Monday, June 18, 2012

A question on Quality - does it matter to you? Increase Your Quality of Life with Artiste Training Course. 5 points to consider before you become too happy.

Lovely wall stickers in the washroom area
If only we were all birds, our quality of life
can never be questioned.
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Recently, I read in the newspapers our quality of life has increased! What joy. But unfortunately, as I read further into the article, I found out that the definition of quality of life is based on the increase subscription of internet and telephone services, vehicle ownership and low-cost housing ownership to the low-income group. Personally, I find these indicators to be seriously flawed, and utterly stupid. Is my quality of life determined by the stuff I owned? Read the findings again and you'll notice how much emphasis is on the physical material aspect gained as opposed to the more basic rights of human freedom. One conclusion I could draw from the news article is that we're all actually in bad debt considering how much materials we need to acquire in order to sustain that sort of "quality of life".

Help, this quality of air sucks.
Quality of life this is not.
You'll be pleasantly surprised (and relief) that in my Artiste Training Course, I can help you achieve the quality of life not determined by your material possessions. It's seriously demented how the mainstream media is espousing the increase in material gain as some form of quality of life, even the claims are supported by some government official. Do we all need to stop for a moment and evaluate ourselves? As my birthday is looming before me, I find getting presents less and less important. The quality of my birthday rests not on the gift itself, but rather the person who is giving it to me, or more importantly how I treat myself.

So what is the meaning of Quality of Life? Well, I've gathered some thoughts, and they're really obvious, it's just most of us failed to see it. Our material-chasing mentality sort of blinded our perception on these basic, and extremely important points in gaining the quality of life. First things first, quality of life is NOT achieved from getting married, or having children or getting more money. For some people it may be the case, but how many divorce cases, single parent raising a child type of "family" we have? No, no. I believe for me, the FIRST most important facet of a great quality of life is free from debts.

Beggars and old folks amidst new structures.
Our focus is more on infrastructure
than true quality.
Quality of Life 1: Free from Debts
Isn't that obvious? Being free from debts should be the main concern for everyone. It shouldn't be the motivation for you to work. I used to be like that, work just to earn money, so I can pay off the purchase I've made using the monthly installment plan. But seriously, once you've completed the installment plan, there seems to be another thing you wanted to buy - material stuff, mind you, not intangible product like knowledge or coaching services, which would do you far, far more good. In my Artiste Training Course, I would depart a masterplan in making your life free from chasing after material satisfaction and focus more on getting the life you truly want.

Quality of Life 2: Doing what Matters
The second most important point for me in pursuing the great quality of life is to be able to make a living from the doing the work I love. On a personal level, I wanted to become a full-time actor in Malaysia, but unfortunately I can't because my racial profile does not match my linguistic ability. The assumption being a Chinese, you should only act in Chinese dramas - which I can't, for I'm more fluent in BM, thanks to years of being in a national school curriculum. A sub-aspect of this point is fair wages. I cannot put myself through all the trouble for peanut pay, and I'm not just talking about the entertainment industry. It's everywhere you read at the job ads, the reason being there's a job ad in the first place is the person being hired before you had left because of the poor pay or the workload isn't being fairly compensated through the payment. The other sub-point is fair representation for everyone. The reason why we failed this is because we allow ourselves to be compartmentalised to certain groups. I've always wanted to be a receptionist, but I can't because I'm a guy. See what I mean? It's not the right environment where we can do the best we can, excel and do it again.

Good Boy Turned Bad. If I behave this way, 
does it mean I'm bad?
Quality of Life 3: Freedom of Expression
The definition of who we are is dictated by the media, our religion, our traditions or other political parties in the government. Strip all that away and who are you? This brings me to the third point - freedom of expression. There are too many restrictions of what we do. You can slap the "culture" label on these restrictions and rules. But we're not all wild crazy animals here. There's a form of duality in all of us - the person we truly are when we are by ourselves and the person we behaves when we are among other people. So I took on a stroll, and the quality of air is simply horrible. Talk about quality of life is up with a big question mark over my head. I began to see how disparaging our own thoughts are in tandem with the actual world outside. It's like how parents see their children when they grow up and become whom they might become, only to turn out otherwise.

Quality of Life 4: Ability to Fulfill Your Fullest Potential
It's actually very simple to fulfill your potential. The unfortunate situation is our environment has too many distractions that makes most of us don't know where our real potential lies. There are rules to follow, another distraction. There are the people we need to respect, another distraction. And the biggest distraction of all is we all need money, hence our work. Most of life's distractions make most of us stressed out, confused and angry. Add to the fact that at the end of the day, we're all exhausted and tired, and most of us just want to be lazy. So don't complain about work or your life, because that's exactly your choice! You refuse to take the time and coaching lessons from a professional to help you. You get exactly what you deserved.

An example of thrive versus survive
demonstrated in my class
Quality of Life 5: Thrive versus Survive
As an employer, head of government ministry, manager, parent and teacher - it's imperative that you hold the power to create the best environment for your subordinates, employees, children and students to thrive. Pay is a part of other factors involved in the mix to create the best environment for thrive. When people are thriving in whatever they do, they definitely wants to do it more and better each time. As opposed to just merely surviving, most people would get turned off and become lazy. As an experienced Communications Coach, I've seen this happened often, and put it in a larger picture, society as a whole needs an environment where everybody, regardless their race, religion and status can thrive equally. Quality of life demands it. Without an ideal environment for everyone to thrive, and only for mere surviving, a lot of resentment would occur. In my Artiste Training and Communications Course, the environment I create would always exemplifies this point.

Is this the way you perceive the world?
Your Perception Counts
It's all about the perception. I think the real political fight or dilemma we are facing is not between the Malays and the Chinese, or the Indians with the Chinese. If you really think about it, it's between those with money and those without, the young versus the old. I came upon so many nice Malay friends, who are courteous and unfortunately I've been also equally cheated by as many Chinese employers and even relatives. So it's not about the race, and don't believe when any politician drum up the race issue. It's silly and myopic. In fact, I gather Malaysians are simply afraid of mixing and working with others, for fear of being stereotyped or labelled. They wouldn't dare to be themselves simply because our environment is not one that encourages individuality, thinking and freedom of expression. If this type of caged-in environment continues to persist, so how can progress, innovation, fairness and justice prevails? Instead, most of us are mired in our own delusions of quality standards, thinking we are better than before, thinking that we deserve the best but not bringing out the best in ourselves first.

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Blame Your Environment? 
The environment dictates the social interaction of people from different groups. Unfortunately, the environment doesn't seem to be up on par with the so-called "quality of life" it's been hyped up to be in the media. I blame it on the environment, NOT the government per se. Blaming it on government is easy, because it's the country's largest organisation. We need to understand that the government works in a collective way. It's not the whole 100% we want to blame, we should be more specific and take some responsibilities too. To start real change, it always begin with ourselves - YOU. I blame it on the fallacy of our own limited perception of the true picture  about our actual world. We simply ignore the bad apples and constantly hoping good apples will fall. It won't and never will! Our culture is more tribal than unified. We forgot that we are never really separated by race, religion and status - we are just clawing at each other in the same cage. One reaction will affect the next person and it continues to spiral downward our quality of life. It's a collective consciousness that anchors on the dominant force. But always remember, one small change in thought is all it takes to bring the next dominant shift, and hopefully a better perspective to take positive actions, right here, right now. What are you waiting for?

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