Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My 5 Birthday Wish List - Told You and It'll Never Happen? Let's test this theory and see if it'll come true.

This wrist watch ain't working no more

Other alternative birthday gift ideas I might want are Dr Dre Beats earphones, a nice pair of sneakers, or a month membership to a gym.

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People says once you tell others about your birthday wish, it won't come true. So I'm entering this entry to test this theory. As my birthday is coming soon, preparations have to be made to invite my friends, order the food, the utensils, even the entertainment bit as well. But as I scuttled here and there, my mind won't let me rest. Some friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and it stopped me a moment to ponder. So below are the list of 5 things I want for my birthday, and since informing my readers here I ain't expecting to get any of it:

1) A wrist watch
Every morning I'm greeted by the Azan prayer call from the mosque nearby. It's nice to hear someone chanting in Arabic, but too much of it can be disorienting. It also serves as a wake-up call for me, since not having a wrist watch for some years now. I cannot open my tablet just to see the time, it would be just too cumbersome to wake up and switch on my tablet. The Azan morning call is a natural savior - for I'll never be disappointed of its presence. But I still miss a nice wrist watch. The last one I owned was a K-Swiss watch, but the mechanics in the watch stopped, for good. I've sent it to the repair office at Changkat Raja Chulan before and yet it still stopped. This costs me money. Better use the money to buy a new one, right? Or maybe one of my friends would bought me one - the most expensive one ok?

This handphone still surviving
2) Smartphone
My tired old Sony Ericsson Cybershot handphone is with me for nearly more than 4 years now. I remembered when I first bought it at Sony KLCC, the price was close to a thousand ringgit. Now with that same amount, I could get a pretty decent smartphone. But after checking out the marketplace, I find most smartphones are similar in its functions. The other more realistic point is I seldom make calls to people - unless it is urgent. Most of the time, my tablet prove to be better suited for Internet surfing already, so it feels kind of wasting money on smartphones. Besides, smartphones aren't that very smart to begin with, I wonder why the term "smart" is accorded. Of course, the HTC One X got good reviews, and the Iphone 5 is still months away.

3) Quality of Life for People Close to Me
Remember what I said about telling the world your birthday wish? Well, it seems like this wish ain't happening anytime soon, but still I am hopeful. I'm really compelled to wish people around me well, because what you do to others do come back to you. If the environment where I lived is thriving, I'm sure I will thrive as well. Unfortunately, realistically, I hate to be negative about this, but it is true - there's a great lack of quality of life. But as for all birthday wishes, I must reserved one unselfish wish for others too.

The spirit of my father calling me
4) Father Robot
Everytime I see little children with their fathers, I feel happy for them. Since losing my father to a car accident when I was 3 years old, this old pining seems to keep coming back every time my birthday is around the corner. It's like the spirit of my father kept calling out to me at this time of the year, in my dreams, through other people's fathers. What if there's a robot that could mimicks our fathers? What if there's a brain wave device to copy all the beautiful memories we shared with our fathers when we were young and imprinted it onto the robot's mainframe system? Then I could have him around me everytime I needed advice about life, love and relationships. Except of course, he would need to be recharged after a day's use. Robots live forever, so I wouldn't have to pine about his death.

5) Short Life
A lot of people wanted long lives. As for me, I'm kind of morbid in a way that I want my life to be short, but meaningful. It's a hard life, and as an artiste you sometimes see there's no end to the horizon, but it just keeps going. There's no future in sight, except a dark hollow way that keeps going nowhere leading to a giant empty hall where quality work is scarce, either at the tune of non-existent or slave labor. Enough already, I want everyday life to be filled with the things I want, activities I enjoy doing, with people I loved (it's MY birthday anyway, so why care what others think). At least with a short life, I don't have to see myself grow old and mouldy. Hey, I'll be remembered for how I looked like right now! Forever young in people's minds. Recently, I surfed Youtube, and came across this video dedicated to my pictures! Wow, thank you for mixing and cutting this little video with all my pictures in it - whoever you are EYEHOLLYWOOD.

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