started with an extremely loud call from the male host, Jerry. My ears almost exploded from the extremely loud call to enter the club. My student who went to the toilet also commented how loud the call was. The first round of the prize-giving was announced, and I quickly volunteered to participate in the guess and win round. There was another lady in her glowing sweat pants and bright green work-out T-shirt, and another man who dressed like he just finished his work at the office. I couldn't observe the other 2 participants correctly because the lights shining on the stage was so bright! All I could do was just blinking my eyes left and right and not look too funny to the crowd, since there are photographers around snapping at us.

Lovely Ears
When it comes to my turn and I have to pick a number, I looked at my student and he gestured me to pick number 1, which I did. What joy! I got to win a Chambers headphone by RZA! Before I could win it, I have to complete an easy task. The female host, Bridget showed me the paper, and I got the instruction - I have to pick someone in the crowd who wears a black top or dress. I have to walk down from the stage and did some searching  since the lights on the stage were blindingly bright! I practically turned both my fists into a binocular-shape to scan who is wearing black. The host announced I have a limited amount of time, and I quickly ran down and picked a white guy wearing a black shirt, pulled him up on the stage. The male host was very specific about the description of the game, but it was pointless because the way the instruction was written is faulty. And I got my prize.

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I felt bad for my student that he didn't get anything, and encouraged him to be more participating in the next round of prize-giving. From the way I see it, the crowds went wild in the second round, because from the first round, I got such a delicious prize, and it got everyone excited and desire to win like me. Of course, we haven't come to the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Tab prize yet, but still, everyone wants something, anything! Luckily for me, I could just sit back and give other people their turn. I don't like to clamor and steal other people's opportunity to win. This time I would just observe and see others win. There was this Best Dress competition, and again I encouraged my student to embolden himself to walk up the stage and declare himself one of the best dressed, but he dare not. I supposed it must be the noisy and crowded atmosphere in the club, which could make one disoriented and dumbfounded. 

Close Encounter
In all this disorientation, one needs to have a company by the side. I noticed there were one or two person in the club who came alone, it's very hard because you'll feel so left out. I would try to be cordial and smile to others who are alone, of course we couldn't talk, for the music was extremely loud! Just a smile and the blink of an eye to acknowledge their presence. When my student went to the toilet (again) and I was alone at the table, one actor friend of mine suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of me with 2 bottles of beer. Of course he's much older than me, and he was the former winner of a women's magazine most eligible bachelor. I was surprised by his presence, for he sort of hit the bottle at the table in front of me! I wonder why this "agressive" behavior, as it turns out he wanted me to get out from the chair and walked towards him. I did it, for fear what he might do next, but we just held each other closed and he whispered something into my ear, which I found it extremely hard to comprehend due to the loud music. I could make out certain words, but they sounded too controversial to write here. I quickly patted him on the back for the last film he acted in and congratulated him. As we were holding each other close, my student just came back and sat on his stool. Then, my actor friend left me.

Casual Exchange
I have a strange suspicion that this actor friend of mine was waiting for the right moment to approach me right at the time when my student left me alone to go to the toilet. Of course this was a meaningless approach, for you can hardly hear a word anybody is saying. The white guy whom I pulled up to the stage to win my prize was standing at the table next to ours, and he passed me his card, which I also did the same. I feel exchanging card is a far more better approach than actually talking in a place like this. My student and myself had so much fun talking, but even that at very very close ear range - for most of the time I was lost at his words.

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Fact Check
We both noticed the male host did a glaring mistake when commenting on John Woo with directing the movie Brokeback Mountain. We both noticed how robotic at times the female host was commenting on the sponsors' products line while looking beautifully slim, no doubt, but still. And we were both at the front row! So naturally we get to spot the mistakes. But it was all fun to do so. Hey, nobody's perfect. But if you were on the stage, then perfection is your duty. Another thing I noticed is the absence of food. The event only serve alcoholic drinks. There was a fashion show, and we both agreed the models could be a little bit taller. 

At the end of the event, I clutched my prize extra tight for I've always wanted a nice headphones, and this time I got it! Not everyone at the event get a prize, only a select few. When the main prize of the lucky draw was on, the first 2  names announced was unanswered. I was appalled by such callousness, whoever that 2 person may be, they are missing out on quite an expensive prize (mine was perhaps the second most expensive). But perhaps they might find a better alternative already. After the event, my student and myself went to the mamak shop opposite to have our supper and we had a good talk about the event. Of course, he was curious of my headphone prize, and said that it only cost like RM80. But when I turned the pages of the Stuff Magazine, it turns out the price of the headphones was well over RM800! That's even more expensive than a pair of Dr.Dre Beats headphones! I couldn't take another breath....I remembered the photographer snapped a few pictures of me looking "breathless" with the editor of the magazine Nigel Yap. I made it a point to look "breathless" so hopefully my picture won't come out in the next issue of the magazine.

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