Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thankful that I can twist, turn and use my body in creative ways. Wait till you get a sharp pain in your arse then you'll know.

See how my students and myself pose
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Only now could I muster the strength to write this blog entry. The past few days I was in pain. To be more specific, pain from my buttocks! Seriously, you may laugh at my misfortune. But to me, the pain I felt actually inspires me to write this entry. You know, I couldn't sit up without feeling the pain. Through the pain, I now realized how much I bend my upper and lower bodies just to do simple house chores. I have to bend down to pick up the garbage. Bend up straight to lift myself from the bed to get to the toilet in the middle of the night. Even the simplest stroll took a toll, for it causes me pain. Whenever at the restaurant for a meal, and the cook was burning pepper that could set off potential sneezes, I have to prepare myself for the pain to shoot up the instant I blow my nose. Somehow, I have to control myself from opening my mouth and "ah-choo".

Old before your time
I felt like an old man. I have new sympathies for old folks, some of them with their painful joints. Imagine what they have to go through just to wake up and get to the door - it's a physical challenge! No, no, from now on, I want to be thankful that I can walk from here to there, breathe easily and do simple tasks like cleaning my house. I'm thankful already. Many people would find me to be ridiculous to think this way. Of course, I am one of the kind, and nobody can be like me. The negative social stigma from the public whenever a person is in pain is what's worst. When I explained to my gay friends about my pain, some of them would make jokes about my sex life. When I mentioned to my straight friends, most of them would tease me of the awkward way I walked. Even the Indian barber I went to recently to have my haircut complained. He curtly accused me for his own incompetence, since the way I sat on the stool is like I have something in my arse, making me tilt on the sideways on the stool. It's the pain, I told him earlier and still he blamed it on me for the disproportionate haircut at my sides. In my heart, I prayed one day they would all suffered the same predicament as I do, and we'll see who would have the last laugh.

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The spot where my butt collides with Earth
It won't happen to me
The thing is, people don't see themselves as susceptible to physical harm at even the safest of places. Most of these jerks think it won't happen to them, it's always the other person who would endure such a situation. I remembered the day it happened to me. The past week has been extremely hot, and if you recalled, there was this peculiar evening when it suddenly rained heavily! I didn't bring my umbrella that day, and quicken my paces to my home by using the shortcut under the balcony of the pouring water - draining out from the roofs. At that exact spot, my feet suddenly slipped from the floor! In the middle of my slipping, I still recalled my fancy thoughts that the fall won't hurt much since I've lost enough weight recently and my small frame of body won't impact much when I hit the ground. But I forgot I was carrying my bag on my right shoulder and my water bottle on my left - the weight of it just pulled me down harder (and faster) onto the cement flooring, hitting squarely on my wet and bare sphincter area of my butt - a double whammy. When it hits, the pain shot right up through my wet soaking body like a lightbulb came alight from the switch. Painfully, I picked myself up and quickly entered the house.

All tricks and poses
This incident forces me to think differently. Now, I am the "Prime Minister" of this body country of mine that only I could have. So no matter what, I have to take good care of it, nurture it, wash it and exercise. But when a constant sharp pain is in my buttocks and disrupting my day-to-day activities, my first instinct is to just let nature takes its course and let it heal by itself. Unfortunately, this does not prove to be effective. So I tried to massage that painful part with both of my legs up against the wall and my back on the bed, literally massaging the painful part with oil. I have to close the door while doing it for it looks too tantalizing for my housemate to come upon. Rubbing the hurting part the first time was really nerve-wrecking. It was so hard to spot the painful part because pain was everywhere! The first night of the incident, my whole body automatically shuts down, and I went to bed hazily with the throbbing pain at the center where I always sit.

My hands are not talking to my head
The next day, the pain still sleeps next to me. I decided to go for a swim, knowing that some exercise would do some good in reducing the pain. Indeed, it does! Exercise like swimming, promotes intense blood circulation throughout my muscular body. Then I come to think about this situation in our country. Street protests is a pain in the ass. We can apply medicine on the pain like ordering the police squad or fire tear gases to curb or stop the demonstrations. But does it work? The pain still exists. The situation is our country only allows certain groups to be the head or the arms. But what if my buttocks want to be the head? No, the hands would not allow it. My bottom would get a good spanking. Unfortunately this is what happening. When there's a pain, like in my case, strong medicine might not work and expensive even, seeing that now I'm in such a piss poor condition. The medicine could even cause an opposite reaction. The simplest solution is to exercise - all natural and safe. The blood have to circulate throughout the body, by blood, I mean fair financial practices by everyone. No money laundering, discounts for certain groups, employers cheating or reducing wages of the common working folks. The blood have to flow easily and the cells, representing the people, can go freely wherever they want. It is only when certain cells want to stay put in one place, and absolutely refusing to give up that place - that's when it grows and becomes cancerous.

Extremist, aren't you?
There's something about swimming that spreads the momentum through the whole body evenly. So when you swing your arm or wave your leg in the water, the impact is not focused merely on one part of your muscle, but ripples throughout. I believe pain in the body happens when one is an extremist. Extremists are people who focuses intently on one or two things the whole time. They would not allow the hand to become the head, or in my case the buttocks to become the brain. So it's all very extremists in our society today. The ambitious, hardworking, do or die as if tomorrow better days would come. There's really no balance of thought and actions anymore. Extremists generally want others to conform and be like them. They would grab anything they could in a desperate manner, with a tight control on their money. But extremists too have their place in this world. The way I see it, extremists are far better off becoming actors on screen and not in real life.

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